Home Life Parents: The Best Way to Handle Homework

Parents: The Best Way to Handle Homework

by Yolando B. Adams

Your child will deal with hundreds of homework throughout their life in school. When they are in a public middle school, the homework load will be significantly heavier than when they could be in a private elementary school. And when they reach high school, the homework difficulty and number of subjects will continue to increase. This can be daunting for students, but they can make it through with the right help from parents. You want to ensure that you are providing the proper support and giving your child the space they need to do their work. Check out these tips on how to handle homework as a parent!

Handle Homework

1. Establish a homework routine

One of the best ways to help your child with homework is by establishing a routine. This means having a specific time each day when they will do their homework. This can be after school, before dinner, or even right after. Just make sure that it is a time that is consistent every day and a time when your child still has the energy to complete their tasks.

2. Check in with them

You must check in with your child while they are doing their homework. This doesn’t mean hovering over them and doing it for them but rather making sure they are on track, understand the task, and have any questions answered. If they seem to be struggling, try to help them out but don’t do the work for them. This will only cause them to struggle in the future.

3. Create a homework space

Your child must have a designated area for doing their homework. This could be at a desk in their room or even at the kitchen table. Just make sure it is a place where they can focus and not be disturbed. And if possible, try to have all the materials they need for their homework in this space, so they don’t have to keep running back and forth.

4. Encourage breaks

Your child must take breaks while doing their homework. This means taking an hour’s five-minute break to get up and move around. This will help them stay focused and motivated. Plus, it’s good to get up and move around after sitting for an extended period.

5. Set a good example

One of the best things you can do as a parent is to set a good example. This means being organized and completing your tasks on time. When your child sees you as a responsible adult, they will be likelier to want to emulate that behavior. Try to show them how you handle your tasks in your job. You want them to see that you are working hard to excel in what you do. This may motivate them to do the same in their every task.

6. Limit distractions

You must limit distractions while your child is doing their homework. This means turning off the television, putting away the phone, and not having any friends over. When your child is trying to focus, they shouldn’t be surrounded by distractions.

7. Siblings should be respectful

If you have other children in the house, make sure they are respectful of their siblings while they are doing their homework. This means not making noise or interrupting them. When it’s homework time, it’s time for everyone to focus and be quiet. Even if one of them has finished their work ahead of time, they shouldn’t disturb the others who are still doing theirs.

8. Celebrate their accomplishments

Be sure to celebrate your child’s achievements regarding their homework. This could be anything from completing a task on time to getting an A on a test. When they know you are proud of them, they will be more likely to want to continue doing their best. You can say a simple “Good job.” or take them out for ice cream, especially when they overcame a difficult assignment.

9. Get help if needed

Lastly, if you feel you are struggling to help your child with their homework, getting help is essential. You can find help from teachers, other parents, or online resources. When it comes to your child’s education, you should never hesitate to ask for help.

Parents play a vital role in their children’s education. One of the most important things parents can do is help their children with homework. This may seem daunting, but following these simple tips can make it easier for you and your child. Tips include checking in on them, creating a designated space for homework, taking breaks, and setting a good example. You should also limit distractions and ensure that siblings respect those doing their homework. Lastly, get help if needed.

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