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Post-pandemic Wedding Planning: Essentials to Note

by Yolando B. Adams

Everyone’s life was on hold for most of the pandemic. Now that everything is opening up, people now have a chance to catch up. For some couples, it means finally tying the knot. However, the world is still emerging from the pandemic. Several factors can potentially affect weddings, and you need to plan for all of them. Here are some tips on making sure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

Wedding Planning

Be Ready for the Boom

One of the factors that will affect your wedding plans is that there will be a wedding boom. Everyone else has the same idea as you, and they want to get married now that things are easing up. The entirety of 2020 saw weddings canceled, which means more than a year’s worth of marriages will be held.

Even those who got married are getting into the action. Couples who wanted a big wedding celebration might have it now without the ceremony. It is essentially a delayed wedding reception. This means that there will be a high demand, and that can affect your budget. It will also make renting places and hiring services challenging, so you have to act fast.

Wedding Planners Are Essential

The first thing to do is get a wedding planner. Planning a wedding during an average year is complex enough. You need to get one for your post-pandemic wedding to make it a lot easier. This is because of the connections that they have to vendors, suppliers, caterers, and more.

When people scramble to hire people, having an inside contact can make your wedding a lot smoother. It will also make your wedding come together faster. You likely don’t have a year to plan but just a couple of weeks or months. A wedding planner ensures that everything is done on time and in the best way possible.

Go for Maximum Space

Another issue that you’ll have to consider is the matter of space. When looking at event and dance floor rentals, a maximum amount of space is necessary. COVID-19 is notorious for spreading in enclosed spaces. You want to be a responsible host and give everyone a comfortable and safe wedding. Open areas are the preferred choice to ensure minimal contamination.

Think About Your Guests

There is also the need to protect your guests. Be considerate, and only those with vaccinations should have invitations. But your thoughts about your guests should go beyond that. For one, you need to ensure that your wedding will be as hygienic as possible.

Hand sanitizers and all the necessary equipment should be readily available. Invites should also be sent out early. The wedding boom won’t just affect the wedding organizers. Guests will be swamped with invitations, and they will need to decide on which ones they will be going to. Fortunately, this can be good for you since you might have a small wedding party which is easier to control.

Be Flexible About Dates

Depending on your location, there will be dates when everything will be locked down. This can come out of nowhere, so you need to be flexible about dates. Usually, local governments give a week’s warning. You might need to provide a tentative initial date then update it later when things are clear.

Besides the chance of a lockdown, the scramble for venues can also mean that you might have to settle for a sub-optimal date. Be willing to compromise since this is the best chance to make the wedding a reality.

Have Backup Plans Ready

Your wedding plans should also have backups ready in case of emergencies. For example, your original plan for a reception for 30 might end up becoming a small intimate party for ten. It depends on how people respond to your invitation and other factors.

Your catering and venue can be affected by this, so you should have contingencies for when the worst happens. This is mainly to save you money but also to ensure that the wedding still happens. Don’t just settle for any backup plan. It would help if you were happy with both the leading strategies and the backup. This ensures that your big day will still be memorable.

Weddings are supposed to signal a new beginning. The end of a pandemic is the perfect time to do that. It can be overwhelming to do it nowadays, but the advice above should help make it more bearable. With some determination and solid effort, you and your partner should be able to get married with no problems at all.

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