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What Causes A Fridge To Leak Water?

by Yolando B. Adams

Having a fully functional fridge at home is something most people take for granted. We anticipate that it will maintain a steady temperature and function as intended. It isn’t enjoyable to discover a pool of water beneath the fridge. You can’t ignore a leaking refrigerator, as doing so could lead to much more expensive repairs, such as replacing the flooring.

Fortunately, a leaking refrigerator can be easily diagnosed if you know what to look for. The solution may be as easy as adjusting the level of a fridge or clearing ice from pipes. The ability to tap into those lines is all that is required.

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Possible Causes For A Fridge To Leak Water

Here are a few of the most common causes that can result in water leakage from your fridge; a few of them include:

1. Clogged Defrost Drain

Does water leak from your refrigerator? Check out the hose that drains the defrosting water. This tube could be hidden behind the fridge, in the produce drawer, or under the freezer. The drain hose can become clogged with debris and food scraps. When a blockage forms, condensation melts and leaks onto the floor below.

Gather warm water in a turkey baster, and flush the refrigerator’s drain hole. If the obstruction persists, you can use a pipe cleaner or a coat hanger to try to break it up and push it through. Your next step should be getting some soap and water and cleaning the defrost hose’s drain valve. If debris and dirt clogged the drain/drain hose, clearing them out should fix the leaking refrigerator.

2. Drain Pan with Cracks

Water condenses on the evaporator fins and drips into a drain pan underneath your refrigerator. The drain pan never needs to be emptied because the water evaporates naturally. However, the water you’ve collected may spill over the kitchen floor if the pan is damaged.

Fixing a refrigerator leaking water can be surprisingly simple in some cases. You can check it for damage by removing the drain pan. Replace it if you see any wear and tear. Find a hardware store near you and pick up a new pan.

3. Leak in the Water Line

Water-connected fridges have become a hot commodity in recent years. However, a faulty water line could be to blame if water leaks from the back of your refrigerator. Decreased ice production and water flow problems could also be indicators.

4. Issues with the Water Filter Connection

Have you got a state-of-the-art, water-filtered refrigerator? Leaking water from the water filter to the floor signifies a poorly connected water filter to the fridge. Perhaps the filter was improperly installed.

5. Extreme Humidity

Appliances like refrigerators can spring leaks in highly humid environments. Condensation forms in your refrigerator drain pan as air humidity combines with cold temperatures. The liquid will overflow and pool on the floor if the pan is too small.

A refrigerator water leak could be due to any of these common problems. If you need fridge installation or your refrigerator needs checking or fixing, don’t hesitate to call a professional Sydney Plumber.

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