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Virginia International Gateway launches new terminal operating system

by Yolando B. Adams

The Virginia International Gateway (VIG) in Portsmouth ultimate week completed the changeover of its terminal operating machine to the Navis N4.

The transfer commenced May eleven and changed into finished May 14, Virginia Port Authority officers said in a press launch.

“Our barge, rail, and truck volumes are growing, the vessels calling Virginia are getting bigger — and we’re riding to dredge to fifty-five feet to attract even larger vessels,” said John Reinhart, the port authority’s leader government officer, and executive director. “All of this dictates that we have the generation to manipulate this growth, more capability, and a crew that is well-prepared.”

In 2014, following greater than years of training, the port switched on N4 at Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) and set the degree for bringing the machine to VIG. Portsmouth Marine Terminal and Richmond Marine Terminal additionally use N4. The N4 device additionally helps the Trucker Reservation System that the port applied in March at NIT.

The port will be announcing a mandatory start date for the reservation gadget at VIG by June 30.

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This week, the primary of thirteen new box stacks at VIG is being brought online, a flow to increase the terminal’s capacity by way of 20 percentage, port authority officers said.

It changed into important to have N4 in the area as the first stack become equipped for service since the gadget had to be in place to pressure and assist the extended potential, they added.

When the $320 million growth of VIG is finished, it’s going to have 26 new rail-hooked-up gantry cranes, four extra ship-to-shore cranes, 850 linear ft of recent berth area, a rail operation that has doubled in length, and 4 greater lanes on the truck gate.

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