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Why Is Your Office Due for an Upgrade?

by Yolando B. Adams

The time has finally come for you to face reality: your office is outdated and no longer serves its purpose. Most of your employees want to work from home even with all its distractions. They cannot work in the office because of the distracting hum from the air-conditioner that has been there since forever. They also suffer from severe back pain because you cannot even provide a good chair for their posture. Even the microwave oven in the office pantry isn’t working anymore. In truth, it almost feels like your office is on the brink of breaking down.


But sure enough, this has always been the case with many companies: you do not have the budget for a complete renovation. Sure, you do not have the budget for a total renovation, but you cannot afford to lose more customers, clients, and employees. They are starting to walk away from you because you couldn’t take care of them. So, why not make a compromise instead?

You can make some improvements in the office that wouldn’t need to cost tens of thousands of dollars. A simple repaint of the walls will result in a considerable improvement. Even upgraded seats and tables will make your employees happier.


Your overhead expenses are ballooning because you are not investing in the proper systems in the office. For example, if you have an old computer and peripherals that are already prone to overheating, you’re only risking the data saved there. Those may break down any moment now, and you can lose your business data. Instead of letting your employees work with old computers, bring in some new ones, especially for workers who primarily rely on computers for work.

Printers, copiers, and scanners need upgrades, too, because they may be taking more space in your office. You can get three-in-one devices that can do all these things. But another thing that employers don’t realize is the importance of an air-conditioning replacement. Old air-conditioners use more electricity than new models. This causes a spike in your energy bill. Switching to newer models doesn’t only save the environment, but it gives your business a cushion, too.

Instant Mood Booster

Repainting the walls with light and brighter colors will be an instant mood booster to your employees. Repainting doesn’t have to be expensive. Handypersons will do it for half the cost of a general contractor. As long as there are no cracks on your walls, anyone can repaint them. Even you can apply a fresh coat of paint.

Go for lighter colors because they are instant pick-me-uppers for your workers. You can also encourage them to post photos of their families and friends to personalize their workspaces. Being surrounded by photos of one’s loved ones will remind them who they are working for this hard in the first place.

Health Improvement

Employees suffer the worst in an office that doesn’t premium their health. If they are working eight to nine hours per day in front of the office, they need to stretch their legs. Give them that time. Give them an hour and a half of lunch break instead of the usual one hour.

More, provide a space where they can do this. Does your office have a lovely balcony overlooking the city? Why not redesign that balcony so that it can serve as a kind of lounge area for your employees? These are simple things that work like magic on employees. You will find fewer absences if you care about their well-being.

Productivity Boost

Happy employees are productive employees. Giving them the right business tools such as premium memberships to programs and apps, for example, will boost their productivity. They can work better with these tools on hand. Don’t let free memberships and signups hinder your skills. If they need software or program to do their work, see that this will be a part of your business expenses.

Your employees need to see that you are investing in their productiveness. If they don’t see that, why would they invest their skills in your company? You have to do your part for them to do theirs, too.

There are a lot of things in the office that needs an upgrade. It’s not just about being a great employer to your workers. Although it is essential to be respectful of your employees, it is equally important to show that you are committed to the business by investing in its improvement.

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