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Living in Luxury: Luxurious Features for Your Luxurious Home

by Yolando B. Adams

The goal of building a luxury home is to make you feel like you never need to leave it. Everyone dreams of having homes with all the features and the comfort they could ask for and more. Luxury homes are all about making everything you need and want available in your home.

Living in Luxury

Contrary to popular belief, the size of your home alone does not make it a luxury home. A luxury home is a home that achieves the ultimate living experience, regardless of size. It contains the features the household could ever want or need. You don’t need a mansion or hundreds of acres for a luxury home. Instead, you could spend the excess money on other features that add to a luxurious living experience.

If you’re ready to splurge on your dream luxury home, here are some of the must-have luxury features that are worth considering.

A Smarter Home?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you entered a room and the lights switched on automatically? Or maybe your AC turning on and off following a schedule that you have set? These are a few of the many things a home equipped with automation technologies can do, more commonly referred to as a smart home.

There are many things that a smart home can do. It can automate almost every little thing imaginable, like opening your blinds in the morning or changing the mood of a room with lighting. The beauty of it is that most, if not all of them, could be controlled easily via an app on your phone. It lets you have complete control of your home in the palm of your hands. In that sense, you could think of your phone as a remote for your house. Here are some of the unique intelligent technologies you could add to your luxury home:

1.  Smart lighting. 

There are so many stylish lighting fixtures with different features that are a delight to have. Some smart lights can display the whole range of white light from cool white to warm white. And if you’re feeling adventurous, some lighting fixtures could even show all the colors you could ever want. These all help in adding more emotion and immersion to a room.

2.  Smart security systems. 

Like any other security camera system, smart security systems function the same way but with the addition of real-time monitoring through an app on your phone. It means you could monitor your home from anywhere you are, adding an extra layer of security and control.

3.  Smart thermostats.

 If you hate extreme heat or extreme cold, smart thermostats will welcome additions to your luxury home. You could set a temperature that you feel the most comfortable in, and the smart thermostat will adjust according to your preference. It keeps your home at the perfect temperature all the time.

4.  Smart curtains and blinds.

 Our bodies are programmed to wake up the same time the sun rises. What better way to encourage our natural rhythm with curtains or blinds automatically opening up in the morning? Smart curtains and blinds can automatically open as soon as the sun rises, and you could even program them to open in sync with it.

Pamper Yourself Anytime

While bathrooms serve a particular purpose, it’s also very personal. It’s a place where you can relax and be with yourself after a long and tiring day. A luxurious bathtub with temperature control and bubble jets, a separate shower with a pressure control rainfall showerhead, and self-heating toilet seats can all contribute to a relaxing bathroom experience.

Take it a step further with a modified spa tailor-made for your home to give you that sought-after relaxing five-star hotel experience. And with the help of aromatherapy hot tubs, temperature-controlled swimming pools, or even a hot spring in the comfort of your own home, you can achieve just that. They’re the ultimate additions to your home for some proper healing and relaxation.

Entertainment Rooms

With a home theatre, you wouldn’t need to leave the house to watch a movie at the cinemas. A home theatre provides the ultimate movie-watching experience, free of hecklers, large crowds, and kids kicking the back of your seats. Removing these distractions contributes to a more immersive cinematic experience you wouldn’t get anywhere else. It makes movie-watching a more intimate experience that you could share with a smaller group of people compared to a cinema.

Another addition to your entertainment rooms is a game room. A dedicated game room is a luxury addition that’s tons of fun to have. It’s where you could leave all the stresses out the door and have a blast. Satisfy the kid inside you and get that game room for your luxury home! Play video games with friends and family or pick up a round of billiards.

Don’t limit your luxury homes with just these additions. There are plenty more luxuries you could add to your home that you can still explore and discover. Maybe add rooms related to your profession or hobbies. Whatever it is, the best luxury features you could add to your home are those that complement your personality and everyone in the household. In this way, you can truly achieve the ultimate living experience.

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