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Bridal Woes: Pandemic Honeymoon

by Yolando B. Adams

Many hearts broke due to the Covid-19. A whopping 64% postponed their weddings last year due to the Covid-19. These poor souls also had their dreams of a honeymoon outside trampled because of the travel restrictions.

If you were one of these heartbroken brides, fret not! We have the perfect solution. There are several honeymoon-worthy places here in the country. You may choose to stay within your state. Or you can opt to explore other tourist spots.

Pandemic Honeymoon

Your next question might be where you will go. We are here to help you uncover the different honeymoon spots in the country. Here they are:


We chose not to name a specific place for our first choice because there are so many resorts to choose from. Each center has unique packages to fit your needs.

If you and your better half are looking for ways to shed the weight that you have gained during the lockdown, some resorts guarantee that you will lose at least 2 pounds by the time you will leave their premises. This type of spa is not for the weak of heart. You might even think of this as tough-love couple therapy.

This kind of center offers juice fasting, yoga, sound healing, and reiki. If you are up to the challenge, you can ask them for a colonics session. By the time you leave the resort, you and your better half will have a better sense of purpose and healthier bodies.

You can also opt for the traditional spa. There are many resorts to choose from. These hideaways offer indulgent activities such as horseback riding, golfing, flyfishing, and even kayaking.

The resort’s staff will pamper you with different types of massages and yoga. When the sun sets, you and your partner will feast on foods worthy of kings.

Las Vegas

You can also choose to visit Las Vegas. Due to the pandemic, many Las Vegas attractions have been stopped. But this does not mean that you will not enjoy your stay in the city of sin.

If you consider yourself a foodie, you should join the Las Vegas walking food tour. Several agencies offer this. It would help if you did a little research to help you find the right package for you and your better half.

Thankfully, the mystifying Cirque du Soleil is back in business. They are scheduled to perform in the Bellagio this Summer. If you are lucky, you can also catch Donny Osmond and Usher this month.

Orlando, FL

If you decide to bring your kids during your honeymoon, you must visit Orlando, FL. It is the home of Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. You can also take your little ones to the Sea Life Orlando Aquarium.

It would help if you visited Madame Tussauds. You will meet Pitbull there – or at least his wax statue. Of course, Taylor Swift is also there.

Another fun activity that you can enjoy is the airboat adventure. You get to see Boggy Creek. Although it is an hour away from Orlando’s main tourist spots, you will still encounter exotic wildlife.

You can continue enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature by visiting Bok Tower Garden. This little hideaway was a gift from Edward Bok. You will be amazed by the breathtaking sights.


It would help if you did not forget this little piece of paradise. This sanctuary is what you need after a heart-wrecking 2020. We chose not to limit your option to just one Hawaiian island so that you can get a better perspective of what this state can offer.

For the adrenaline junky, you can try shark cage diving. You may choose the night snorkeling where you can see the beautiful manta rays. Another fun way to see Mother Nature up close is the dolphin spotting tour.

You can also get a better view of Hawaii’s flora and fauna from the sky. Many tourist agencies offer helicopter rides. But you should avoid this trip if you have motion sickness. Another way to see the beauty of Hawaii is the Sunset cruise.

You can commemorate the bravery of the American soldiers during WWII by visiting Pearl Harbor. If the weather permits it, you can take a ferry to USS Arizona Memorial.

You may not see Italy or Paris yet. But you can have your honeymoon here. It will be as romantic as the one you originally planned.

This trip can also be your mini-moon. Your little getaway before you will have your real honeymoon. All you need is your better half by your side.

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