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What’s Preventing You From Losing Weight?

by Yolando B. Adams

Staying fit is most essential during our battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing measures and quarantine protocols are in place; however, taking care of our physical health through healthy habits should remain our priority. We should work towards strengthening our immune systems to help fight the risk of contracting the virus.

Losing Weight

Taking care of our physical health includes managing our weight. There is a chance that those who suffer from obesity might experience worse COVID-19 symptoms than those who have managed weight. In 2016, about 13% of adults around the globe had this condition. People who struggle with obesity, however, should not be influenced by mere weight loss trends and crash diets.

No matter where you are on your weight management journey, you need to consistently be proactive in your fitness routine. Although getting fit is a priority, you should consult a trusted professional before engaging in any workout program, especially if you are suffering from obesity. A medical professional may require an examination to rule out thyroid gland problems — a barrier to successful weight management — before you begin any exercise routine.

Weight and Overall Health

This COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health which may have caused many of us to adopt unhealthy ways of coping such as overeating and avoiding physical exercise. Weight management is important in maintaining good overall health. Obesity is a condition that should be addressed to avoid health complications, especially during this global health crisis.

Obesity and overall excess weight can diminish bodily functions such as your reproductive function, your memory, and your mood. Many people who suffer from obesity are placed at a higher risk of acquiring serious health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

To combat this high risk of acquiring these diseases, it is essential for you to consult a medical professional on how you can properly manage your weight and start your fitness journey.

Barriers to Weight Management

Weight management is important in keeping yourself fit and maintaining a strong immune system; however, there are cases when factors contribute to an individual’s difficulty in controlling their weight. These factors vary from each person so it is always best to consult a medical professional before committing to a fitness routine. A medical professional will target the barriers you may have to proper weight management, and they can help you achieve your health goals.

Here are the various barriers to weight management that you and your doctor should identify.

Environmental factors or lifestyle factors can have an effect on your weight. This is how you eat or how much physical activity you may have each day. It is important to get a strong support system for your weight loss journey. Ask your friends and family to monitor your progress to help keep you accountable and on track towards your fitness goals. It will also help if you switch up your fitness routine now and then to avoid feeling stuck or bored in a certain type of workout.

There are also psychological factors to weight management. You may have to address mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety, which may lead to constant binge eating habits. Find effective stress-reduction methods to help you focus on adopting healthy habits.

Genetic factors can also contribute to obesity or excessive weight. Weight management issues may run in the family. This is one of the reasons why you should consult a medical professional before signing up for a virtual gym membership. You should address any genetic factors that may slow down your fitness progress. In line with this, medical conditions need to be ruled out before engaging in rigorous physical exercise.

These barriers to weight management are controllable factors. Don’t be discouraged or even intimidated by these factors because you will be able to achieve your fitness goals with the help of professionals.

Dangerous Weight Loss Trends

No matter how much you want to lose weight, you should prioritize healthy methods of losing weight. There are a lot of weight loss trends in the market that may pose dangerous threats to your overall health. Starvation or fasting, for example, is one dangerous way of losing weight. Unless specified by your doctor for certain medical reasons, you should avoid the temptation of trying this method.

Staying healthy should always be your priority. During this global health pandemic, it is easy to adopt unhealthy habits, but we should be proactive in changing this lifestyle. Proper weight management can lead to happiness and a better quality of life.

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