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‘Triple talaq still continues in Telangana despite law in force’

by Yolando B. Adams

HYDERABAD: On Thursday, Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad introduced to the fore the problem of ‘triple talaq,’ pronouncing it’s far nonetheless being practiced in Telangana. “The triple talaq problem isn’t always approximately religion. It is set gender equality and justice. When 22 countries and Pakistan have regulated it, why is there a hue and cry in India, despite a law being exceeded to forestall this exercise? Why are Sonia Gandhi, Mayawati, and Mamata Banjeree a criminal offense when the idea is to shield women?” he questioned.

Prasad said whilst a three-yr jail term became blanketed in the regulation as punishment, arguments recommend by way of the ones opposing it have been how the circle of relatives will survive if the person goes to prison. “Are people now not jailed in-home violence instances, regardless of their faith? Article 15 of the Constitution affords for gender equality, so one should not study triple talaq as a religion or religion difficulty, but as a law that involves their rescue,” he said.

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The NDA government has scored high in its personal assessment of its performance in the closing 4 years, Ravi Shankar Prasad stated at a press conference inside the metropolis. He also made a detailed presentation on how India has emerged on the international scene as a crucial participant and how PM Modi is a reputable persona on the global level.
Prasad became in the metropolis to make a presentation on “forty-eight months of remodeling India.” He has completed it in Patna, Bhubaneshwar, and Varanasi also. His subsequent stops are Muzzafarpur and Ranchi. All ministers of the NDA authorities are engaged in the exercising of talking about the achievements of BJP authorities across the u. S. “The PM believes in digital connect in addition to bodily connect,” he stated. However, for the duration of the presentation, the minister did not provide facts on what the Centre has performed in states.


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The Telangana CM is Nizam VIII.
Phani Prasad
He said below the Udaan low fee airfare scheme; poor humans can travel in flights, and Telangana specifically would gain with greater local airports. “The begin-up environment created in Hyderabad become also benefiting those who have been looking at creating jobs rather than being task-seekers.”
He stated that excessive petrol rates could be taken to stabilize them no matter the international crude oil expenses changing on the daily foundation.

On the seventh of August, The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, made his first reliable visit to the Telangana kingdom. He released the Telangana state government’s flagship water venture task Bhagiratha at the Gajwel district during the go-to.

The venture of this huge project is to supply smooth, drinkable water to all of the rural families in Telangana. The Rs. 35000 crores are really worth assignment covers pipeline connections laid throughout one lakh 26 thousand Km stretch. The government, first of all, has sanctioned Rs. Four 000 crores for the 2015-2016 financial yr. The mission changed into the design using Panchayat Raj, Rural Development, and the Rural Water Supply Department. As in step with the assignment design, all of us in the rural village might be provided with a hundred liters of water. The individual from the city areas will receive 150 liters of water supply. The assignment emphasizes addressing the drought and Fluorosis crisis in rural Telangana. The undertaking covers 25,000 rural habitats in conjunction with 67 urban habitats.

The idea of Mission Bhagiratha

The Telangana water grid is relying on the water sources available from the two perennial rivers flowing through the state; Krishna and the Godavari. The water grid plan is to utilize 34 TMC of Godavari water and 21.Five TMC of Krishna water. The task also includes channeling the water resources from Srisailam, Sriram Sagar assignment, Komuram Bheem Project, Jurala Dam, Paleru Reservoir, and The Nizam Sagar challenge. The country-level grid venture is scientifically designed to use the herbal gradient wherein ever feasible and pump water to the 26 inner grids that supply the water via the pipelines. The assignment has the essential trunk pipelines protecting a distance of approximately 5000 Km. Another 50,000 Km could be used to fill the carrier tanks inside the nearby habitats for the garage. An additional 75,000 Km pipeline community will supply the drinking water to the houses inside the villages.

Mission Flouride

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Telangana is a newly formed kingdom with its share of the grinding issues. Consuming water continues to be chief trouble for the rural populace in the state. The humans, especially within the rural regions, were pressured to devour the flood water, with high fluoride tiers. The latest survey found out that most districts in Telangana, excluding Hyderabad, have groundwater that carries belongs to the permissible tiers of fluoride presence. The Bhagiratha undertaking could be a far-awaited splash of sparkling water for the human beings of Telangana, which pumps in clean water from the Krishna and Godavari river thru the water grid task. The authorities have ensured that the assignment covers all the fluorosis-affected areas ensuring proper water connections. Telangana changed into one of the states that had a severe drought. The huge scale water supply will clear up the drought problems in all of the primary agriculture belts.

Smart Water Grid

The humungous Water Grid mission will use a country inspiring a direction-breaking generation. The survey of the challenge can be carried out via the use of Advanced Light Detection and Ranging Technology. The hydraulic modeling software program is used to determine the specifications of the pipelines.

The kingdom authorities of Telangana are adopting the global standards to execute the huge task. By inducing the generation, the government wants to improve the coordination and cognizance of optimizing the human sources. The government will comply with the turn-key assignment, which means the companies executing the tasks are responsible for the renovation properly.

Once the challenge is finished, it is predicted that over a hundred and forty villages will have a solution for the water scarcity. The challenge Bhagiratha is an innovative task for you to ensure the state of Telangana is a Fluorosis and drought-free state.

Atluri Sriman Narayana is an Indian dental physician, a former Professor of Dental Surgery in Government Dental College; he founded the Sai Oral Health Foundation, underneath the aegis. He makes weekly trips to the agricultural areas of the state; his efforts are mentioned to have reached 1.Five million children in 20,000 colleges. He becomes commemorated again with the aid of the Government of India in 2002, with the fourth maximum Indian civilian of Padma Shri.

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