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4 Strategies For Responding To Internet Slander

by Yolando B. Adams

Internet slander is an easy way for your business to lose its credibility. It’s actually a good thing to get constructive criticism because it allows you to identify potential weaknesses so you can take steps to correct them. On the other hand, Internet slander is a way for negative people to have a powerful influence over your life and career. While you may never be able to stop someone from slandering you over the internet fully, there are things you can do to lessen the influence it has on your business.

Internet Slander

Monitor Your Page and the Internet Regularly

The first step in controlling internet slander is to constantly be aware of what people are putting on your page. Find where people are posting about you. In some cases, they may not be posting on your website at all. They may be putting bad reviews about your company on a competitor’s website to make them look better. People trying to damage your credibility will put their comments where they will have the most impact. Media outlets, Letters to the Editor, Better Business Bureau, and even your local Chamber of Commerce may receive slanderous content that is meant to be posted publicly.

Remove Content as You Find It

Once you find out where the damaging content is, you will need to learn how to remove internet slander and make sure it doesn’t come back. No matter where it is found, there are steps you can take to have it removed. Reporting it may bring it down for a while during the review process, but that isn’t a guarantee that it will stay down. Go to the source and ask to have it removed. If they refuse, you may need to hire a professional to get the job done.

Limit Who Can Put Feedback on Your Website

Negative content removal from your own website is rather easy. You are in control of what is placed on your page. If you have a Feedback or Testimonial area on your website, set it up so that you must approve any content before it being published. The same goes for any comment areas. Make sure your settings reflect that you must approve any comments or posts before they are published. By limiting who is allowed to post, edit, or delete comments, you will be able to prevent someone intent on slandering your business from doing so, at least on your business or company website.

Hire a Company That Specializes in the Removal of Negative Content

Want to know how to find bad Yelp reviews? Start looking! Visit your Yelp page. Next, start visiting the pages of your competitors. People will slander your company by posting internet comments on your competitors’ Yelp pages. This works in two ways. It makes their company look better. It gives a direct comparison that many customers will usually follow, especially if they are riding the fence on who to give their business. Hiring someone to find this type of internet slander and do away with it is your best bet for actually getting the job done and improving your company’s reputation.

Removing internet slander can be a challenge if you try to do it on your own. At Guaranteed Removal, the ultimate goal is to eliminate slander from the internet and make sure it doesn’t come back. Don’t try to take on internet attacks on your own. When you are trying to protect your business from internet slander and other forms of negative content, hire professionals who know how to make quick work of it.

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