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by Yolando B. Adams

Well, if that could have been stated to me by way of my father after I turned into 2 years of age, I might have understood. But while today, my very own laptop tells me that when I am 34, I wonder why I spent $1500 on my laptop hardware and software simply to revel in the (un-realized) advantages of this fantastic and modern statistics technology? Security

Today’s our online web world is dangerous. None of these days’ PC customers can claim that they in no way had a laptop virus trouble or a Computer security breach.

Now, in case you remember these days’ variety of PC users global, they will quickly be 1 billion by 2010 in keeping with analysts. When I see all of the laptop viruses, infections, trojans, and what no longer round me, and compare it with the 1 billion harmless pc users around the world, I definitely experience sorry, not best for the ones billion users but for myself too. But once more, as a not unusual user myself, I need to admit it become not all doomsday for the whole industry on account that 1987 once I commenced using computers. So, as an accountable member of this exceptional IT revolution, I have to the percentage a number of the first-rate tips and hints that I learned to apply to make the minimum room for productivity on my laptop.



Please word this is academic for a person who has the simple knowledge of computer utilization. For those who are learners, I could suggest asking a neighborhood professional’s assist earlier than trying anything out stated on this academic. In that case, make room for the charge from the deep pocket. For your very own convenience, print this tutorial for step-by means of-step commands.

Whenever my laptop is infected, I act on any of the following options; Web

1. FORMAT HARD DISK: I again up all of my information on a CD-Writer if it’s miles still accessible. And then format the complete difficult disk force and re-install every and each application.

2. USE SOFTWARE: I exhaust all anti-virus and different software options. This is generally my first precedence in comparison to formatting the complete laptop tough disk drives.

Now, allow me to give an explanation for both options in detail;

PRE-REQUISITES: Make sure you’ve got a CD-Drive (Writer), empty writable CDs, Windows OS CD (bootable) that includes files along with Format.Exe, Scandisk.Exe, FDisk.Exe, and Attrib.Exe documents. Microsoft Office CD, Anti-Virus CD, GoldenHawk CD Writing Software in DOS (copy2cd.Exe and cdtools.Exe), Serial Numbers of your License, Driver CDs of Motherboard, VGA, Network, Sound and Modem devices. Optionally, download these software program from any Internet Café whilst your own laptop is inaccessible and shop it on a CD so that you can use it whenever for protection functions;

Golden Hawk DOS based CD Writing Software

HiTech Fireman Windows-based CD Writing Software

Driver Genius Pro

Partition Magic

AVG AntiVirus

SpywareBlaster & SpywareGuard

Spybot Search & Destroy




HiJackThis & CWShredder

I have intentionally prevented point out of many commercially good and extra friendly software program’s point out right here as I wanted the entirety to do FREE without any extra prices apart from the usual OS licenses. For your very own convenience, you may studies Google or Yahoo serps locate in addition statistics about such commercial software and their availability / pricing.


I recognize it’s miles painful and surgical sort of answer, however, every now and then, it’s far the ONLY solution left after arduous all of our efforts to restore our computer gadget after a deadly disease assault. Follow this system;

Booting Up: Try booting your pc usually first and see if you may login easily. If you couldn’t or your pc hangs up, strive to hold the F8 key while beginning Windows and you’ll get the Safe Mode. Even in the case, you don’t get the Safe Mode, don’t worry.

Power up your laptop and press DEL key or F2 key to log in your CMOS. In CMOS, go to Boot Preferences and make CD Drive as the boot drive as your first boot drive and change the hard disk pressure as the second boot pressure. If you don’t see your CD Drive inside the boot-up options, your CD Drive is not well installed. Check the connectors or ask your CD Drive company for instructions to put in the CD Drive. Now, while your CD Drive is ready, insert your Windows OS CD within the CD Drive and restart your pc system. When induced, choose the option “Boot from CD with CD Option”. When you get the set-off, Notice the CD Drive letter that became allocated to your CD Drive while it established the CD Driver. It is commonly D: power or the last pressure letter relying on the range of your partitions. Note it down as it’s miles the actual force letter in which you may need to type a DOS command like d:

You ought to now be capable of run all software program utilities which include Format, Scandisk, FDisk or Windows Installation Setup.Exe files. Right now, really make certain they exist by means of typing a DOS command dir at the CD pressure letter. If you don’t locate it with this simple directory command, use dir/s filename to go looking the document. For instance, to look fdisk.Exe document, type dir/s fdisk.Exe.

BACKING UP YOUR DATA: Before formatting your hard disk force, please ensure you have got proper returned up of your important facts documents together with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc files on a CD or every other media for backup that you have to get entry to. In this educational, we count on you have a CD-Writer established for taking backups on Writeable CDs. Their capacity is typically 700MB or much less. Here, you have to significantly remember the usage of Zipping software like WinZip or WinRAR.

VIA WINDOWS: If you can fortuitously login in your Windows OS, you have to run the CD-Writer software program which includes HTech Fireman to returned up all of your data on an empty CD. If you don’t realize a way to do it, study their user manual for detailed practice set. If you couldn’t get admission to your Windows OS, read on.

VIA DOS: Some of the files which you desire to make the back-up, can be hidden. To un-disguise them, use attrib *.* +r +s +h.

Now, use the software program from Golden Hawk record named as copy2cd.Exe to backup your records files or directories on a writeable CD. Before the usage of this command, make certain you are in the appropriate course at the laptop including E:/ where the real record copy2cd.Exe file is living;Computer

Here we assumed that f: is a CD Writer force. Now, repeat the identical for all your documents to lower back up. When completed, run cdtools.Exe command i.E. Cdtools f: to finish by choosing choice “Disc Finalization”.

If you can’t again up your information the usage of the above-stated procedure, both ask an out of doors professional’s assist individually or via the internet. If all fails, overlook your records all the time and keep on installing a brand new OS as noted in this tutorial.

Backing up Your Drivers: An exciting device to refer to here is a software that automatically backs up all your drivers of CD, modem, sound card, VGA, USB, printer or just about something that is presently hooked up on your device. But this software works best in an operational windows OS, and no longer in DOS. It is a great and time-saving exercise to preserve a backup of all your drivers on a CD through the usage of such a software program. Its name is Driver Genius Pro and it’s far commercial software program, no longer a freeware.

USING FDISK: You can also bypass this selection and move immediately to Formatting Hard Disk alternative if you want to use different useful partitions that could contain your facts. Before going beforehand with this feature, Make positive there is no useful information left for your computer to be sponsored up. This choice will delete all of the computer partitions and create new ones.

I) Boot up your pc the use of Windows OS CD.

Ii) Run this command

iii) Press alternative 3 to delete all modern walls.

Iv) To create a new partition, pick option 1 and pick out Y to reply the most size question by means of the program.

V) Next, pick alternative 2

vi) Press Esc key to end and restart your computer to

for precise instructions along with screenshots. Now, that you have created the primary partition, you can retain to layout the newly created partition. There is a completely consumer-pleasant however commercial software program referred to as Partition Magic by way of PowerQuest to manipulate your partitions without difficulty after installation of Windows.

FORMATTING HARD DISK: Now that you have created new partitions, It is time to format them so you can start installing Windows. This is how you make your C: power usable through your Windows OS for installation. Boot up your pc with Windows CD and sort format c: command at the set-off. When prompted for optimum length, press, YES. After whole processing, you may be provided with the hit report about the formatting of the C: force. Select your new pressure name and press ENTER to complete.

INSTALLING WINDOWS: Microsoft has made it very smooth for a beginner to install a totally new OS on a newly formatted partition. It is all wizard based and you without a doubt have to click on NEXT whenever on every occasion requested a question. Boot up your pc from the Windows CD and choose to Start with CD Option. When on DOS activate, trade to the CD Drive that it just created that is usually d: when you have most effective one partition C. Now type command setup.Exe to start the home windows installation process.

During set up, ensure you nicely name your PC as in line with your choices and choose your regions and Time sector. When finished, the computer will re-boot and in the course of next re-boot, it may ask some drivers of your Sound Card, VGA, Network, or other gadgets attached. Provide the considered necessary motive force CDs and locate the paths of the best drivers. If you are not sure, leave it like that and press NEXT to disregard. When your windows set up is complete, you may set up Microsoft Office, setup internet connection and begin the use of it as generally as you’ll. Please make sure you put in all the security software inclusive of anti-virus, anti-adware, adware, and different software program as mentioned in the subsequent segment.


Installing Anti-Virus: Download free AVG Antivirus software program and set up it. Make certain you get its free key from their internet site via registering. This software program isn’t always automobile-updated for vital viruses and for an automobile-replace model, you’ll pay. If you desire to pay, we might recommend world’s maximum famous manufacturers Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micros as an alternative. No count number what Anti-Virus software you put in, make certain you permit its Auto-Protect feature for automated protection of your PC’s resources and in-coming or out-going emails from any virus assault. Some software even let you setup silent detection and destruction with none disturbance on your paintings. Further, they are vehicle-up to date through the net on the regular c programming language which you set up. Hence, you may rest confident that whenever a protection hazard is spread everywhere in the world, your software program will robotically download the needful up to date model and deploy its protection on your laptop.

BROWSER SECURITY: To set up your browser (Internet Explorer on Windows) for maximum safety against the usual threats, comply with this system;

i) Start up your browser

ii) Go to IE > Tools > Windows Update > Product Updates, and selected Security Updates to be robotically up to date. Microsoft releases patches and safety patches every now and then to ensure your gadget’s security is up-to-date.

Iii) Now, visit Internet Options/Security/Internet, press ‘default degree’, then OK. Now press “Custom Level.” In the ActiveX phase, set the first two alternatives (“Download signed and unsigned ActiveX controls) to ‘spark off’, and ‘Initialize and Script ActiveX controls not marked as secure” to ‘disable’. Now you’ll be asked whether or not you need ActiveX items to be completed and whether you need the software program to be installed. Sites which you realize for certain are above suspicion may be moved to the Trusted Zone in Internet Option/protection.

If you operate some other browser which includes Firefox or Netscape, see their documentation on a way to securely set it up against any such net threats.

Installing Anti-Spyware: Spyware, spyware, browser hijackers, and dialers are some of the quickest-growing threats on the Internet these days. By honestly surfing to a web page, your laptop might also become a sufferer. You can set up SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard to effectively guard your laptop against such net threats.

It consists of Fast Real-Time Scanning engine for known spyware and heuristic/normal detection skills to seize new/mutated adware and Download Protection alongside Browser Hijacking Protection in real-time.

Simply download the software program (free) from their website and install it on your gadget. Make certain you download its modern update too or enable its Auto-Update characteristic to be updated routinely in the history. Now, whilst you are ready, run the software to check the spyware on your laptop. When spyware is observed, it reviews, therefore. Press “choose all”, then press choice “kill all checked”. Although it won’t protect you from 100% spyware, But it’s far a completely crucial greater layer of safety.

Next, installation every other software that is known as Spybot Search & Destroys. It works exactly like SpywareBlaster, but it by no means hurts to have a double layer of adware detection along with Spybot R&D.

Installing Anti-Adware: Adware is a not unusual term used to explain potentially risky websites and scripts that do records-mining, aggressive advertising, and marketing, Parasites, Scumware, selected traditional Trojans, Dialers, Malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components. There is an excellent software known as Ad-Aware available to experiment and get rid of such nuisances from your system.

To start the use of it, definitely, visit Lavasoft USA internet site and download its free non-commercial version of Ad-Aware Personal Edition. Run its setup software and deploy it. When triggered, ask it to test your pc. If there are any adware observed, it is detected and removed automatically by means of Ad-Aware. Run this software on a weekly or daily foundation, if viable to maintain your system clean.

In addition to the Ad-Aware, Internet Explorer comes with a very accessible device that lets you to dam unique websites that could deliver well-known advertisers, marketers, crapware pushers to the Restricted websites Zone. If you needed to enter 50000+ of such websites manually yourself, it would take years. Luckily, there is a software program that does it all routinely and it’s miles referred to as IE-SPYAD. Once you merge this list of sites and domains into the Registry, the websites for those corporations will no longer be able to use cookies, ActiveX controls, Java applets, or scripting to compromise your privacy or your PC even as you surf the Net. Nor will they be capable of use your browser to push undesirable pop-ups, cookies, or vehicle-putting in applications for your PC. It isn’t an ad blocker. It will stop top undesirable crapware from being set up behind your returned through “force-by using-downloads”; save you the hijacking of your home page.

This Restricted sites list is primarily based in part on info from discussions in the SpywareInfo Forums and different forums that specialize in crapware removal fundamental crapware reference websites: doxdesk, cexx.Org, Kephyr.Com, PestPatrol, and SpywareGuide.

To start the use of it, genuinely download it from their website and run its installation.Bat file. Make certain you run its update as properly soon after its set up.

INSTALLING FIREWALL: A firewall software acts as a protection defend against hackers, intruders, and blocks get admission to tries on your computer. ZoneAlarm is a professional firewall software program that works in a stealth mode robotically and makes your laptop invisible to everybody on the Internet.

Download it from ZoneLabs internet site and run its setup for set up. I endorse you use its Express Settings which mechanically configures your most generally used software program like browser, chat messengers, FTP software to get right of entry to the net, whilst blocks every different internet site visitors in real-time. If any software or service attempts to add or down load any information, it pops up an alert wherein you can allow or disallow such net visitors.

Computer Slow Down: It is very common to peer many complaining approximately their laptop gradual-down. The quickest and simplest treatment is the use of Windows’ built-in Defragmenter utility that you could locate in Startà Programs à Accessories à System Utilities à Disk Defragmenter and run thorough defragmentation. It will take a while before it ends.

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