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How To Deal With Online Haters And Trolls Before They Ruin Your Reputation

by Yolando B. Adams

Most people try to stay away from the darker corners of the Internet. But, it does not stop them from existing. Trolls and haters use websites created to ruin your online reputation and make it harder to find future success.

Online reputation experts understand the ins and outs of the Internet and have the know-how to help you improve and maintain your positive online presence. It means that they can head off any internet trolls that might feel like coming after you and your reputation.

Online Haters And Trolls

Yelp extortion is a myth to some degree. However, stopping or outright refusing to advertise with them seems to have consequences. It remains the most popular review platform, but that does not mean that you should feel pressured to use the website.

Small business owners struggle the most when it comes to trying to garner positive online reviews. Yelp is a space that makes it that much harder. But, the word extortion might be a little too far. Yelp charges a monthly premium that seems to bolster a better chance of obtaining positive reviews than those who opt out of paying a fee.

Yelp does manipulate reviews. They have a ‘not recommended’ filter based on what Yelp considers fake or false reviews. It tends to eliminate positive reviews if a business owner does not pay for premium listing or advertising.

Figuring Out Facebook

Facebook reviews matter, too. Half of all consumers check out a business through the number one social medial platform before going to sites like Yelp and Google. The tricky thing about Facebook reviews, specifically, is that you cannot remove negative reviews without meeting certain criteria. Report, report, the report is the first direct action to take, especially if an Internet troll made them.

Online reputation management services understand how to remove a bad review on Facebook. The expert advocates will deal with trolls’ damage and drama so you can worry about more important things.

Destruction Domains

Some websites exist to destroy other people’s life and air private grievances solely. One such site is shesahomewrecker and theDirty.com. They exist to expose cheaters and showcase relationships ruined by cheating. The accusations and rumors do not even have to be true or fact-checked and can affect you getting a job or a future spouse.

The good news is that Goggle tends to try to keep revenge porn and cheating websites out of their search engine. But the original posting will remain. For example, searching for a unique name might still bring up a destructive post.

Having an online reputation expert on your team goes a long way to lessen the damage. They can also give you tips and methods to try and remedy a bad situation.

An online reputation management expert’s business is to know how to remove complaints from complaints boards, Google searches, Yelp, Facebook, and more. Trying to control haters and trolls is more than overwhelming; it can be disheartening. Take back your control today.

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