Bihar: Kidnapped property dealer rescued from jungles in Nawada, three held

PATNA: A property supplier Ramjanam Bhagat (fifty-six), kidnapped from Bear on May 29 for Rs 20 lakh ransom, turned into rescued via a team of Patna police from Maoist infested jungles in village Sarkanda Khirki below Govindpur police station place in Nawada district on Thursday night time.
Patna SSP Manu Maharaaj stated three kidnappers such as top accused Rana Pratap Singh (58), a resident of Kauwakol in Gaya district, had been arrested at some point of the raid conducted to rescue the victim.
“The other folks worried in the kidnapping had been Alok Kumar of Kharagpur in Jamui and Ravindra Yadav of Asman in Nawada. He stated both were off their early 30s.
The SSP said Bhagat, a resident of Makhdumpur under Beur police station location, became known as via Rana over the telephone in lieu of a few paintings.
Maharaaj said Bhagat deals in actual property in Patna, Kolkata, Delhi and some different cities.
“Bhagat changed into taken to Patna junction from wherein they went to Karakol. The victim turned into taken to the jungles in Sarkanda Khirki which is a bordering place of Bihar and Jharkhand,” he stated including the kidnapping occurred due to an economic dispute between Bhagat and Rana.
Maharaj stated several calls have been made on the mobile phone of Bhagat’s son Rohit Kumar (22) demanding Rs 20 lakh ransom for his safe release.
He said Rohit lodged an FIR with Bear police station on May 29 and then group became shaped to nab culprits.

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“Alok and Ravindra had been arrested when they had been lured to take ransom from Rohit at Govindpur marketplace vicinity. On their warning signs, Bhagat was rescued and Rana became arrested from the jungle,” he stated. Maharaj stated Rana and Ravindra had criminal antecedents.
Meanwhile, police assets said Rana had paid Rs 2.Five lakh to Bhagat, who had assured a Grade-IV task for his son in Patna civil courtroom.
Quoting, Bhagat, police resources stated he had paid Rana’s money to one Siddharth. “Bhagat stated Siddharth has suitable reference to a Pushkar at civil court,” resources said.
The whole fourth-grade recruitment manner changed into scrapped via Patna high court docket’s division bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice Rajeev Ranjan on April 17 this yr because of violation of regulations and massive scale anomalies.

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The word ‘I think we are property’ reputedly originated with the overdue Charles Fort, an anomalies researcher who compiled several volumes of strange, weird, unusual, phenomena culled from newspapers and journals. His name has given rise to the phrase ‘Fortean’ as in ‘Fortean phenomena’. Actually, the precise quote or a version thereof, is outward “The Earth is a farm. We are a person else’s assets.” Regardless of the exact quote, IMHO, he is spot-on!

If we’re assets, who or what’s ultimately our proprietor? E.T.; it is who or what! Why?

Based on conservative estimates (guesstimates?) of the variety of interstellar touring extraterrestrial civilizations there had been in the galaxy, and how rapid they might unfold out and discover, the late Carl Sagan (astrobiologist and planetary astronomer) calculated that on common, each famous person inside the Milky Way Galaxy have to get a tracking visit kind of once every 100,000 terrestrial years, more regularly in percentage to the extra exciting the accompanying stellar system of planets had been. Thus, Planet Earth must have acquired plenty of tracking visits over her vast eons of geologic time. So it should not be sudden that now not best are we in various alien databases, however due to the fact we, as a organic planet, ought to get even extra common visits. It’s just every other version of the Fermi Paradox – wherein is everyone? Well, they have been here! [1]

Being a alternatively first-class form of planet, possibly one or greater of our cosmic visitors decided to set up store on Earth, either as a place for a quick R&R (maybe they concept Mount Olympus or Mount Meru may make a nice inn region) or a ‘everlasting’ home-away-from-domestic. Perhaps Planet Earth changed into colonized by means of extraterrestrials lengthy earlier than humans were dreamt of in every body’s philosophyImage result for Bihar: Kidnapped property dealer rescued from jungles in Nawada, three held

E.T. Might have had no moral or ethical qualms approximately the usage of Planet Earth as an R&R recreation and/or base of operations manner lower back then. There turned into no clever existence and indigenous civilization already gift – the Prime Directive (assuming any such concept in actual rather than the fictional Star Trek idea) could no longer practice.

Now mythologies from around the sector tell that the gods created humanity, which in itself is mysterious given that there is no intuitive purpose for human fable-tellers to expect that people wished to grow within the first area. But this is a separate tale. The backside line here is that human beings have been created. The gods created us, now not out of a separate complete fabric, however thru genetically engineering us from primate stock. We biologically developed from the primate branch of zoology, but with a little bit of technological assist from our pals, the gods.

Further, bear in mind that nearly all mythologies around the arena credit score the gods with no longer most effective developing humans, but giving humans the items of expertise, tradition, all the diverse skills and the intellectual and cloth tools valuable to domestic settlements had to establish ‘cutting-edge’ civilization, whilst at the equal time archaeology facts our extremely rapid transition from our hunter-acquire mode of making a dwelling to residing in rural villages, cities and finally city towns. So we’re created by way of, and we’re similarly indebted to, the gods to boot.

Normally, in case you create something, you personal what you create until you voluntarily supply or sell it away – transfer ownership someplace else. I anticipate here that the gods did not promote us, exchange us, or deliver us away!

The general motive the gods created people was to do the tough paintings and free the gods to do other things, the absolute confidence of a greater fulfilling nature. Humans had been also created which will serve the gods, and I assume that wasn’t to be voluntary servitude, either.

There’s not anything bizarre approximately that concept. There are masses of terrestrial parallels.

Humans ‘very own’ many fellow lifestyles-paperwork, from scientists, proudly owning laboratory rats, mice and rabbits to farmers with their cattle and sheep to ordinary Joe Blow and his cats, puppies, and goldfish as pets. Lots of animals ‘serve’ human beings as food, as beasts of burden, as entertainment and in ‘sports activities’, be it searching, fishing, cock-fights, bullfighting, thoroughbred or greyhound racing, rodeos, and so forth.

Ownership of a smart lifestyles-form by means of any other shrewd lifestyles-form is commonly referred to as “slavery”, which might be benign or harsh. There are many terrestrial examples of slavery as we’re all nicely aware, so it’s rarely an unknown concept.

We are the slaves of the gods who created us.


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