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Ways to Pamper Yourself If You Are a 24/7 Working Mom

by Yolando B. Adams

You know how utterly difficult it is to take time for yourself if you are a mother who works non-stop. From cleaning the house to cooking the food to handling the children, you can get exhausted quickly. When these laborious tasks stress you out, you are bound to have a breakdown. To maintain optimal health, you need some “mom time” during the day. To maximize this “mom time,” you need to pamper yourself with an excellent spa treatment once a month. You may wonder when you can do all of this stuff. Well, the best time is when your husband is home. Ask him to take care of the kids and relax every inch of your body from tiring work. Nevertheless, here are a few suggestions that you can use to pamper yourself.


1. Bath, Bubbles, and Bath Bombs

The best and cheapest way to pamper yourself is by preparing a hot bath. With your favorite scented bath bomb, you can have a relaxing bath while reading a magazine. A hot bath with bubbles and a soothing smell will surely calm your nerves and give you the relaxation that you need after a long, tiring day.

2. Snack It Out 

Doing the dishes or the laundry may not give you happiness, but a small treat surely will. Grab a bite of your favorite snack whenever you need minibreaks. Whether it is sweet or savory, your favorite snack can uplift your mood. Store your food safely in a cupboard that is out of reach of your kids. Otherwise, the next time you open your jar, you will indeed find it empty. And chocolate is proven to reduce stress levels. So you know where to head when you are feeling low.

3. Read a Book and Prepare a Hot Beverage

People say that the best way to combat stress is by having pizza and Coke. However, if you want to loosen up without bingeing on food, you can read a book and prepare a cup of the hot beverage of your choice. Choose a good read and sit beside a window while the kids take their afternoon naps, do their homework, or play independently. The hot drink will also calm you and give you a good alone time.

4. Pamper Yourself to Look Good

A trip to the salon and spa can happen once a month, especially if you have to attend an important event. Home waxing can be painful, and since you are always with your kids, you are short of time. In this case, you can go to an advanced laser hair removal clinic that can ease up the monthly hassle of waxing and shaving at home. This way, you will always be ready, even if a surprise party comes up.

5. Call a Masseuse

You can set up weekly appointments with your masseuse. This way, if you have joint and back pain associated with poor posture, the massage can help alleviate it. If a good masseuse is unavailable in your area and you cannot set weekly appointments, buy yourself a massage chair or a foot massager. Use it whenever you feel tense. A good massage chair is something that you can easily purchase in-store or online.

6. Connect with Friends

Maintaining friendships on a hectic schedule is challenging for a mom, but with social media at your disposal, you are just a click away from your friends. You can also meet new acquaintances by joining a group for working moms. In the group, you can share your parenthood experiences and get tips for better work-life balance.

7. Do What You Love

The best way to get distracted from all the tension and stress from doing housework is to do what you love most. You can either bake a cake, paint a portrait, or even write a journal; what you do to unwind is your call. If what you love most is taking a nap, you are free to do that, too. Whenever your kids are taking a nap, grab this opportunity and lay down beside them.

Final Thoughts

Being a mom is an arduous job; it keeps you on your feet most of the time. Getting breaks in between is what you need the most to maintain your sanity. You can take a break for 10 minutes or sometimes even an hour! No one is stopping you, except for your children, of course. Just remember to take care of yourself and spend the alone time that you need.

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