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Electric Bikes vs Electric Scooters: Which One Should You Choose?

by Yolando B. Adams

Let’s face it. Switching to eco-friendly alternatives of vehicles is the need of the hour. Due to glaring climate change indicators and heavy traffic on the roads, you should consider getting on board with electric cars. And when we talk about personal electric transport, two popular offerings are electric bikes and scooters.

As you know, two-wheelers are a convenient method of commuting on Indian roads. Moreover, reputed lenders offer quick and easy two-wheeler loans today, making it easier to purchase one.

But which mode of transport is better in the EV segment? Let’s find out through a detailed comparison between electric bikes and scooters.


First off, let’s talk about the price range. You can find an e-scooter by some leading brands like Hero, Ola, TVS, and Bajaj in the market. The price window for these scooters starts at Rs. 37,000 and goes up to Rs. 1 lakhs and more. Hence, you can easily find a scooter that fits your budget as the price range is so huge.

Electric Scooters

On the other hand, you may not find an electric bike under Rs. 90,000, and the price can go up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs. However, you can afford an e-bike by borrowing a two-wheeler loan from a credible lender.

Speed and design

This one is a no-brainer. If you are looking for a vehicle that will provide you with speed, e-bikes will not disappoint you. They offer a good pace, with the top bikes providing a rate of around 90-120 km/h. Moreover, you will also find more features in an electric motorcycle than in an electric scooter. Most e-scooters offer a speed bracket of 50-60 km/h.

Besides, with competitive bike loan interest rates in the market, you can bring home the two-wheeler of your choice in no time.

Fuel efficiency

Compared to petrol and other fossil fuel vehicles, both electric scooters and bikes offer a higher fuel efficiency. Thus, they are more suited to daily commutes than long trips as they have a limited amount of charging stations and an extended charging time.

Which should you pick?

Looking at the points mentioned above, we can conclude that e-bikes are more suitable for people looking for a vehicle that can offer high speed and a range of features. However, if you are looking for an affordable car for daily use, e-scooters are the right pick for you. Also, e-scooters are comparatively more lightweight than e-bikes, making them more suitable for beginners.

Moreover, if you are considering bike finance options to make this purchase, make sure to calculate your EMIs using a two-wheeler loan EMI calculator. This will help keep your budget in check.

The takeaway

In automobiles, electric vehicles are the new buzzword, and rightly so! With rising pollution levels and global warming, this is a welcome change. If you wish to make a difference and switch to an electric vehicle, consider taking a loan to afford one with ease.

Today, lenders offer relaxed two-wheeler loan eligibility criteria to make the borrowing process seamless. So, why wait? Go online and search for credible lenders to buy an electric vehicle.

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