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One arrested in property dealer’s suicide case

by Yolando B. Adams

JAIPUR: Two days after a forty-two-year-old assets supplier committed suicide after failing to repay a mortgage really worth over Rs 1 crore, the Mansarovar police on Thursday arrested one of the money lenders for abetting inside the suicide. The police said they had arrested Satya Narayan, who had given a mortgage of Rs 19 lakh to the deceased Babu Lal. Lal had already paid Rs forty lakh as interest. However, Narayan saved harassing Lal for more money.

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“We have observed several cheques of Babu Lal at Narayan’s residence. The accused worked as cash lender, a commercial enterprise he had taken over from his father,” said Suneel Kumar Jhajharia, SHO Mansarovar. On Tuesday morning, Babu Lal Lal had long passed to meet Hari Narayan at later’s house in Kiran Path in Mansarovar. After a couple of minutes, Lal reached the residence’s roof, touched a high-tension twine dangling outside the residence, and was electrocuted.

He changed into a resident of Karni Vihar locality and had entered the assets market only some years ago. He had taken a mortgage on hobby from six exceptional individuals who were nearly 1 crore. Due to the prolonged droop within the actual property marketplace, Lal took the loan from lenders in short succession.
Lal had named as a minimum of six people, who, he stated, had constantly been threatening him. The police said they have been investigating his name detail information (CDR) to tune down people chargeable for abetment to suicide.

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“These money creditors were working illegally. They extort cash in the call of the hobby. Also, their interest fee is more mainly high,” the official told TOI, adding that illegal cash lending is an offense and the police have been recommended to hold a check on such creditors. The police said that a case beneath section 306 (Abetment of suicide) of the IPC had been filed in opposition to Narayan. The Jaipur police stated that they’re probing the function of other suspects additionally within the case.

The number of men and women committing suicide is increasing daily. As contemporary technology and generation have shown first-rate development, a few poor elements are also growing simultaneously. One such alarming factor is juvenile suicides for flimsy motives. Computer video games like ‘blue whale’ are properly examples of such concurrent evils Science and Technology have contributed to juvenile suicide.

This article is coping with the challenge of ‘homicides related to suicides,’ and we are discussing this critical trouble associated with suicides which, it seems, no N.G.O is paying attention to so far.

First, let us see a few suicides that befell in the recent beyond in Chennai and a few district headquarters of Tamilnadu. Some homicides are also concurrently dedicated. Several persons who died did not confine to the best one. However, the person who committed suicide made a few others also die with them.

Case 1: In Chennai, a newly married female dressed in kerosene and burnt herself to death. While demise, she tightly embraced her husband, who also died; the Domestic quarrel was the motive.

Case 2: In Salem, someone hanged himself and committed suicide in prison because of his wife’s infidelity. He committed suicide upon seeing his spouse having sex with another guy, he first broke his wife’s head, and the usage of the same rod killed his three kids too. Extreme anger and frustration are the cause of this dastardly crime.

Case three: The 0.33 case is the most terrible one and is Taken for dialogue. An insolvent individual got here to the collector’s office with his spouse with the pretext of giving a petition to the collector. Several human beings had been waiting in front of the collector’s office to give their petitions. He requested his spouse to attend thereafter which he brought his three kids from school. En route, he purchased five liters of kerosene (Which is to be had at a reasonably-priced rate). On going back to the collector’s office, the kids rushed and hugged their mother affectionately without understanding the horror following. The dissatisfied father poured entire kerosene on all of them, lighted a shape stick, and threw on them. Then he burnt himself whilst a crowd, including traffic to the collector’s workplace, watched helplessly. They were silent spectators of this horrible crime.

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An eye-witness of the crime wrote that it turned into a terrible sight to see the youngsters cry, not able to endure the heat”. One more character wrote, “even at some stage in that point of torture, the elder female tried to store her mom from dying. In 5 mins, they had been reduced to easy ash, but the circle of relatives heads became admitted to the clinic with 60% burn accidents.

The maximum unfortunate factor is that the bystanders were observing the tragedy, and some of them were so stressed to capture the incident live and were busy running the mobile cameras. Some of them have been visible telephoning their near and expensive to carry that they had been watching the terrible incident. Urgent messages were despatched to T.V team, who right away rushed to the spot to telecast the tragedy stay.

The head of the family who enacted this ugly tragedy and who became admitted to the sanatorium become asked: “Why did he burn the innocent children to death?” His reply changed into, in fact, a loss of life announcement in which he declared, “After my death, my family participants may be orphans. There will now not be all people to attend to them. My wife could be compelled to sell her body to clear the loans and also for everyday residing. My children might be begging in streets, a scene which I dare now not consider, and that is why I killed all of them.”

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