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Humans Beings As Characters in a Spiritual Computer Game Environment

by Yolando B. Adams

When a horse breaks its leg humans will shoot it to get it out of its distress however when a person suffers extended unbearable ache with no alleviation in sight, people are forbidden to do the identical to the poor suffering individual. Why is that? In my opinion, it is due to the fact the souls in human beings must research the concepts of excellent and evil, and consistent struggling is one result of the issue of evil.

Jesus, presently as spirit but having enjoyed as an individual, understands the struggling humans go through yet he does not anything. Also; why is that?


The solution lies in the fact that Jesus, as spirit, does no longer see the digital human being because he isn’t always gambling a sport in digital bodily reality anymore. He did that- -been there. The spirit of Jesus is in fact and can’t see, nor does he want to see humans in any manner. He got here to earth to get in contact with soul; the soul that was useless to the real spirit, through its personal movements.

Human creatures, projections of Computer Game spirit as souls, are in the digital universe to study the ideas of spiritual accurate and evil.

You, as the human being, truly do not exist in spirit. Remember, we (as souls) are dead to effective spirit due to the fact we embraced the bad spirit, the spirit of deceit. My spouse, a constant sufferer of unexplained pain cannot see Jesus or the comforter as friend and comforter. Spirit is worried about spirit, and humans are not a spirit. There is an awesome lesson to be discovered by using me and my spouse as souls in spirit approximately the suffering of people, however the lesson need to be learned in spirit, not inside the bodily flesh.

Let me ask Christians a query and, absolutely, each religious person; if Jesus, as spirit and as the god, is so concerned with people as spiritual humans why does he not continue to be among us? Why is he so aloof from us people? He is aloof due to the fact he couldn’t supply a hoot about virtual creatures. Religions are ideas based totally on deceit.

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Jesus informed us that the comforter will come and lead you into all truth. I now know what he means. The spirit in Jesus is not worried about human beings, however with the soul projecting the physical human form. My wife is in terrible pain and discomfort and she or he is very irritated with gods and comforters because she feels so deserted.

However, soul, in its coma, is experiencing this terrible nightmare of the ordeal Carol is going via, non-prevent. When a totter is having a nightmare, its mom may be comforting her; lightly shaking her to wake the child up in order to launch her from her terrible dream. This is what Jesus’ comforter does with a comatose soul in paradise. The Comforter sits by using comatose Adam and Woman and waits for signs of those showing signs and symptoms of being within the horrific throws of a nightmare (like Carol’s inhuman studies with constant pain). The comforter then attempts to evoke the soul and whilst the Comforter is a success, will lead her into all truth- -actual truth from whence the soul has been absent for an extended, long time. But in waking soul up from its coma, carol’s pain could have instantly stopped; in fact, Carol will no longer be part of our mutual nightmare anymore. By soul waking up carol’s virtual lifestyles involves an abrupt halt. She could be no extra part of bodily reality.

Here you can see why what you consider to be excellent for you on this physical fact is horrific in spirit for a soul and what is horrific for you as a physical being is meant for exact in spirit for a soul. Jesus talked about that principle loads. Another way of phrasing this would be:
The devil continually disguises himself to us on earth as an angel of light.

The spirit of Jesus got here to us within the flesh as soon as because that became the most effective way he may want to get in contact with the spirit of his misplaced souls- -souls misplaced in a comatose dream nation at the same time as dreaming to be found in a bodily universe. The universe does now not exist in proper spirit. It is most effective a virtual realm created by way of floor regulations, laws, regions, protocol and dogma, and so forth., and many others. In a religious computer recreation environment. He came to deliver excellent news to useless souls (in spirit) about the truth that by way of embracing truth again they will be real (participate in real fact) again in fact/actual truth. Once he certainly added that message to the human races he has, in reality, no greater purpose to come back amongst us.

Jesus’ spirit desires to discourage his presence amongst people as a laptop sport person in order that we, as souls, will now not retain to think that physical reality is authentic truth; and also due to the fact the object of the game is for soul to develop desperately about Jesus’ real love for us. He loves us now not as humans but as nonsecular entities. I hope you may see that. No one may be too involved what takes place to a character you’re playing/representing in some laptop sport.

Souls ought to learn how to understand that their participation as human characters in a digital educational fact isn’t authentic fact but that through playing the game they could get insight that the game environment is not true and that they, themselves, presently cannot be in reality due to the fact they believed a lie about proper fact. Souls are the lost sons of God in paradise who left domestic (became comatose via believing a system of lies about the area of fact – -a set of synthetic regulations that creates a fictitious recreation environment). This artificial reality (in the parable of the prodigal son this environment is represented as an underfed pigsty cleanser in a merciless state some distance far from home) become created to allow comatose souls to once more learn the truth of true truth in order that souls can once more wake up from the deceit believed and go back domestic as actual beings (as prodigal sons and now not as mere sport characters in a digital fact; or, genuinely, cease being in a comatose dream truth).

Now I must greater precisely outline what a soul is.

Biological creatures consisting of mammals consist of billions of residing, intelligently interconnected cells. Spiritual beings as Adam and Woman, also, consist of billions, if no longer trillions, of intelligently interconnected entities. Paul, the apostle, efficiently referred to those entities as souls in a spiritual being. According to Paul these entities represented in bodily lifestyles as humans come to be once more living stones in a non-secular temple of carefully organized living cells/stones once they again wake up from their deceived state.

What the spiritual liar has achieved is rearrange the interconnectedness of most of these entities/souls within the lie-believing spiritual beings so that a new sort of computer machine or cognizance emerged that allowed each mobile to be a laptop chip on this laptop and simultaneously allowed these cells to end up lively participants/recreation characters on this newly devised computer game surroundings that the liar brought into the pc machine as a pc sport. The ability on which that computer runs of direction are the potentials of accepting as true with and lie-believed in soul and the laptop systems manager is the liar, the god of this universe. This entity isn’t simply evil but a part of properly to permit us to emerge as genuine sons of God. I see this liar consequently as God’s wife. It is her and her moves that allow spiritual beings to be born again in spirit as the true son of the living real god.

We must see this reorientation of the entities that make up comatose spiritual beings as to what the military does to randomly inducted humans. Through propaganda, brainwashing and area the armed forces’ management rearranges the human beings’s priorities to that of importance to the military every time these skilled humans are under army area; or, perhaps, as US propaganda and education reorient new-born toddlers into humans singularly oriented to be enthusiastic Americans in outlook, loyalty, and global cause.
Training-all types of training = indoctrination = brainwashing

Brainwashing is always in subjection and loyalty to a lord and targeted towards the Lord’s gift and future enemies.

These matters take place in this virtual fact with the aid of, really, introducing into the minds of those human beings/babes sets of lies that make them Americans or America squaddies in place of French human beings or Chinese soldiers. It depends at the propaganda and brainwashing inculcated into the subjects as to what they believe themselves to be for the relaxation in their lives and for what reason they dedicate themselves.

One could reinterpret this gadget of lies as being the truth about being Americans or squaddies. What, for this reason, Americans trust is to them the fact of being American is what make Chinese human beings loyal to the Chinese communist regime as indoctrinated Chinese citizens; and additionally why Chinese soldiers take the propaganda instilled in them to be their reality. All these outlooks rely on the gadget of propaganda or lie the humans are made to believe at some point of the transition of them as babes knowing not anything to human beings indoctrinated to agree with what government and society have made them consider.

In reality, there may be most effective one fact. If extraordinary human beings trust exclusive type of fact according to their individual system of interpretation than those interpretations are some distance from any truth! Instead, these are all special sets of lies. This preserves equally authentic for the device of religion to which one has been indoctrinated; all of it depends on the gadget of lies believed.

In genuine fact, it is impossible to believe a lie and hold to remain in genuine fact. Once a lie is thought of authentic truth one, in reality, has no factor of touch left with reality because one has mentally/spiritually entered a realm of fiction- -make agree with.

My wife and I keep staring ourselves blind at the human condition in a digital recreation environment; alternatively, we should learn to translate the training to spirit. Our souls are in a whole lot worse situation than us people. We should realize that the spirits that undertaking us (souls) are lifeless in fact. We, as humans, are nothing and soul is everything. Can you spot that Jesus’ love isn’t for human beings however for comatose souls in spirit who challenge human bureaucracy in a virtual truth? The struggle is waged in spirit and, and for a while (the time span of Jesus’ life) filtered down into the bodily realm. But presently it is again waged in spirit.

Of path, you ought to realize that we, creatures, can do not anything. It is up to the souls that manipulate us and stay via us to take a look at the spiritual importance of the sport and get the message from the studies of the soul projections (people) on this horrible bodily life.

As you can recognize, souls are extreme slow-pokes in getting the message. That is simplest proper because God in paradise informed us we might be dead if we would get worried about a liar. Souls are in reality lifeless, of no result in genuine spirit, folks! We, as souls, aren’t in real spirit. Jesus informed us normally that we, as souls and as human beings) are useless. He came to us inside the flesh to convey us, as souls, again to nonsecular life. When that occurs to a soul, a soul isn’t always any more engaged to play video games in physical fact (just as Jesus knowing reality can’t remain as the participant on these game surroundings created through spiritual deceit).

Now, you can maintain to peer Jesus’ assignment amongst us, as people within the flesh involved as creatures in the flesh in a religious sport environment created via deceit in actual reality; or you could awaken in soul-spirit and spot that the bodily realm is, however, a sour dream from which we, as souls, ought to research a lesson so we will return to true truth. The lesson has to be extracted from the digital realm due to the fact this virtual bodily fact is all souls have left after believing a lie in a genuine spirit. Virtual truth for souls spells nonexistence in truth- -to be useless.

The lesson, for this reason, can’t be without problems grasped through the comatose/useless spirit. We have every other in the bodily realm to help every other; this means, of a path, that no longer we but our souls stuck up in the sport have to recognize it. By trying to help human projections as human projections soul ought to come to recognize that even in the game surroundings, they need to apprehend ‘evil’ and help correct this evil with the aid of introducing ‘proper’.

The digital bodily fact is wrought, with the aid of design, with worry, ache, suffering, unhappiness, and so forth. Through the cuisine and fragility of the flesh; exactly to introduce the ideas of evil in the game surroundings.

This is the reason that there may be a lot of grief, struggling and ache within the global. Souls get stuck up being human creatures in nature as opposed to understanding they’re spirits playing a game in virtual reality; from which game they should extract the fact from the religious confusion of gambling this digital existence in earnest.

One can create evil in the sport surroundings by being self-serving to the point of turning into an insane despotic maniac; and, additionally, one could emerge as a person in the game environment so absorbed inside the venture as seeing oneself as a true creature on this false environment via opposing the despot and through assisting and curing people/game-entities in distress. The soul must once more extricate itself from its whole absorbed in the game to again turn out to be energetic sane nonsecular entities. Only by way of spiritually being observantly active as the man or woman soul in the game surroundings can the challenge of the game be comprehended and the intention of the game reached. The aim, of a route, is for the soul to completely recognize the religious importance and ideas of ‘desirable and evil’.

Realize that within the physical realm everything adjustments; not anything in any respect remains constant, no longer even area, time, distance and orientation; that is most effective viable in a virtual truth. Everything is designed to trade in step with a fixed of active guidelines which have been programmed into the surroundings. Death of a sports character is this kind of variable, but handiest to again appear as an existing game character in a changed form and putting with the promise of once more getting a chance to get to the religious fact of factors.

The spirit does not always sense your ache as a man or women. Your human body is inside the digital game, now not soul’s own sensory and feeling machine (if souls actually have the ones). The ache and dying are handiest in the sport, and on some level, souls can revel in them. It is thru the human revel in to which soul has a few connection that soul should find out about evil and right.

We can all see that the individual dies, but its soul is everlasting. See; there may be an airtight barrier, like that of laptop game surroundings and laptop sports characters and the humans controlling the characters in the game. If in a sport your person is blown up or reduce to portions, you are nonetheless complete; and you could, if you desired to, insert any other man or woman that represents you into the game and try and win the game this time around.

In the religious pc system, there can be a trademark that shows your individual’s ache level, sorrow degree, pleasure stage, and so on. In graduated bars. Let’s say you and I are contending in a laptop recreation. Your individual’s ache level may additionally suggest 500 and my ache degree 5. Your sorrow degree can also indicate seven-hundred whilst my person shows ache level five and joy stage 700 due to the fact my person is triumphing out to your contending man or woman. If we have a $500 wager on prevailing the game, my real joy stage can also very well be 700 and your sorrow level could register 600 depending on our character really worth.

In spirit, while soul matures in playing the sport, it is able to all of sudden recognize that it is not just a game however that the concepts of properly and evil are embedded in the gambling of the sport to extract a new principle or. Now, this soul is the manner in advance in understanding the academic individual of the sport and plays some more games to understand exactly what standards follow the high standards of excellent and evil. When it absolutely knows, it does not need to play the sport any more because it recalls what God said about the tree of the information of exact and evil (pc game environment) “Do no longer mess with the tree that famous the principles of suitable and evil; because in case you do you will surely die (become comatose).

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