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Minn. food blogger earns her spot on Food Network

by Yolando B. Adams

EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn.—Blogger and meals writer Molly Yeh will be starring in meals show premiering next month.

The Food Network announced Tuesday, May 15, the author whose blog is titled “My Name is Yeh” will be the focal point of a display titled “Girl Meets Farm,” starting at 11 a.M. on June 24.

Originally from Chicago and a previous resident of New York City, Yeh moved to East Grand Forks in 2013 along with her husband, Nick Hagen, a nearby farmer.

In addition to running a blog, Yeh has labored as a freelance writer, recipe developer and has posted a cookbook, “Molly on the Range.” Yeh’s recipes and paintings have earned recognition from the New York Times and Betty Crocker. In 2017 she changed into named to the 30 Under 30: Food and Drink Forbes list and obtained the 2015 Saveur Blog of the Year Award further to the 2015 Saveur Readers’ Choice Best Baking & Desserts Award.

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According to Food Network, the collection will feature seven episodes, beginning with a pilot episode specializing in Yeh getting ready a buffet for her sister’s baby shower. The relaxation of the episodes will see Yeh baking and be cooking for pals and their own family.

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