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Hiking Blogger joins ‘Be More Race’

by Yolando B. Adams

A famed mountain hiker and blogger Kondaine Kaliwo has joined Standard Bank’s ‘Be More Race’ as a blogger for the June nine, 2018 marathon in Lilongwe.

Kaliwo is an avid hiker with a robust ardor for nature, outside, conservation and green tourism and who has scaled the heights of Mt Kilimanjaro and Mulanje.

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Kaliwo: I even have determined to task myself.

Speaking in an interview, Kaliwo said as an individual he will provide data on his personal reports and those of other runners as well as provide recommendations on staying power, race preparations, and resilience in excessive sports activities. Readers can connect to Kaliwo to research more approximately the 21 km Lilongwe race via his weblog https://ndimakonda.Com

“Be More Race is one of the most difficult town races in Malawi thus far. I actually have decided to venture myself by becoming a member of to compete inside the 21 km class. Although it will likely be my first time to take part in a half-marathon, I am now not daunted,” he said.

Kaliwo said the system of practice and real race might be a stern test for preferred electricity, endurance, advanced respiration, balancing, body motion and other factors vital for the outdoor lifestyle.

He stated the “Be More Race” gives Malawians the possibility to learn the lifestyle of wellness and to lead healthier life patterns.

“The race encourages Malawians to take an energetic role in sports, which has properly documented health blessings. But it is also a platform to engage with own family, friends and commercial enterprise companions. Here’s a platform for people to hone physical fitness for the duration of the 12 months,” he said.

2018 Be More race will take region on nine June 2018 and it’ll begin from the Bank’s head workplace in City Centre and stretch out to Area 18, Mtandire, Area 49, Area nine, Area 6, Area forty seven, Area 10 and head again toward the City Centre and finish on the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) over a distance of 21.2 kilometres.

Standard Bank has staked K1. Five million for the first prize, K900,000.00 for the 2d prize and K550, 000.00 for the third prize inside the 21.2 Km class.

The entry charge for 21km is MK17,000.00; 10km is MK 11,000.00, and 5km is MK6,000.00.

To participate people and organizations are encouraged to sign in by using emailing call and race kind and ship to

Why is blogging so important?

We’re not going to spend a lot of time here, but I want to set up the primary importance of this article and why blogging is necessary for long-term survival.

The internet today is all about being social. We’re bombarded with social media websites every time we get online. Social Media has fast become a necessary piece for any business and if it’s not part of your business’ repertoire you’re either living in a cave or one of those people still using Windows 95 and a 20-megabyte hard drive. Old school… really old school.

People are inherently curious and for this reason, social media sites are very popular today. They want to know something about you. Who you are, what do you look like, how do you think and can they trust you. A blog can fulfill all of those curiosities.

What to blog about?

Now that we agree blogging is important we need to know what it is we should blog about. This is by far the most important part of blogging. Get it wrong and you might as well go ahead and shut down your website. Get it right and the curious will keep coming back to your online business or blog for more. So let’s look at three simple rules to apply when you start a blog or start a home business with a blog.Image result for Hiking Blogger joins ‘Be More Race’

Passion – Always write about your passion. If your passion is golfing, hiking, camping, fishing, knitting, affiliate marketing or cats and dogs; that’s what you should write about. If you’re not passionate about it you’ll always be forcing yourself to write about and soon lose interest. Worse yet, your readers will figure out that you really aren’t into it and eventually move on to another site.
Expert – Sometimes your passion is driven by a desire to share. You become an expert on a particular subject and you feel a need to share that knowledge. Maybe you want others to avoid the hardships you went through. Perhaps you want to help people who are facing some of the same unanswered questions you had when you started out in the area that you are now an expert. If you are knowledgeable about a product, service or perhaps a hobby, then you have something to share with others who are looking for information. When you’re passionate or highly knowledgeable about an area of interest you will find there is always something to write about.
Consistent – Always write about the same things. The worst thing you can do to yourself and to your readers is not consistent. If your blog is about camping then you should always write about camping or even something that might be indirectly relevant to camping. For example, you should write about camping gear, camping sites, why camping can be fun and spending time with friends and family. You can even write about fishing (indirectly relevant) and talk about the lake you fished and the types of fish you caught on your last camping trip. Always be consistent. There’s a no bigger mistake a blogger can make than to write about camping (or whatever your niche) one day and then politics or a current event news article the next. Your readers won’t appreciate it because they won’t know what to expect. Eventually, they’ll move on.
Final thoughts

If you love what you do then you should write about it. If you’re expert, share that knowledge with people who are searching for information. Whatever your heart decides just be consistent and blog about the same things and you will find there will never be a shortage topics to write about. Your readers will appreciate it, learn to trust you and you’ll always have them coming back for more.

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