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Taiwanese blogger posts steamy images of nude wife, reveals she’s his cousin

by Yolando B. Adams

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — After Taiwanese netizens had been stunned whilst a Taiwanese blogger published nude pix of his spouse at a hot springs tub in Japan, they had been aghast while he found out that his wife is likewise his first cousin.

When writing about his own family go to the Japanese warm spring Arima Onsen in Kobe, Japan, Taiwanese blogger Andy Tsai (無敵小恩恩) on Tuesday (May 15) greatly surprised his followers by way of posting pictures of his voluptuous wife, Annie, seated in one of the baths completely nude. When netizens counseled that he should be greater cautious about editing the pix to cover her breasts, Andy replied with remarks which include “It’s stunning, there may be no want to fix it, “My spouse stated it’s just a nipple. What do I want to be cautious approximately,” and “Everyone has areolas.”

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Tsai claimed that the pix were published with the consent of both events and that to individuals who said that the photographs had been inappropriate, he stated that they were not pornographic in nature. He stated that everyone was making an excessive amount of-of fuss over a trivial matter, and they did not care about the criticism from trolls.

A controversial photo that firstly uncovered her proper nipple. (Image from 無敵小恩恩)

In reaction to criticism that he was doing this to benefit more visitors to his website, Tsai said: “I do not lack visitors or money.” His wife gave feedback in support of her husband, consisting of “Don’t be angry, it became intended to be harmless. However, we failed,” and “It’s OK, I didn’t mind.”

Despite claiming to not care about internet traffic, on his Twitter account this morning, he proudly announced the 1. Seventy-five million hits his blog obtained after posting nude snapshots of his nicely-endowed wife.

Screenshot of Tsai’s Twitter put up.

Tsai then discovered that Annie changed into the daughter of his uncle, and therefore his first cousin. Tsai says he ran into Annie, who become his early life pal, at their grandfather’s party in 2012, and that they started out making cellphone calls to every other.

He stated in the starting; her parents were antagonistic in their marriage. However, he stated that they continued, and after a “micro circle of relatives revolution,” her circle of relatives eventually regular their union.

Tsai stated that because Taiwanese law does not allow a close family towed, they had to sign up their marriage in distant places and feature by no means registered in Taiwan.

In response to issues from netizens that their kids may suffer start defects due to the fact they may be so intently related, Tsai admitted that they had the same concern, however after a couple of assessments on both kids have been performed through physicians, he claims that they’re absolutely healthy.

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