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Galaxy Note 9 Leak ‘Confirms’ Samsung’s Nasty Surprise

by Yolando B. Adams

The Galaxy Note 9 isn’t the phone you had been waiting for. Samsung will increase its size, provide large storage improve and a second camera upgrade. But its headline characteristic is toast, and now there’s awful news approximately its design…

The source is the ever-prolific, ever-mysterious Ice Universe. Posting 3 new photographs, the leaker who formerly broke the Galaxy Note eight scooped the first Galaxy S8 actual global photos. They dissected the Galaxy S9 showed the Galaxy Note nine would no longer win fanatics over on its looks.


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Galaxy Note 9 idea has become too ambitious.

In an aspect-by way of aspect comparison, Ice Universe exposes “the real Note9” design, and it has taken no sizeable step forward from the Galaxy Note 8. In truth, it’s almost identical besides the aforementioned enlarged front digital camera, which I solely revealed closing month.

Perhaps the maximum irritating issue of this information is Ice Universe has previously exposed what Samsung can attain however claims the company determined to “store production prices” alternatively.

Ice Universe
Galaxy Note nine – the capability and the fact

Yes, Samsung has already made an ultimate minute exchange to the Galaxy Note nine; however, that changed into minor and already precipitated a launch date delay.

So I’d argue there’s no hazard the organization will now U-turn and deliver us something more radical at this late degree, even though it has the capability. This additionally follows a sample given the Galaxy S9 changed into a similarly iterative development over the Galaxy S8. However, I suspect many will see this virtually as Samsung repeating the same mistake.

If there’s some comfort to this information, it is twofold.Image result for Galaxy Note 9 Leak 'Confirms' Samsung's Nasty Surprise

Firstly, Samsung has possibly finished enough to make the Galaxy Note nine a strong (if unspectacular) upgrade. And secondly, if you do decide to skip this smartphone, you gained’t ought to wait longer for Samsung to unveil its substantially greater formidable models…

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