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What It Takes To Be A Fashion Blogger

by Yolando B. Adams

fashion blogging appears to be an actually cool and glamorous career. But what does it sincerely take to be a fashion blogger? We spoke with Fashion and Lifestyle internet site Pink Peppercorn’s founder, Sonal Agrawal about fashion, blogging and the hurdles one need to overcome to make it in this thrilling field. Here is what she had to say:

Why did you pick out style?

Fashion has been something that I’ve been in love with all the time. Even as a child, I had constantly wanted to be related to the style enterprise, though, I didn’t recognize in what way. After my commencement, I worked as a brand strategist in Mumbai for a few years, handling a few fashion manufacturers amongst others, and that’s after I knew for positive, that style changed into what I enjoyed the maximum. I did my Masters in Luxury Brand control from Polimoda Institute in Italy, so one can make fashion my niche and my place of information… but, even then I in no way notion that I’d turn out to be becoming a fashion blogger.

How tough became it to get started out?

It wasn’t certainly tough to get commenced with blogging (although I desire I had begun some years in advance) because so long as you have got the passion, the ideas and stories to tell, running a blog is something everybody can do. However, once I left my career as an advertising representative in the back of, and took up blogging full-time, is once I started seeing the difficulties. Like I noted, I suppose if I had commenced blogging significantly some years in advance, I would have had a fantastic first-mover benefit…in terms of monetizing my blog. However, across the time when I commenced, the style influencer area turned into already quite cluttered with Instagram influencers having become a larger crowd puller than critical bloggers/writers, because of which, monetization had ended up a way tougher and space, extraordinarily competitive.

Once you put the ball rolling, what could you say is the biggest assignment?


To live proper to who you are and do what you accept as true within.

As I stated, with style blogging has come to be a really competitive space, it is very clean to forget about why you started out and lose your voice in trying to capture up with all and sundry else and appeal to brands. The largest mission, as a result, is to stay differentiated and to hold your particular voice, even as nonetheless staying applicable.



Who is your position model or someone from the enterprise you look as much as?
I don’t truly have function models… because I believe that the instant I start searching for someone as a role model, I might need to be like them… and that would, in turn, shade my originality. However, I do appearance up to loads of people and do locate many many lovable humans out there, extremely inspiring.

One of my absolute preferred bloggers in the world is Juliana Sariana… She has a completely unique fashion sense, outstanding images abilities and an Instagram feed that I can only dream of ever having!

Any pointers for aspiring fashion bloggers?

Be unique, locate your area of interest and have a point of view.

A lot of people get into blogging in recent times, searching at Instagram influencers. A lot of younger ladies write to me announcing that they want to grow to be a fashion blogger, but once I ask them “What do you want to talk approximately”, they don’t have an answer. Simply dressing well, and getting photographs clicked isn’t always all that there is to blogging. To virtually achieve success and be loved by human beings, one needs to stand for something and upload fee to people’s lives!

When I started running a blog, I had a completely easy, clean idea that I wanted to carry alive… I wanted to inform memories thru fashion. Stories which can be stimulated by using way of life, with the aid of art, with the aid of my travels and by mythology…! If you go through my weblog, I have a section on ‘Mythic Fashion’ – which can be style testimonies inspired via Mythology and I have a segment known as “Fashioned Culture” – which has style memories inspired via special cultures, through artwork and with the aid of social phenomenon. This is what I commenced with, and it nonetheless remains my core. As I grew, I’ve introduced numerous different factors of fashion into my content. Somewhere into the journey, I came upon ‘sustainable style’ and these days, that has emerged as one of the causes that I strongly stand for. However, I ensure that my content, my style, and my voice are uniquely my personal… and that is all that one wishes to be an excellent and revered fashion influencer.

Another aspect that a lot of young people inform me is that they’re not suitable for writing. But you oughtn’t to be! Today, youtube is the second largest considered internet site in the world, most effective subsequent to google. If you’re accurate at talking, is top in the front of the digital camera, make videos…! If you’re now not precise at writing long copy, but can specific well in captions, you may become a micro-blogger! If neither paintings and in case you are extremely good at bringing alive your point of view through pix, create image-memories!

Why Colour Is So Important In Fashion


Colour is the first issue different human beings note approximately us, and its effect is immediately and lengthy-lasting. Our fashion color picks say plenty about the photo we’re seeking to portray and the way we feel about ourselves. So what does shade tell people?

Within seconds of meeting you, others will reply to the ‘shade messages’ flashed via your clothes. It is a fact that special hues can make human beings feel a sure manner. It has even been determined through scientific-technological know-how that shade can influence the viewer’s hormones, blood strain, and flame temperature. Colour additionally has an effect on:

Other critical considerations are how appropriate the shade is for the vicinity, occasion, time of 12 months, your age and of a route, your natural coloring.

We are all inspired by the aid of coloration every day, whether or not we understand it or now not. If we’re having a horrific day and no longer feeling precise approximately ourselves, we have a tendency to mechanically pick out garments in dull impartial colorings like black, gray or brown because they suit how we’re feeling. Just as while we’re happy and feeling extraordinary we are able to cross for something a bit brighter.

Have a look at your wardrobe and spot how many specific colors you very own. Do you’ve got a veritable rainbow of clothes? Or are there simply 1 or 2 colorings that you put on a variant of all the time? You may also discover you’re stuck in a coloration rut. Knowing this, why no longer test with the colors you wear and surround your self with.

The first rule is to continually be guided via what suits your natural coloring – that is your skin tone, eye color, and hair coloration. Once your first-rate range of colors, you could choose distinctive hues for one-of-a-kind occasions.

Sometimes a sure mixture of colors will create the effect, rather than every color personally. Colors produce distinct reactions whilst prepare in different color combos and whilst used in the distinctive fabric. For example, a purple jacket is worn with a white shirt to an enterprise assembly well-known shows confidence and power, but a red jacket worn with a lacy pink top can be interpreted as you having different matters in your mind except for this enterprise assembly.

Why Is Blogging So Important for Your Business?

Every week we positioned out a blog for our PMA network to experience, after all, we strive to exercise what we preach – running a blog is SO critical in your business. But why?

Let’s circle returned to that, and primary speak approximately a way to find notion for your blog, because I assume that is the hard element. Pretty a good deal anyone starts offevolved the equal manner, the first few blogs are incredible, and then you definitely start to struggle for content material, and the posts end up greater sporadic, and then absent. Now, in case you clearly hate writing, and blogging is a chore, enlist the help of a person who loves to write, it is well worth it.

What is our blogging approach? Where do the subjects come from? Here’s what we do:


1. Conversations with customers offer notion – Their questions (and struggles) are not precise, and frequently create some exciting blogs.

2. We plan our content material in advance as a part of our standard social media strategy. Our blogs hook up with our social media posts, which in turn hook up with our Facebook live movies, it is all interconnected, and so there’s a diploma of making plans. Since we all have a component within the approach, there is a responsibility to each other, which motivates us to not let the crew down.

Three. We study – lots, and what we study is meditated in what we write. Often there’s a group folk studying the same e-book, and those discussions on how we interpret the e-book for our customers display apparently in our blogs.



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