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Brigitte Nielsen Is Pregnant at 54–Is That Even Safe?

by Yolando B. Adams

Brigitte Nielsen delighted Instagram with sparkling pictures of her infant bump this week. But there’s something that makes her pregnancy declaration slightly different than the standard celebrity ‘gram. The actress and model are 54 years old.

“Family getting larger,” Nielsen captioned the first p.C, referencing her four other youngsters, Raoul Meyer Jr., 23, Douglas Meyer, 25, Killian Gastineau, 28, and Julian Winding, 34.

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While 54 maybe be older than the average new mom, Nielsen isn’t on his own in the decision to embark upon a later-in-lifestyles pregnancy: Janet Jackson had a baby at 50, Laura Linney gave delivery at 49, and Halle Berry wasn’t away in the back of at forty-seven. But, health-minded as we are here, we couldn’t assist but surprise: What all is going into a put up-50 being pregnant, and is it secure?

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For starters, permit’s communicate approximately fertility: A girl’s chances of conceiving start to steadily decline at age 32, consistent with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Those decline selections up speed after age 37, making it an increasing number difficult for a girl to conceive together with her very own eggs. Experts estimate that once 50 a female’s chances of getting pregnant, the old-fashioned way fall to perhaps 1%. And maximum girls hit menopause and stop menstruating around 51.

Even though we can’t say for sure, that method is probably that Nielsen had a bit of help. Many women who get pregnant in their mid-40s or older achieve this with the assisted reproductive generation, the umbrella time period for techniques like in vitro fertilization (IVF). Some girls can use their personal “sparkling” eggs, and others use eggs they’d previously frozen. But maximum (seventy-one %) use donor eggs for a fair better risk at a successful pregnancy, according to the maximum current record on assisted reproductive technologies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Nielsen hasn’t discovered how she has become pregnant–and they don’t need to. But she did open up about doubtlessly searching for reproductive help in a 2008 interview, People mentioned. “The youngsters have stored me going. After I do Playboy, we need to strive for IVF. It’s asking loads, but if it’s possible, it will make our bundle whole,” she said Hello! Magazine at the time.

But just as it’s feasible doesn’t imply it’s always safe to get pregnant later in existence. “The amount of blood that’s circulating thru your body will increase when you’re pregnant,” Mary Jane Minkin, MD, a medical professor at Yale University School of Medicine, advised Health in a previous interview. “If you’re older, your coronary heart won’t be able to handle that stress.” Women over 35 are also at more risk for developing high blood strain and gestational diabetes all through a pregnancy than younger women, in keeping with ACOG.

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Just 5% of all assisted reproductive generation strategies arise in ladies older than 44, consistent with the CDC record. Some fertility clinics place age limits on certain remedies primarily based on safety and social concerns, like whether older dad and mom will be around long enough to take care of their children. Still, start quotes for women in their 40s have increased inside a previous couple of years, in line with the CDC’s National Vital Statistics Reports. The birth price in girls 50 and up have stayed fairly regular. (In 2016, 786 toddlers had been born to women in this age institution.)

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Ultimately, Nielsen and some other lady seeking to grow her own family in her 50s would want to do so below a dependent fitness care expert’s steerage. Here’s wishing Nielsen a healthful pregnancy and greater of these glad times and fantastic vibes.

Celebrity Big Brother is upon us again. And we could face it. We love it.

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother may be the fourth after it changed into at the start conceived as a fundraiser for Comic Relief in 2002. The show turned into received using a rather grumpy and embarrassed Jack Dee, who definitely staged a successful break out in the show. He nonetheless refuses to be interviewed at the difficulty, but it didn’t do his career any damage! Anyway, the actual drama came from the bigger than existence presenter, Vanessa Feltz. Celebrity Big Brother proved superb at recognizing fading celebs who are on the verge of imploding. Vanessa let nobody down and imploded with some style to the attention-balls-glued-to-the-TV horror and pride of the millions watching.

This sort of on-screen celebrity unraveling became to set the standard for the second one and 0.33 Celebrity Big Brother collection, and boy, they haven’t disenchanted.

Series saw former Take That singer and an all-around satisfactory guy, Mark Owen, win it, but the real hobby becomes furnished using the marital angst of now not-so-humorous-man, Les Dennis. Poor old’ Les became Celebrity Big Brother Two’s imploding unraveling celebrity. It seemed like he becomes the only one in the united states of America who failed to recognize Amanda was approximate to stroll. Cringe!

Last year we had been spoiled for spectacle. Celebrity Big Brother excelled when they controlled to get the freak show that changed into John McCririck, Brigitte Nielsen, and Jackie Stallone in the same house. Will we ever forget about the horror of McCririck (in a complete body) pulling a juicy bogey from his nostril and then greedily lapping it up or his big moody and being denied food plan coke (of all things!) via Big Brother! Or the horror on Brigitte’s face, whilst ex-mother-in-law Jackie Stallone turned into added into the Celebrity Big Brother pit. Fantastic. Baz from the Happy Mondays walked off with the prize, upsetting the bookie’s favorite child rapper, Blazin’ Squads’, Kenzie.

So directly to this 12 months and Celebrity Big Brother Four and if Celebrity Big Brother have been looking for a washed-up fragile celebrity who could spectacularly unravel, proper all the way down to his DNA, earlier than a hungry public, they can most effective have had one man at the pinnacle in their list. Step ahead, Mr. Michael Barrymore.

Yes, folks, the former multiple winners of the UK’s Entertainer Of The Year, are rumored to be stepping into the Celebrity Big Brother House (for a price of £150k). Already, the boy’s father who drowned in mysterious circumstances in Mr. Barrymore’s pool is asking for him to be grilled on the challenge by his housemates. Ouch.

So who are the other housemates likely to be? The listing is countless; however, the high-quality supported rumors for Celebrity Big Brother Four are girly Boy George, disheveled lady Lisa Nicole Smith, Dead or Alive front girl-guy, Pete Burns, a boy who looks like a female Macaulay Culkin, funny woman Liza Tarbuck, toothy woman Esther Rantzen, cute lady Fern Cotton and …

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