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Cleaning Essentials in the Pandemic: Ten Cleaning Tools You Must Have

by Yolando B. Adams

It’s apparent how individuals and families have made cleanliness a top priority during this pandemic. The goal is to keep their living spaces free of the various strains of the novel coronavirus. Ultimately, regular and robust cleaning helps promote overall health and well-being.

Vacuum cleaner

There are cleaning essentials every household should have. Aside from cleaning solutions, you must invest in cleaning tools and equipment. The sales of cleaning products have soared during this COVID-19 crisis. But with or without a pandemic, it’s vital to stock an arsenal of cleaning supplies at home.

If you’re wondering what cleaning tools to have amid the pandemic, here are some of these:

1. Sponge

Whether washing the dishes or wiping your countertop, you must have a sponge at your disposal. A good sponge works wonders on any surface when it comes to home cleaning. However, there are a handful of sponges available in the market. The regular ones can easily and quickly become worn out and filthy. As such, be sure to opt for one with an abrasive side. You can also go for alternative sponges such as a sponge cloth, a spaghetti sponge, or a silicone sponge.

2. Microfiber cloth

microfiber cloth isn’t just another piece of garment used for cleaning. As the name suggests, this cloth has tiny fibers typically made of polyester and nylon. Because of its composition, it can absorb specks of dirt, dust, and even microbes. Compared to an old rag and paper towel, a microfiber cloth makes house cleaning a lot easier and more effective.

3. Squeegee

It’s best to have a squeegee at home, as this cleaning tool can remove or control liquid on a flat surface. This tool is best to get rid of molds and mildew in the bathroom. You can also use this to clean the surfaces of your windows and glasses. However, be sure to protect the blade of your squeegee. That way, it won’t get damaged and will remain effective for cleaning surfaces.

4. Toothbrush

Yes, a toothbrush isn’t necessarily for brushing your teeth. However, you can keep old and used ones for house cleaning. They can tackle detailed surfaces and hard-to-reach areas that a scrub brush won’t do. Just make sure to disinfect them before and after using.

5. Scrub Brush

Aside from a toothbrush, you need a scrub brush to tackle household cleaning tasks. An all-purpose scrub brush is ideal for various surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom sinks, floor tiles, bathtubs, and plumbing fixtures. It can remove tough stains and even stubborn grimes. You’ll be amazed at how a scrub brush can keep a surface clean and bright.

6. Vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming is a crucial part of regular household cleaning. As such, have a vacuum cleaner to get rid of specks of dirt, dust, and other debris. You typically use this for cleaning the floor, carpet, furniture, drapes, upholstery, and other surfaces. It’s best to invest in an advanced vacuum cleaner for your home. Has the vacuum cleaner been repaired immediately if it no longer works?

7. Broom and Dustpan

Every household must sweep its floors every day. For this reason, ensure you have a broom and dustpan readily available at home. Know that you need these cleaning tools almost every day. The last thing you want is to find these unavailable just when you need them the most for house cleaning.

8. Floor Mop

A floor mop is another cleaning essential you must keep at home. Whether mopping your floor or dealing with a water spill, you want to ensure you have this cleaning tool. It’s best to have a microfiber cloth attached to your floor mop. As mentioned above, it is deemed best for cleaning.

9. Spray Bottle

A spray bottle is a part of the overall cleaning equation. You can create homemade cleaning solutions and put them in a spray bottle. For instance, you can mix baking powder, vinegar, and warm water in the proper ratio. You can then use the spray bottle to remove stains for effective cleaning.

10. Bucket

The last on the list is the bucket. Of course, your list of household cleaning tools won’t be complete without this. You need a bucket to pour water and add solutions for cleaning. Know that it varies from one size to another. Therefore, choose one that’s ideal for your cleaning tasks at home.

Cleanliness is a top priority.

As cleanliness is paramount during this pandemic, your household must have a stock of cleaning supplies. As far as cleaning tools are concerned, be sure to consider some or most of those recommended above. You can ensure a regular and robust cleaning at home with all these in place. By doing so, you can keep yourself and your family safe from the threat of coronavirus and stay healthy at all times.

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