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8 Project Ideas for Your CNC Machine

by Yolando B. Adams

CNC machines have become popular in recent times for easing the customization of products. The growth of CNC machines coincides with that of the market places like Etsy and Facebook, with buyers looking for unique products.

Wall panel art

Here are some of the projects to try out to take advantage of the developments.

1. Door signs

Door signs are popular additions to offices and residential properties. They are useful in guiding the property users in the rooms or places.

Customize the door signs to match the various needs. The project can include personalized name signs, seasonal signs, among other options.

2. Wall panel art

Wall art enhances a radiant finish to the décor and house style. Creating an abstract wall panel art using a CNC machine lets you create a wide range of decorations.

Include elegant patterns and backlighting for outstanding wall arts.

3. Custom business signs

Every business use signs and names for display on their premises. Creating the signs from your CNC machine is the way to land commercial clients.

Businesses are willing to give you money if you can create high-quality business signs. Find a way to incorporate the company logo and signs.

4. Wood clocks

Any interior design concept worth talking about never misses a wall clock. It’s time to let go of the traditional wood clocks and go the CNC machine creation way.

Creating a wooden clock using the Inventables CNC machine allows you to customize through images, quotes, and other letters. You can also create clocks of various shapes and concepts.

5. Catch all trays

Catch all trays is a fun project for your CNC machine. Let your creativity flow when making a catch-all tray using a CNC machine by trying out various concepts. For example, consider the animal, food, flower, and tree shapes.

6. Jewelry

Whether you are looking for a sophisticated top dollar necklace or a simple earring, a jewelry project is one to try on your CNC machine. Creating your jewelry is an involving process as you have to develop a unique idea that sells.

You can create jewelry using wood, aluminum, and several other materials.

7. Christmas decoration

If you are looking for a group project for your CNC machine, look no further than Christmas decorations. Most people have been decorating for Christmas since childhood. You will not be short of ideas when you start working together as a family or friends on the project.

There are unlimited Christmas decorations options to try out. Snowflakes and trees are a great starting point.

8. Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are a popular means to display ornaments. You can also use them to display child art, shopping lists, or reminders.

Discover your artistic side by using your CNC machine to create unique fridge magnets. Whether you are looking to pass a message or beautify your space, creative fridge magnets will work fine.


Creating outstanding designs is one of the CNC machines’ revolutionary impacts. Coming up with the projects to try out, however, is a daunting task. Use the above ideas to get started.

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