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Blogger Alexander Lapshin to go to Yerevan

by Yolando B. Adams

Blogger Alexander Lapshin pays a visit to Yerevan, the capital town of Armenia, to participate within the fifth expert In Tour Expo 2018 global tourism exhibition.

“And I’m flying to Yerevan to a visitor exhibition,” he informed on his Facebook page. “I shall gift the ‘To Baku in Lapshin’s Footsteps’ author’s program. The application consists of [Azerbaijan First Lady] Mehriban Aliyeva’s flight on private aircraft, all-inclusive recreation at Kardashian prison [in Azerbaijan] and the [Azerbaijan capital city] Baku Court on Grave Crimes. The fee for the excursion is contractual.

“I’m kidding. In reality, I will tell about travels at the exhibition. It will be thrilling. You are welcome.”

The In Tour Expo 2018 exhibition may be held from April 20 to 22.

In overdue 2016, Israeli, Russian, and Ukrainian citizen blogger Alexander Lapshin was detained in Belarus, and based on his global seek via Azerbaijan. Baku had “blacklisted” him for traveling Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh).

Subsequently, Belarus extradited Lapshin to Azerbaijan, and a court in Baku sentenced him to three years in prison.

But on September 11, 2017, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev signed an order of granting pardon to this blogger.

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Alexander ‘Kins’ And Their Value


‘Kins’ is the call given to the stunning 8-inch dolls made by using The Alexander Doll Company starting in early 1953. The ‘Kins’ have been a departure from Madame Alexander as they were crafted from a tough heavy and sturdy plastic in preference to her traditional composite. Although the cloth had changed, Madame Alexander’s strict call for excessive excellent positive did no longer and it showed in these dolls.

As with all matters Madame Alexander did these dolls advanced and innovated instead quick. In just their 2nd 12 months of production, the dolls have become directly leg walkers. Two years later, in 1956, the dolls developed once more to encompass jointed knees. The new greater flexible legs allowed the dolls to pose as never earlier than, to kneel and of course sitting.

The frame of the dolls was no longer the only factor to trade over time. Madame Alexander like range and she or he made sure her dolls in no way became boring. Each year the ‘Kins’ have been dressed in a wondrous array of recent clothes that saved the line sparkling and unique. The line changed into also offered at specific accent stages. Some models covered best the fundamentals just like the doll, panties, shoes, and socks with outfits offered separately. Others had been entire boxed sets with a completely dressed doll protected.

Unfortunately not every doll inside the line grew and evolved. The ‘Quiz-Kins’ had been only made in 1953 and by no means returned. The distinguishing characteristic of a ‘Quiz-Kin’ was the two pushbuttons on the back. One button might make the doll nod yeas and the opposite no. Despite their relative rarity and unique the Quiz-Kins are not normally as treasured as the normal Alexander-Kins are. To my know-how that is due to the Quiz-Kins usually being sold with very plain and simple clothing.

Identifying Your Alexander-Kin

Although the ‘Kins’ are nevertheless produced these days and are now exported globally the maximum valuable ones are of the route the original vintage fashions. Here are a few suggestions to help you identify your doll.

Yerevan, Armenia You Should


If you are a tourist and you are wondering wherein to go in Yerevan, Armenia, then this list is for you. You may need 2-three days to go to a majority of these places however you may not regret a 2nd. Yerevan, Armenia has a completely wealthy way of life as it is one of the oldest towns within the international. And I will assist you to discover the cultural treasures of Yerevan, Armenia!

1. Republic Square and National Gallery and Armenia History Museum

Here in Armenia, Republic Square is taken into consideration to be one in every of 10 maximum lovely squares of the world. Well, lamentably, I could not find the source however I completely agree with the announcement. Republic Square is simply interesting. It was made out of 1924 to 1929. Its architect is a genial Armenian architect – A. Tamanyan who also designed Yerevan in trendy. The square is surrounded via The National Gallery and The History Museum, The Ministry of Territorial Administration of Armenia, The Government House, The Central Post-Office of Armenia, The Marriott Armenia Hotel, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia and The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Armenia. In the night the rectangular is specially stunning because of the “Dancing” fountains. The square is the liked location of Yerevan couples.

2. Matenadaran

One can suppose that Matenadaran – The Ancient Manuscripts Museum could be a boring place. However, it is simply the first and misconception. I am simplest 22 years antique and I can tell that Matenadaran become first rate. Every single e book, each single page of the books covers a very exciting tale. I will bring simply one example. The heaviest e book in Matenadaran changed into around 34 kg. During Armenian Genocide it become done from Turkey by sisters. They reduce the book into 2 portions – 17 kg every and tied to their bodies. One of them died at some stage in their get away from Turkey and her piece was misplaced. The different piece changed into stored. A few years later the second element turned into stored through a Russian soldier.

And accept as true with me; different very great tales are covered within the partitions of Matenadaran. This one changed into simply one of them.

Matenadaran is surrounded by sculptures of the wonderful minds of Armenia and Mesrop Mashtots – the inventor of Armenian alphabet is standing in the middle together with his scholar – Koryun.

Three. Opera House

Opera House is the alternative remarkable constructing via the genial A. Tamanyan. Located in the coronary heart of Yerevan, it’s far certainly a piece of artwork from outside and of course, it’s miles brilliant internal. It would be enough to mention that it’s far one in every of few Opera Theatres in the international that had been able to perform Aida of Giuseppe Verdi, however, one must also realize that Opera House has held concerts of such artists as Charles Aznavour, John McLaughlin, Emir Kusturica and No Smoking Orchestra, Ian Anderson and many others. Opera House is surrounded by using the Freedom Square where Armenia has celebrated its independence in 1991. Now it’s miles the loved vicinity for maximum Armenians, Couples, Tourists and of course the Protesters!

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