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Fitness app PumpUp leaked health data, private messages

by Yolando B. Adams

A famous fitness app that says over six million users changed into leaking non-public and sensitive statistics, such as health statistics and personal messages sent to users.

PumpUp, an Ontario-based totally corporation, payments itself as a fitness network, allowing subscribers to discover new exercises and record their outcomes, and get the recommendation from fitness coaches and different users.

But the employer left a middle backend server, hosted on Amazon’s cloud, exposed without a password, permitting anyone to peer who changed into signing on and who was sending messages — and their contents — in actual time.

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Security researcher Oliver Hough located the uncovered server and contacted ZDNet to analyze it.

The server, now secured, acts as a messaging broking, directing person requests and personal messages to different app customers. The broker uses the little-recognized MQTT protocol, which builders frequently use for speaking with Internet of Things devices and get in touch with apps, way to its low bandwidth, which cuts down on server costs and statistics overheads. The protocol is transitory, so anyone can see the real-time circulation of records in place of getting access to a good-sized centralized information keep.

Each time a user despatched a message to any other person, the app exposed user profile records — and the private contents of that message.

The exposed facts included email addresses, dates of birth, gender, and the metropolis or city of the person’s region and timezone. The data additionally protected the user’s app bio, workout and activity desires, and users’ full decision profile images, who a consumer has blocked, and if the consumer has rated the app.

The app additionally exposed consumer-submitted fitness facts — which include top, weight, and different facts points, like caffeine and alcohol consumption, smoking frequency, fitness worries, medicines, and injuries.

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Also covered within the uncovered facts became tool information, inclusive of iOS and Android advertiser identifiers, customers’ IP addresses, and session tokens for the app, which could be used to gain get right of entry to a consumer’s account without needing their password.

Users who signed in the use of Facebook also had their access tokens uncovered, placing their Facebook account at threat.

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(Screenshot: ZDNet)

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In a few instances, we also discovered unencrypted credit score card statistics — consisting of card numbers, expiry dates, and card verification values.

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(Screenshot: ZDNet)

It’s not recognized for a way lengthy the server became uncovered; however, the business enterprise was sluggish to tug the server offline.

We spent a week attempting to inform the corporation of the breach. ZDNet contacted the enterprise’s leader executive Garrett Gottlieb, numerous of his group of workers, and even the organization’s customer support inbox — however, our emails were no longer again. The business enterprise’s backers, General Catalyst — which invested $2.Four million into the app — additionally did no longer respond to our inquiries.

The server is thought to had been quietly secured earlier this week. We contacted Gottlieb once more previous to a booklet, however, we did now not acquire a response.

It’s no longer known if the corporation, which also has an office in San Francisco, will disclose the facts breach to regulators in California, which the regulation mandates. Canada’s obligatory information breach notification law comes into impact later this year.

But given how among the app’s users are located in Europe, the employer additionally faces action underneath the newly implemented EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. The regulation, known as GDPR, came into impact on May 25 and lets in regulators to best companies that violate the brand new regulation as much as four percent of the company’s international revenue for the preceding yr.

According to the latest research, -thirds of groups have not been prepared for the brand new EU regulation, simply weeks earlier than it became applied.

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