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Food Blogger Johnny Prime’s Guide To New York City

by Yolando B. Adams

Food blogger Johnny Prime is essentially a professional carnivore in New York City, scouring the steakhouse scene to find the greatest slabs of meat around and reviewing them on his hilariously honest blog, Johnny Prime Steaks.

It’s a real understatement to say that the man knows his prime rib from his porterhouse, however, Prime also takes place to be an expert at the metropolis, having lived here for 18 years. And while he without a doubt enjoys the great wide variety of incredible eateries in New York, Prime says his favorite component approximately residing in NYC is its humans. “We are hard, resilient, mean as hell but friendly at the identical time and constantly open to new studies,” he says.

In addition to reviewing international-famed restaurants and writing about the numerous aspects of beef, Prime additionally enjoys sipping a smoked old style at Tanner Smith’s or touring the goats at The Central Park Children’s Zoo along with his wife. But let’s pass to the component we are all anticipating — wherein does he pass for the fine steak in town?

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Luckily, the carnivore gourmet let us in on all his top steakhouse tips, as well as a number of his other need to-visit spots across the Big Apple:

What neighborhood do you live in? Like many NYC renters, I’ve lived all over, however, I presently live in Columbus Circle/Central Park South.
Describe NYC in 3 phrases: High voltage living

What’s your favored usual NYC restaurant? Generally, I’m inside the temper for steak, and my present-day favorite place for a steak (high rib, to be unique) is The Grill on 52nd at Park. There’s nothing find it irresistible that even comes near. For true reasonably-priced eats, the traditional American roadside-fashion burgers at Hard Times Sundaes and Genuine Roadside are my favored within the city.



Best sushi: I simply had the exceptional sushi experience of my life at Mifune.

They carry out a slab of tuna ribs with the meat still connected. You scrape the meat off the bones with seashells and make your very own hand rolls. Barbarian meals at its greatest.

Best Italian food: Quality Italian. It’s especially a steakhouse, but I love all their Italian dishes as well. Especially the saffron pappardelle with braised veal osso buco. For a greater dedicated Italian restaurant, I would have to go along with Osteria Morini in Soho. It has first-rate pasta.

Best dessert: My all-time favorite desserts are really at steakhouses: The butter cake at Del Frisco’s, the baked Alaska at Delmonico’s, the coconut cream pie at The Capital Grille, the 10-layer carrot cake at Ocean Prime and the candy potato casserole at Ruth’s Chris (but you want to order that with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream on top).

Best pizza: I love Totonno’s in Coney Island, but if I can not hoof it out that far, I go with Saluggi’s in Tribeca or John’s of Bleecker Street.

Best spot for a fast lunch: Get the French onion soup burger at Le Rivage. Chef Paul has received awards like crazy for this burger. It is absolutely precise, and the restaurant is a top notch place for lunch inside the community. If a burger is simply too heavy for lunch, strive his croque or his quiche.

Best spot for a romantic date:

Greenwich Steakhouse in the village has two fireplaces with lovely seating beside them. It’s the appropriate spot for a romantic dinner, and Benny, the manager, will treat you like royalty.

Best glass of wine: Nai Tapas Bar in the East Village has a few amazing wines and small plates. They additionally do 3 exclusive kinds of sangria and have a remarkable satisfied hour.

Best Sunday brunch: I’m generally not a brunch guy, but Brasserie eight 1/2 on 57th avenue has a notable brunch buffet with truly excellent meals, and it might not cost a fortune.

Best spot for an enterprise meeting: Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in midtown. The dining room is pretty spectacular.

Best steak: It all relies upon at the reduce. For high rib, go to The Grill, Keens Steakhouse or 4 Charles Prime Rib. For a ribeye, go to Bowery Meat Company, Delmonico’s or try the cajun ribeye at Greenwich Steakhouse. For a porterhouse, strive Angus Club Steakhouse, Benjamin Prime or Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse. For a strip, strive Strip House. For a filet, go to Quality Meats.

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Best craft cocktail: I love Tanner Smith’s smoked old fashioned. They do a variety of exceptional fancy cocktails in there, however, theirs is my favorite old style within the metropolis. If you want to certainly get a blow-out enjoy in the craft cocktails field, you want to attempt both The Office or The Aviary in the Mandarin Oriental close to Columbus Circle. The liquids there are legendary.

What motel might you endorse for your out-of-town visitors? I love The Andaz and The Beekman downtown, as well as The Roosevelt Hotel in midtown.

Favorite boutique: There’s a shop known as The Evolution Store that sells the most exceptional, quirky items for domestic decor, like saber-toothed tiger skulls, mounted moose heads, and many others. Another place I like is Barclay Rex Pipe Shop for tobacco. I now and again smoke a tobacco pipe, and that location is a laugh for shopping, sipping booze and enjoyable. Same goes for Nat Sherman Townhouse.

Favorite clothing saves: With a lot of trade online in recent times, there may be now not a whole lot left at the streets apart from huge chains in terms of men’s style, except for perhaps Goorin Brothers (I love that region).

Best barber: I go to a man at Sharps Barber and Shop at Le Parker Meridien whilst my beard wishes trimming and sculpting. They have sports on the TVs, true tune at the speakers, and bloodless beer inside the fridge.

Best fitness center or health studio: Central Park. I run the loop day by day and that’s all I need aside from the ground for push-u.S.A.And sit down-ups. I’m vintage-college.

Favorite charity occasion or company: I love the Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund.

They raise cash for wounded veterans and the families of deceased squaddies, construct handicap reachable houses and customized cars for the wounded and act as a financial protection blanket for the own family participants of those who have sacrificed the entirety for us.

Favorite cultural occasion: The New York City Marathon. I’ve run it two times, and the strength at the back of the whole city coming together to cheer on entire strangers from everywhere in the world is incredible and invigorating.

Favorite cultural organization: The Central Park Children’s Zoo. My spouse and I try and visit the goats as often as we are able to.

Best museum in New York City: I’ve usually cherished the American Museum of Natural History. There’s just something about strolling thru the ones dimly lit, cavernous rooms and taking in all the staged scenes. I love it.

Best ancient or iconic New York City landmark to see or explore: The Flatiron building is one among my favorites. But check out the sky bridges which can be nevertheless scattered around NYC too. My favorite one is in Tribeca on Staple Street.

What’s your all-time favorite spot in New York City? The neighborhood is known as “Two Bridges.” To me, it feels just like the only spot in NYC that hasn’t been touched through renovations, huge new constructing projects, or the onslaught of hipsters. It has an electricity to it that is like nothing else on the town.

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