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Volunteering and Community Work: Your Participation Improves You

by Yolando B. Adams

When you volunteer to do public service like environmental cleaning or feeding the poor, you are doing a great deal of helping out the community. Your help benefits others, and in a way, it gives you a feeling of self-gratification. The community needs more people who are not running behind money to do basic tasks and are willing to offer help in their free time or help non-profit organizations provide care for the community as much as they can. You can quickly sign up for any such services via links or by visiting a nearby NGO or any such organization. You could do these things to set a good example to your family and peers and help raise awareness about cleanliness and help others. Here are a few services you can offer to volunteer in.


Food Drives

There will be multiple organizations or NGOs that either collect money to feed the needy or do the task as a whole and give fully prepared food to those who visit them during eating hours. Some services have an ongoing food drive, so any poor who crosses by can come and eat. You can either go on money collection drives or assist in serving them food and cleaning up after them.

Environmental Sanitation

Keeping the environment clean and the planet healthy should be your primary concern. This can not be done alone, so you can easily participate in cleaning drives. You can volunteer in underground sewer line cleaning by providing aids to the people doing the actual cleaning. You can even collect funds to properly dispose of the waste and hire the correct agencies to complete the task. Furthermore, you can even pick up litter from the streets or beaches and install bins at every street’s corner.

Blood Drives

Volunteer in a blood drive campaign. Every 2 seconds, someone in the States needs blood. You can assist in collecting blood or provide aid to the medical staff working there. Filling out all the necessary data forms, forming queues, and storing blood bottles require precision and care. This act of yours can help people in emergencies who need blood by the minute to save themselves. If you are a medical student or come from a medical background, you can screen the samples.

Medical Outreach

Government hospitals often have patients that are not from good financial backgrounds. You can collect funds or go to an NGO to provide you with food to feed them. Along with food, you can also look out for patients who need medicines and direct some of your funds towards helping them. Some patients admitted to hospital wards for a fair amount of time often feel pessimistic and depressed. Enabling them by talking to them and asking about their feelings will let them open up and relax.

Teach Children In Need

Many homeless kids out on the streets want to study but can not afford school. You can find such kids in your neighborhood and tutor them not to feel left out. Some many refugees or immigrants can not go to school for fear of other people. Such kids can significantly benefit from your act of volunteering and learn a lot through such a street school. Funds and collections can even be used to buy the necessary books and stationery for them.

Organize Charity Walks

People actively participate in motivational movements such as a charity walk or a marathon with the whole family. Arranging a friendly competition among the neighboring communities can help raise donations and create awareness for the cause you are doing the charity act. Many small companies can come to your assistance when coming together for an excellent common reason.

Donation Drives

Here, you can volunteer to collect items and donate your books or clothes for those who need them more than you. These items can be sent to orphanages or foster care to distribute among the children there.

Helping out the environment and the people in need around you by volunteering in programs is a great way to explore new things. You even develop a feeling of gratitude, that you have shelter over your head, good food to eat, and a family that loves and cares for you.

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