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Thinking Straight: How Not to Void Your Car Warranty?

by Yolando B. Adams

Isn’t it logical? A car can be one of the biggest purchases anybody can get, next to buying a house, that is. So taking care of the vehicle should be wise. That should be the mantra for over 276 million vehicle owners in America. But before you get into insurance,  there’s one dependable aspect of your car that you should not forget: car warranty.

It’s a given. A car is a sum of moving parts. If there are serious issues with the parts, the manufacturer should take responsibility. Indeed, a car’s warranty is a great concept. However, you should take a look at the fine print of what’s covered before you even hit the road.

Car Warranty

One things’ certain, not all warranties are created equal. For one, some warranties may prescribe several years of use to be applicable, while others may specify miles traveled. So right from the get-go, scrutinize what kind of support you expect to get from the manufacturer when you come face to face with car issues.

Indeed, the greatest regret you may have is voiding a warranty. That would mean you should forget about the manufacturer having your back when things turn for the worse. A little math will tell you it’s bound to put a huge dent in your wallet when that happens.

Fortunately, education should go a long way in helping you. Knowing what to do and what not to do is key. Listed below are expert takeaways to get you started on the right road.

Use the Right Fluids

A warranty is actually a legal safeguard for you, so manufacturers won’t be arbitrary when it comes to supporting their products. But there are ways you also can free the carmaker of its obligations, in that sense void the warranty.

The top of the list is ensuring you’re using the right fluids as specified by the manufacturer. Each engine is unique. Giving it the wrong oil would mean you’re undermining the working capacity of the engine. The wrong oil could mean an engine failure due to the lack of proper lubrication to the main bearing and its rod. If you’re not following the carmaker’s advisory,  you give the business an excuse to renege on the warranty.

Keep All Receipts 

You can actually have your car maintained and repaired in a local shop. A trusted auto repair and service center should come in handy for you. Not only will they be able to service you quickly as they’re just nearby but also they have earned your trust for top-notch quality service.

But there’s a warning. You should at all times keep the receipt of the work done in facilities other than that of the dealership. Why? Your car may pass through many hands. By keeping a tab on all these transactions, you prove to your carmaker that you did what is needed to maintain the car in tiptop shape. So the logic is if you’re doing all that, then it must be subpar parts that are responsible for your car breaking down. And that can be answerable by the carmaker.

Be Careful with Car Mods

If you have a 1964 Ford Mustang, then car mods won’t be an issue. Mustangs were the daredevil right after the world war. But if you’re driving the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1, it’s a different story altogether. Check into your warranty agreement on what you can modify.

The last look, Ford issued a Technical Service Bulletin concerning blown head gaskets in the F-series pickups (2005 and up). What was the issue? Owners embedded power chips to boost engine output.

So what was the verdict? It was found out that these power chips increased turbo boost blowing head gaskets in the process. The manufacturer denied claims as the warranty was voided.

Never Tow a Trailer with a Non-towing Vehicle 

You might feel helpful and tow a heavy trailer with your vehicle. Remember, though, that if your vehicle is not designed for towing, you could be putting your car under undue stress. If your car breaks down along the way, you could end up voiding the warranty.

Think of all the extra load your vehicle will have to carry. To be capable of towing something heavy, a vehicle should be built to tow. And that means over-the-top cooling system capabilities and heavy-duty brakes for easy stopping. If not, a vehicle could be overwhelmed with its engine overheating along with the transmission. Worse, you really can’t go to the carmaker as the warranty has been voided.

It’s all about car care. For best results, talk to your car dealer before you do anything drastic. That way, you’re assured you only do what’s expected of you and enjoy your car for the longest time possible.

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