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Samsung Internet 7.4 Beta brings Intelligent Scan authentication, customizable Reader Mode, and more

by Yolando B. Adams

Samsung Internet continues to develop its fan-base, which is in particular due to frequent updates. In March, while the app turned into up to date to 7.2 betas, the browser won Protected Browsing functionality. It warned customers of malicious websites. Version 7.4 is rolling out now, and it includes Intelligent Scan authentication, customizable Reader Mode, Download History improvements, and more. Let’s dive in.

Authentication with Intelligent Scan

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Samsung Internet is understood for having biometric authentication that can be used for logging into websites, using Web Payments, or getting into Safe Mode using the use of fingerprints or iris experiments. Version 7.4 brings Intelligent Scan, which “combines iris scan and face reputation to permit convenient unlocking and in some cases offers greater security for certain authentication offerings.” As predicted, its handiest works on supported gadgets, that is presently the Galaxy S9 or S9+.

Customized Reader Mode

Reader Mode’s history color, font, and font size at the moment are fully customizable. You can get the right of entry to the alternatives from the textual content menu.

Download History Improvements

The contemporary version also comes with improvements inside the Download History category. Now you may clear out, proportion, and download files immediately from the menu.

Recently, Samsung began freeing functions for precise regions, especially trying out a certain function earlier than making it available globally. This time, Samsung brings new features for India, the US, and China.

Additional download enhancements (India)

From now on, estimated time could be proven both in the notifications color and the Download History web page. Users can even have a potential to change the default download region within the settings.

News notifications (US)

A new non-obligatory feature will carry breaking information immediately for your notifications panel.

Trending Keywords (China)
And finally, China receives a new “Trending now” segment, powered by way of Baidu. Any link takes you to the relevant Baidu page.

Download Samsung Internet Beta under to attempt out those new capabilities.Image result for Samsung Internet 7.4 Beta brings Intelligent Scan authentication, customizable Reader Mode, and more

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