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5 Ways to Improve Your Blog Site

by Yolando B. Adams

Blog, Blog, Blog. It’s like getting the topic tune from The Bridge at the River Kwai stuck internal your head. A weblog may be your high-quality buddy or your worst nightmare. If utilized in “moderation,” a blog can be an advantage on your backside line; however, watch out; a weblog is addictive. It’s easy to get caught up on your weblog and lose cognizance of your center enterprise goals, so here are 5 simple approaches to make you’re running a blog existence easier and more successful.

5 Ways

So put down the proverbial blog crack pipe, and keep in mind the weblog is there to serve you, now not the other manner around!
Blogs (or Web Logs) aren’t new, but they have become a fast-mover inside the International of web design and SEO. A blog is a website first and predominant, with a small twist. It normally has a neat user interface that all of us can put up their contemporary information, product updates, whimsical thoughts, technical specifications, customer support/FAQ records, etc. You can use a blog for pretty much something you could consider. The more innovative you’re, the higher.

There are lots of low-cost or unfastened approaches to get commenced
running a blog. WordPress, Blogger, Easy2Blog, B2Evolution, and extra are all unfastened. I’m a WordPress guy because I dig plug-ins, but if you do not know something about programming, I would propose Blogger (Google) or Easy2Blog (smooth as the call indicates).

The Five Ways to Improve Blog Performance are more for those of you who have been using publishing software programs such as WordPress. So here we pass (recollect, a weblog is a website).


There are plenty of methods to get content on your weblog. It’s quality to maintain it relative to your subject matter. EzineArticles and GoArticles are great locations for free, syndicated articles in your weblog. Just be cool about it, and don’t forget to reduce and paste the textual content or code exactly as it’s miles and deliver attribution to the writer (the author link).


Simply syndicating everybody else’s articles isn’t always enough; you need to feature your own viewpoints. Try and write one a day, even though it’s no longer 500 phrases or more. Be cautious. It’s easy to come to be obsessed with including content in your weblog. Spend greater time on adding content material on the front quit (when you’re building the original blog shape) and then certainly devote yourself to ten mins a day writing at least one publish to your blog.
It’s smooth for a BLOG to come to be a BLOB that your readers will soon turn away from.


Set up and manage numerous one-of-a-kind categories related to your “topic.” You can publish the identical article into one-of-a-kind classes. For example: if your weblog is set for Search Engine Optimization, you could have five one-of-a-kind categories (plus the primary category). Your classes will be – On-Page search engine optimization, Off-Page search engine marketing, Link Building, Directory Submission, and Site Design. Not each article or post could be relative to every category. However, some will overlap. Don’t cross crazy and put every publish in every class whenever. You’ll lose readers and price.

Blog Search Engine Optimization

There is a chain of equipment/plug-ins to assist with SEO on your blog. DagonDesign has a splendid plug-in for WordPress, and it is unfastened and clean to install. Having clean URLs to your posts is extremely vital. When you put up an editorial about “Choosing Colors for Your Website,” you do not want you to submit a URL to be  In WordPress; for example, you want to, as a minimum, choose the built-in selection “Date and Name based totally” (click on “Options” then “Permalinks” inside the Dashboard view”). If you experience cozy and are a piece crafty, you could create a custom permalink structure.

Submit your Blog to Blog Directories

In addition to the traditional listing submissions you would make with any internet site. Most of these directories require a hyperlink lower back to their directory. There are approaches to address those links (1) create a new web page known as “hyperlinks” or resources” and post the hyperlinks there (ensure you use the HTML editor/button on the post web page; otherwise, the hyperlink will show up as code and might not count), or (2) placed the link on your main web page inside the sidebar.

Keep in mind that our blog directories are for the maximum human edited component, so it could make an effort for them to affirm your hyperlink and blog content material to be affected, person. Also, it is a great idea in case you’re setting up a separate hyperlinks page to put in writing down the URL of that web page, the directories will ask you for the place of the backlink to their directory whilst you fill out the shape.
Most of the general SEO ways for a normal internet site practice to blogs. Don’t neglect to place a link to your foremost website and for your blog’s foremost page in the footer of your blog (and tag it properly for maximum effect).

Blog Design


Almost every weblog is designed with the usage of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS is a high-quality tool for website design and especially running a blog. It permits you to create new pages on the fly without remodeling each page. For WordPress (and Blogger, and many others.), there are a ton of pre-designed, free templates, subject matters, skins, layouts (all of the same element) out there you may download, customise or use “as is.” Be a decent blogger and ensure you depart the one-way link within the footer for the clothier. If you do not know anything about customizing blogs, you may observe the hyperlink lower back to the unique designer or the individual that “ported” it to the weblog format; they may be able that will help you with customizing the weblog for a couple of hundred greenbacks.

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