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Top Angular Plugins for Sublime Text

by Yolando B. Adams

This article covers some of the Angular plugins for the Sublime Text textual content editor.

Whether you’re new to Angular (version 2+) development, and looking to get started with it and integrate it greater intently with your code editor of preference, otherwise you’re an antique hand at Angular development, and also you’re trying your hand with Sublime Text as a brand new editor, integrating the 2 has never been simpler.

There are plenty of alternatives for Angular plugins which could clean your manner of developing Angular apps using Sublime Text. You’ll want to set up the Sublime Text bundle supervisor (referred to as “Package Control”) previous to getting started, after which you can test the listing of plugins here and see if any meet your needs!

Setting up Package Control
To use the maximum of the Angular plugins discussed in this newsletter, you’ll first want to set up Package Control in Sublime Text. The easiest way entails reproduction-pasting a configuration code. This is a fairly painless manner.

Use the hotkey CTRL + ` or the View > Show Console menu to convey the integrated Sublime Text console.
Paste the block of Python code into the console, which can be copied from the Package Control Installation web page, and follow the commands there.
Once that is completed, the Package Control menus might be set up! Now, all you’ll need to do is locate and deploy your packages.
Installing a Sublime Text Package thru Package Control Menus
Using Package Control is a breeze. You’ll need to open Package Control, pick the installation menu, and then pick and set up a package:

Use the shortcut CMD + Shift + P (CTRL + Shift + P, relying on OS) to open the command palette.
Type set up package deal and then press Enter, which brings you to the list of to be had packages.
Search for the package by the call, choose the bundle, then press Enter to put in.
Angular 2 HTML Package
The Angular 2 HTML plugin offers augmented HTML syntax for Sublime Text. You’ll be capable of using Angular attributes without syntax highlighting being damaged. Additionally, the JavaScript elements of your pages will also be spotlight as JavaScript. A small, however notably beneficial addition for Angular developers.

Angular 2 HTML Package Setup
At the time of this writing, this plugin is now not present in Package Control. However, it can be hooked up manually via the subsequent steps.

Close Sublime Text and navigate through the Command Line for your Sublime Text 3 “Packages” folder for your utility set up. In macOS, that is at /Users/person/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text three/Packages.

Clone the repository into your Packages folder with the following:

git clone https://github.Com/princemaple/ngx-html-syntax
Re-open Sublime Text three and test within the View > Syntax menu to ensure that Ngx HTML is a choice.

Additionally, you may have Sublime Text routinely highlight .Issue.Html documents with Angular 2 HTML Syntax:

Open a .Element.Html report.

Choose View > Syntax > Ngx HTML.

Go to Preferences > Settings > Syntax Specific. Because your cutting-edge file uses the Ngx HTML syntax, it needs to open the syntax-particular settings record for Ngx HTML. If so, add an extension’s access to the settings panel on the proper:

“extensions”:Image result for Top Angular Plugins for Sublime Text
Restart Sublime Text. Now, all .Issue.Html documents should mechanically use the Ngx Syntax plugin!

Angular 2 Snippets
Angular 2 Snippets is a Sublime Text plugin that targets to provide customers with snippets and code of entirety for Angular. It brings with its maximum of the auto-completion functions that you could need in your Angular development. Autocompletion of code is a bit of a hotbed difficulty with many developers, who experience that it’s as a good deal a curse as a blessing. Still, though, it can be extremely useful.

At the time of writing, the subsequent snippets and completion classes had been to be had. (For a modern-day list, or greater details about the objects in each category, see the plugin’s GitHub README.)

Angular Plugins: Snippet Categories
Angular Plugins: Completion Categories
Angular CLI
The Angular CLI plugin is remarkable for any Angular devs accessible, permitting Angular CLI instructions to be run from inside Sublime Text. Once mounted, Angular CLI instructions can be observed from the command palette. The Angular CLI may be used for a selection of functions:

to generate components, training, routes, and more
for testing
for linting
for starting a development server
… and plenty greater!

Angular Plugins: TypescriptImage result for Top Angular Plugins for Sublime Text
The TypeScript package deal for Sublime Text offers an improved revel in for TypeScript customers within the editor. TypeScript affords a typed layer over well-known JavaScript and is the preferred language for plenty of Angular initiatives. It compiles to legitimate JavaScript, so the actual value is to the developer.

TypeScript formatting for a line, a diffusion of code, or an entire report at the faucet of a shortcut.
Quick navigation to an image or piece of text, easy viewing of TypeScript errors.
A project dealing with is a breeze with the plugin. It permits for the introduction of recent, configured TypeScript initiatives. It may even mechanically create “inferred initiatives” while editing a single TypeScript file, pulling in imported documents to lead them to be had to you.
Angular Plugins: Linting
Who doesn’t want a code list? When you’re running with Angular and TypeScript, you’ll need your editor to lint your code. SublimeLinter-contribs-talent is a Sublime bundle that interfaces with the client software and Sublime Text. To apply it, you’ll need two things formerly established:

Install client (npm set up -g talent).
Install the SublimeLinter 3 plugin through Package Control.
Use the SublimeLinter Documentation. (Follow the stairs “Finding a linter executable” via “Validating your route” to make certain that SublimeLinter can see your talent package deal.)
Finally, installation of the Sublime Plugin SublimeLinter-contribs-talent via Package Control.
You’re ready. Now you simply want to configure your linter. You can use the talent docs to take care of configuration options for talent (which you’ll want to encompass in a tslint.Json record on your project). Also, examine the SublimeLinter documentation about putting in linter-unique settings.


DocBlockr is a package deal for Sublime Text that supports JavaScript and a spread of flavors, including TypeScript. While DocBlockr isn’t particular to TypeScript or Angular, it’s surely usable there and provides a provider that shouldn’t be discounted. DocBlockr is a plugin that assists builders in writing docblocks. It autocompletes the syntax for docblocks, a good way to shop your valuable time, and even goes up to now to autogenerate function and variable docblock templates as properly. It’s a brilliant way to store time and make certain that your code gets documented uniformly.


Hopefully, this set of plugins will offer you a number of the Angular plugins you need to make your Angular improvement efforts in Sublime an achievement. Have you used any of the above, or have any remarks approximately plugins that weren’t stated? Tweet us @sitepointjs and let us realize!

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