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Australia’s ‘Spiderman’ also saved a life but is fighting to stay

by Yolando B. Adams

After France provided citizenship to its “Spiderman” hero, a refugee who stored someone’s lifestyle in Australia has spoken out.

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By Luke Waters
Iranian-born Homayon Hatami says he has lost depend on how frequently he has watched France’s so-called “Spiderman” at paintings.

Mamoudou Gassama
Paris ‘Spiderman’ joins hearth brigade after citizenship speedy-tracked
The pics of Mali-born Mamoudou Gassama scaling a 4-story building in Paris to rescue a hanging baby went viral this week.

As a result, the 22-yr-old gained French citizenship, a job as a fireplace officer, and international hero fame.

In 2014, Mr. Hatami plunged into icy seas in Geelong, Victoria, to save the lifestyles of a girl trying suicide.

“That’s the [most] crucial issue I’ve completed in my lifestyles,” the 29-year-antique informed SBS News.

“Always I’m considering it; she’s alive … respiratory nonetheless, and I help her.”

Mamoudou Gassama, left, and Homayon Hatami.

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Mamoudou Gassama’s dramatic rescue in Paris left, and nearby hero Homayon Hatami.
Supplied / SBS News
Mr. Hatami was awarded the Royal Humane Society of Australasia Silver Medal for bravery and obtained a Commendation for Brave Conduct from Governor-General Peter Cosgrove.


Painful visa limbo for Iranian karate champion Homayon Hatami
But for 8 years, he has been preventing everlasting residency in his followed home, simplest to be instructed closing week that his maximum latest utility for a “secure haven” visa has been refused.

Karate champion

Mr. Hatami fled his native land in 2010, in worry about his lifestyle. He spent his first eighteen months in Australia in a detention center before re-establish his career in karate.

He has won countrywide titles in both Iran and Australia and coached younger athletes in Victoria.

Mr. Hatami denies he’s jealous of France’s “Spiderman” but says he can’t help but draw comparisons.

“Why I do a precisely equal element, saving a person lifestyles in exclusive u. S. A ., and they search for them as hero … [and] nothing exchange for me?” he said.

Homan Hatami

Mr. Hatami received two brave accolades for saving the woman’s lifestyle.
SBS News
Mr. Hatami’s sporting achievement may want to have seen him representing Australia. Still, he could not travel to remote places competitions for fear of not being allowed again into the country.

Further pain

Mr. Hatami also confronted any other setback ultimate yr when a vehicle twist of fate left him with again neck and knee accidents; however, he remains determined to live in Australia and compete on the arena level in the future.

“Competing in Olympics ranges … competing for Australia and positioned Australian flag up,” he said. “Get top medals for Australia; that’s my dream.”

Homan Hatami

Mr. Hatami become injured in a car coincidence remaining 12 months.
SBS News
Mr. Hatami stated he would maintain to pursue his rights for residency beneath Australian regulation.

SBS News contacted the Department of Home Affairs to ask if a huge act of bravery may want to impact someone’s visa application in Australia.

Image result for Australia's 'Spiderman' also saved a life but is fighting to stay
Mamoudou Gassama
Paris ‘Spiderman’ tells the heartbreaking tale of refugee life
A spokesperson for the department said all non-citizens using a visa “are taken into consideration on a case by using case foundation.”

“Australia’s visa programme is non-discriminatory. Anyone may additionally apply and, if they meet the criteria set out in the migration regulation, may be granted a visa.”

The spokesperson stated it’s far at the discretion of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton as to whether or not to intervene when a case is in the public interest.

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