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Users Discover One of the Weirdest Android Glitches Ever

by Yolando B. Adams

For the beyond the week, Android customers have been having fun with one of the weirdest bugs ever seen on an Android device, one that exposes their private SMS textual content messages when looking for various phrases.

The trojan horse has been visible happening while customers searched via Google apps like Search, Assistant, and Pixel Launcher.

A person, first of all, suggested that when he accidentally searched for “the1975..Com”, Google Pixel Launcher app again all his SMS textual content messages instead of the search results.

The consumer posted information about the weird malicious program on Reddit, where other users and newshounds from Android-focused blogs had been able to reproduce it in other Google apps, but also with different phrases including:

The Google apps are commonly able to return a user’s SMS textual content messages, but this most effective takes place whilst the person verbally instructs the app to list his SMS messages, and not whilst looking for any of those random phrases.

The worm is more “bizarre” than a security risk because it can not be exploited except a person has to get entry to the smartphone. But if a person has access to your telephone, he’ll maximum probably just open the SMS app rather than typing and attempting to find the bizarre text.

Google said it fixed the issue, and updates for the Google Search, Assistant, and Pixel Launcher apps have to be available thru the Play Store.

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The bug wasn’t gifted on all Android smartphones, however only some fashions, but all Pixel smartphones regarded to be affected.

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