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Samsung’s new wireless speaker is as beautiful as it is useful

by Yolando B. Adams

If you’ve used any of the famous clever audio systems launched in the last few years, you’ve probably observed that they all—pretty plenty—appear like miniature trash cans. The Amazon Echo, Google Home, Sonos One, and Apple HomePod, are all, for the most component, first-rate gadgets which might be excellent kept hidden on a shelf, away from the middle of attention. Samsung’s present-day speaker desires to trade this.

Teased at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung’s VL350 and VL550 wi-fi speakers look approximately as excellent as they sound. Samsung has its honest share of luxurious and oddly tubular speakers as nicely, but these new models are for customers who need something a bit extra delicate to put on display.

The gadgets sport an effective AKG-tuned audio system (Samsung received AKG, a subsidiary of audio enterprise Harman when it offered Harman in 2016), in addition to mock-wood paneling on the perimeters that appears straight out of a Nineteen Seventies hello-fi setup. Both speakers also have a unique control mechanism: a weighty magnetic dial that sits atop the speaker but maybe pulled off the top and positioned far away from the speaker. You can use it to govern the track being played. If the speaker is connected over Bluetooth to a cellphone, it can also control the voice assistant built into the cellphone.


The interplay is a bit clunkier and slower than the voice recognition constructed into other speakers, however on the other hand, if you just want to ask a disembodied voice what the weather is, there are $50 roundels accessible you can buy. And in contrast to most different speakers, you shouldn’t scream above the song to talk to the voice assistant because the VL’s far off has its personal microphone that relays your instructions lower back to the speaker, permitting you to talk at a regular stage to the dial right in the front of you.


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Samsung VL550
The VL550 is up towards a unique Amazon Echo and a Sonos One. (Quartz/Mike Murphy)
The removable faraway, which seems to take its design cues from Microsoft’s computer controller, is more subtle than the common stereo clicker. And the larger VL550, more or less the size of an old VHS participant, packs a sound punch that ought to top off a decently-sized living room. The smaller VL350, which Quartz didn’t evaluate, is kind of about half as extensive.

Samsung’s new speakers are probably to enchantment to extra layout-oriented those who need something extra spectacular to pay attention to Spotify or their personal digital music collections. But layout consideration reputedly comes at quite a steep fee. The VL350 will cost you $250, and the VL550 $400, whilst they’re launched in two weeks. If sound great is as critical as desiut, there’s now not plenty else on the charge. In phrases of sound first-rate and capabilities, Samsung’s speakers would possibly be going up in opposition to better-cease clever speakers, like the Google Home Max or the HomePod, which price $400 and $350 respectively. While it isn’t quite as easy to apply voice assistants at the VL550—it’s just amplifying the assistant that’s for your linked device—at least the speaker isn’t something that could simplest look suitable within the unfashionable futuristic dwelling room of The Jetsons.

Before we get in-depth into wireless speaker transmitters, allow us to first apprehend how wi-fi speakers truly paintings:

Every wi-fi speaker system works on any of the subsequent 3 systems:

1. Radio Frequency (RF)
2. Bluetooth
3. Infrared (IR)

Radio Frequency

Of those 3 technologies, RF has been around the longest and is the maximum widely used. In this device, a wireless speaker transmitter is plugged into the TV/computer/audio tool. This transmitter sends out a radio sign at a set frequency to the speakers, producing sound in flip. This is the same precept on which cordless phones work. While this technology is pretty reliable with a sturdy variety, it’s miles susceptible to disturbance from electric fields and conflicting frequencies from cordless phones, radios, and so forth.


Bluetooth is the brand new era. It works by means of establishing a remote connection among Bluetooth-enabled devices that could then be used to switch records. If you have a Bluetooth enabled phone, you’ve possibly already used this technology to send and get hold of facts. Fast, dependable, and safe from disturbances, Bluetooth is slowly making inroads into the home audio market, though its uptake is hampered by way of problems of variety and compatibility (older audio devices do not assist Bluetooth, mainly the non-iPodTouch song gamers).


Infrared might be the least not unusual era. It works at the same precept as your TV far-flung with the aid of the use of a particular spectrum of mild to send and obtain information. If you have noticed, you can not use your TV remote until it is pointing at once on the TV. Similarly, wireless audio system running on IR want to be at once in sight of the wi-fi speaker transmitter to work. This manifestly limits their portability, and hence, this era hasn’t quite caught on.

Wireless Speaker Transmitters

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Most wireless speaker transmitters paintings on RF. A conventional wi-fi receiver/transmitter plugs into your existing speaker setup (stressed out) and basically turns it right into a wi-fi system. It successfully gets rid of complicated speaker wiring (which, as all and sundry will inform you, can develop into a labyrinth of cables very, right away), and is good if you need to install a domestic theater gadget without the trouble or deploy a set of out of doors speakers without walking a series of wires via your house.

A wireless speaker transmitter typically has a selection in excess of a hundred toes, with at least 2 audio channels and six-8 wireless channels to remove disturbances (if one RF channel creates disturbances, you may actually transfer to any other channel). Make positive to test out the whole power available with the transmitter. If you purchase a low-powered transmitter for paintings with a high-end, high-wattage speaker system, the overall performance will suffer a first-rate deal. Another key spec is the audio latency. Basically, this is the amount of latency or ready period among a sign being transmitted by using the device, and it is rendering through the speakers. Since the sign is being transmitted wirelessly, the latency duration is continually a great deal greater than a normal stressed system. The decrease the latency, the better.

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