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You Should Try Going To The Beach Alone On A Late Summer Afternoon

by Yolando B. Adams

Look, we know that summer is best spent creating unforgettable memories with friends and family and doing the most spontaneous activities that can come to mind while the sun shines its brightest. However, beyond that brand new cut with your hairdressing shears and the rocking body goals you want to flaunt and show the world, we also can’t deny that these past few months have been battering at our mental clarity and self-esteem as well.

Beach Alone

And while we don’t mean to say spending your time with friends is unable to heal this pain, we believe that a lot of us can learn from a bit of introspection, spending some time to ourselves, and going to places we wouldn’t normally ride solo like to the beach. So, if you hear us out, even for just a bit, then you might learn a thing or two about the benefits of going for a walk on the beach alone on a late summer afternoon.

For Starters, It’s An Excellent Workout

To help dip your toes into the idea of going on a solo beach walk, from an objective perspective, it’s an excellent alternative for a cardio exercise, challenging your endurance and pumping some healthy blood throughout your body. We are all guilty of staying in for way too long, and some of us already have multiple alarm tones set that seem to always fail at waking us up. So, if you’ve been looking to get out and stretch away all those chinks, a walk at the beach might not sound bad after all.

  • Going Barefoot For That Extra Challenge: We strongly recommend going barefoot for all our athletes out there and fitness enthusiasts looking for a bit more challenge with their beach walks because it takes a lot more energy. Even the most well-trained endurance athletes and CrossFit advocates will find themselves out of breath and sweating buckets when pushing themselves too hard. Plus, you also get to exfoliate the feet in the process, making for a welcome addition.
  • Soaking In That Vitamin D: The sun’s up for most of the day since it’s still summer, and that should be reason enough for you to gout and soak in some of that Vitamin D. Sure, everyone’s been more mindful of their Vitamin D intake these past few weeks, but supplements will never lay a hand on the stuff that comes straight from the source. So, if you’ve been feeling extra tired, now’s your chance to turn things around.

We All Need A Break From Stress, Worry, And Technology

Less on the physical side of things and more toward the mental and emotional aspects, walking on the beach solo is simply one of the best ways of taking a break from all the stress, worry, and technology that’s surrounding us 24/7. Nowadays, it seems like we’re never going to catch a break from all the doom and gloom surrounding us, and while maintaining a firm grip on reality is our responsibility, it also doesn’t hurt to rest. And unlike having people tagging along and jumping from one activity to the next, you get to take in the scenery and observe your mental and emotional processes for once.

  • It’s A Walk But Also A Reflection In Disguise: While it’s technically a walk meant to get you moving, many of the benefits lean more toward the chance of reflection and getting to look back on the months that have passed. A moment of silence will help you realize that we went from lockdowns to economic recessions to extreme isolation to a sliver of hope and now daunting uncertainty, events that have taken a toll on our mental well-being. So, it’s about time we let those thoughts settle in, and we work through them bit by bit.
  • The Sound Of Waves Crashing: Although the soothing sound of waves crashing against rocks sounds like a movie cliche, let’s not forget that a lot of these poetic and romantic moments are still based on real life. And it’s during these periods of white noises decluttering our brain do we learn to appreciate and understand all the little details of our experiences during this roller-coaster of events that’s still managed to keep going.

Of Course, We’re Not Saying You Can’t Have A Walking Buddy.

Last but not least, to clear things up, we don’t mean you’re not allowed to have a walking buddy; companionship is just as crucial in keeping things in perspective for our mental well-being. So, don’t turn down every invitation a friend might throw your way because it also helps to have someone to confide your problems and lessons with. Just don’t forget that solo beach walks can offer a different experience.

Taking A Step Back To Move Forward

Overall, we want to remind everyone that rushing forward through life is no way of living, so learn to take a step back and appreciate how far you’ve come. Plus, nothing tops the beauty of beach sunsets and a cool breeze brushing against your cheek.

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