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THE World Reputation Rankings 2018: results announced

by Yolando B. Adams

Different routes up, similar dangers in advance

Diversity may be an asset that bolsters a college and its popularity. However, risks must be minded and managed.

The universities on the top of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings have many similar characteristics: they produce top-notch, groundbreaking studies, deliver innovative training, and have strong relationships with their nearby global communities.

But one college has a rarer characteristic that makes those achievements even more mind-blowing. KU Leuven is the best university in the pinnacle 50 of the desk with an open admissions system, says its rector Luc Sels.

“In Flanders, we have an open consumption gadget, so we cannot refuse students. If college students want to return and take a program in KU Leuven, they are all welcome,” he explains.

“This combination of being very sturdy in studies and on the equal time being very democratic and open – and permitting all students to take a look at with us – is a hard mixture, a totally difficult one for us, but we’re pretty pleased with what we accomplish in being capable of combining those .”

This democratic excellent is prolonged to the workforce, too. Deans and the rector aren’t appointed but elected by using teachers. As a result, the body of workers “feel sincerely embedded inside the device – they stay dependable to the gadget,” and the college has a “very low diploma of voluntary turnover of researchers and professors,” says Seals.

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KU Leuven is ranked forty-sevenths within THE World University Rankings, and its prestige is speedy catching up with its performance. It is now inside the fifty one-60 band of 2018 THE World Reputation Rankings, up from the 71-eighty function closing 12 months. It is yet again the most effective Belgian institution to make the top one hundred list.

Seals says KU Leuven’s power is all the way down to four elements.

First, the university does now not specialize in one or region. However, it is powerful across a wide variety of disciplines beneath 15 colleges, he says.

“I assume that’s essential, especially inside the reputational survey, because that at once implies that…we’re pretty widely known in all the faculties of our international friends,” he says.

Second, “one of the jewels in the crown of KU Leuven is…the big generation transfer capability of the university”. This, mixed with the university’s strong overall performance in European research programs – the university is many of the top 10 establishments to the quantity of Horizon 2020 funding received between 2014 and 2017 – “largely determine our modern-day worldwide stature and positioning,” he says.

Third, the college has the biggest instructional health facility in continental Europe. The college and clinic are “completely included” and a “single felony entity,” which permits the institution “to be sturdy from bench to bed and lower back,” says Seals.

And fourth, KU Leuven’s international networks, including its League of European Research Universities club and the resulting collaboration, is an “essential trump card,” in step with Seals.

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Overall, the effects of the 2018 World Reputation Rankings are incredibly stable, with the identical US and UK universities claiming the pinnacle 8 places. The most effective trade is that the University of Oxford drops slightly from joint fourth to 5th place, to fall in the back of the University of Cambridge.

The University of Chicago remains in ninth place for the second year; however, its miles are joined by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), making the pinnacle 10 for the first time on account that 2014, after rising 4 places.

The US nevertheless dominates the table with forty-four universities, up from 42 ultimate years. However, it is worth noting that this yr’s table consists of one zero five universities, four more than the ultimate year, due to joint scores.

The UK has 9 universities, one fewer than the final 12 months. Six of these, together with all 4 of its London representatives, have declined.

China and Germany jointly declare the name of the third-maximum represented nation, with six institutions every. But 1/2 of the representatives in every country have fallen down the list.

In the case of Germany, questions have been raised over whether its Excellence Initiative has created significant differentiation in its higher training machine.

Meanwhile, signs and symptoms of decline in China, after years of consistent development, propose that predictions of the united states of America have persevered higher education upward thrust may additionally be overstated or untimely – even though its two most prestigious gamers, Tsinghua and Peking, have maintained their positions in the top 20.

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It is a comparable story in Japan, with the state claiming five locations, down from six last 12 months, and four of these declining.

The Netherlands also has 5, but that is up from 4 last yr, and the maximum of its universities have improved or remained strong. All 3 of Canada’s representatives have also made profits.

But an Asian state has yet again proved what a considerable better schooling participant it is on the worldwide degree: Singapore. Its flagship National University of Singapore rises three places to twenty-fourth. At the same time, its more youthful neighbor Nanyang Technological University makes the fifty one-60 band, its maximum ever position, up from eighty one-90 ultimate years.

Kirk D. Kolenbrander, vice-president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is ranked 2nd for the third consecutive year, says the college’s electricity is “bolstered through its people, first and principal; with the aid of fostering a community that enables the ones talented people to thrive; and with the aid of an ethos of non-stop evaluation.”

“People are the number one ingredient in achievement, and we paintings to create a community wherein they can be their complete selves,” he says.“The people of MIT have been working throughout disciplines and breaking down silos because before, ‘interdisciplinary’ turned into a buzzword. We try to understand that ethos in all areas of our paintings, including communications.

“And in latest years, increasingly we remind ourselves that our best solutions to any problem come from not simplest ‘mind and hand’ (following the MIT motto, mens et manus), however, as many long earlier than the modern generation can attest, from ‘mind and hand and heart’ – questioning, doing and worrying.”

Kolenbrander adds that ongoing critical assessment of its programs also plays an important role in “putting in place people for achievement.”

“Visiting committee contributors, from academia, enterprise and enterprise, offer treasured recommend on current activities and destiny directions. The insights from that procedure and other efforts to constantly enhance the organization, in the end, improve our community and benefit the proficient people who come right here to exchange the world,” he says.

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Gene Block, chancellor of UCLA, the best riser within the top 15, attributes the college’s sturdy recognition to two elements.

“The first is a deep dedication to our mission as a public organization, committed to getting entry to and affordability as well as a focal point on research and scholarship which could gain society,” he says, including that “many terrific school and students select UCLA over other prestigious research establishments” because of this commitment and that the college is “basically connected to our communities regionally and globally.”

“Second, our location right here in Los Angeles, a vibrant and various metropolis known internationally for its spirit of creativity and innovation, has been a critical aspect in elevating the profile of our campus,” he maintains.

“We agree with those factors have helped UCLA continuously attract a various mix of the first-class and brightest college students, school, and a group of workers who need to be a part of our campus community.”

Distinctiveness in higher training may also seem to be an elusive goal because maximum universities have very similar missions. However, Carole Arvidson suggests that the answer can be for institutions within the US to find a niche among their neighborhood friends.

“Most college students [in the US] attend a university within one hundred miles of home, and so within that radius, for a few students there aren’t as many alternatives which might be that just like each other,” says the vice-chairman and director of marketplace studies at The Lawlor Group, a better training advertising company primarily based in Minnesota.

“An organization needs to apprehend its cost proposition and specific and stay that authentically. Then it may entice students who’re searching out what it has to provide.”

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Of route, reputation is a subjective indicator, making the World Reputation Rankings wonderful from THE ’s different tables. But that does not mean that it isn’t important.

A current survey of greater than 2,000 UK college students by using college students lettings app SPCE found that the recognition of a university was the second one maximum vital element for them while deciding on an institution, in the back of best the route on providing and beating the college’s perceived capability to boost later career possibilities.

However, Arvidson says that universities these days are in a difficult market.

“Increased media interest on value, really worth, and effects; governmental oversight; households’ capability and willingness to pay; and institutional challenges associated with monetary stability and energy, product services, and the physical plant, amongst different matters, all undergo down on establishments and preserve their leaders up at night time,” she says.

A 2016 survey of 216 unbiased university presidents inside the US, from The Lawlor Group and RHB, every other better training advertising consultancy company, found that 63 in keeping with cent stated that families’ ability to pay become among their pinnacle outside advertising demanding situations. Meanwhile, sixty-eight percent referred to the prices related to jogging their institutions to be among their best inner marketing demanding situations.

And there are symptoms that a university’s prestige is now a greater enormous commodity than it becomes inside the beyond.

A 2017 survey of university board individuals and administrative leaders from United Educators, liability insurance, and danger control services firm for universities located that eighty-three in keeping with cent agree that reputational risk is more essential than it was three years ago.

The perceived top reputational risks to their establishments over the last three years fell under the types of campus weather (e.g., variety of students and senior administration), prevention and response to sexual assault, academic programs (e.g., first-rate of publications, college students, and college) and pupil behavior (e.g., campus protection and student intellectual fitness).

But the pinnacle reputational danger going forward is better schooling’s business model – an area consisting of enrolment tendencies, financial control, staffing stages, and tuition control.

KU Leuven’s Souls believes that financial problems, mainly around constructing infrastructure and establishing a long-time period funding plan, are most of the primary demanding situations facing the college.

However, about popularity, he says universities ought to think about this no longer as “a result in itself” however as a tool that “lets in you to speak to the very first-class institutions worldwide.”

“Having an excellent rating isn’t an end in itself, however… an essential lever to try and understand our ambition. That is turning into an absolutely worldwide university and seeking to serve society – and humanity – within the exceptional ways possible through progressive studies and high-stage training.”

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