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The Top 7 Gadgets Shaped Like a Cube

by Yolando B. Adams

On Thursday, Amazon’s statement for its new Fire TV Cube become an awesome reminder that the cube doesn’t get enough love in machine layout. Cubes are solid as hell. They’re stylish, easy, purposeful, and memorable. They beg the question: “What’s within the box?” As a reminder of all that and greater, we’ve collectively pulled some of our favourite cube gadgets from the past.

7. Dieter Rams’ Braun T3 dice desk lighter

Dieter Rams are a few business designers to interrupt from behind the scenes and emerge as a recognizable name for the general public. Rams’ designs for Braun inside the ‘50s and ‘60s had been extremely influential on Apple, and the T3 cube table lighter exemplifies Rams’ method of “much less but higher.” In trendy, table lighters are a extraordinary little subgenre of machine design. However, once they had been popular, they have often been problematic, ornamental, metallic tchotchkes. Rams went with a easy dice that has a huge button on the aspect. Throw in a tasteful coloration palette, and that’s all you want.

6. Polaroid Cube

Photo: Gizmodo
We cherished the Polaroid Cube when it got here out in 2014. It wasn’t a rugged, throw-it-at-anything movement cam. However, it turned into nonetheless tough and low-cost. Later, GoPro should have visible the design’s ability and made the GoPro Hero five Sessions, any other extraordinary dice. It becomes a easy layout that felt like you may toss it on your pocket and have no issues approximately it breaking.

5. Fidget Cube

Photo: Fidget Cube
Fidget spinners had been suitable and got all the eyes, but the Fidget Cube changed into the higher fidget restore. It provided range, rested without problems on a table, and wasn’t being filled down our throats by way of every vendor looking to make a short buck. The Fidget Cube will stay on. And sure, we recognize that the Rubick’s cube isn’t on this listing. Deal with it.

4. Boxee

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Boxee became an early set-top streaming box that bought out to Samsung in 2013 as Roku and Amazon grabbed the streaming throne in consumers’ minds. It turned into properly-appeared at the time, but its design turned into likely the maximum noteworthy feature. Yes, it’s now not precisely a dice. It’s a cube that seems like it’s sinking into something surface it’s sitting on. Also, its bizarre far off that featured a D-pad and play controls on one facet and a QWERTY Keyboard on the alternative become extremely good.

3. NeXTcube

Photo: NeXT
NeXT computers were beforehand in their time, effective as hell, and really highly-priced. But in the early ‘90s, its specific dice design certainly turned into one of its maximum splendid functions. These days, NeXT is remembered for being the place Steve Jobs went after being kicked out of Apple and the location that developed the tech that could end up MacOS. Today, it’s nonetheless an awesome searching case.

2. Power Mac G4 Cube

Photo: Apple
The Power Mac G4 Cube wasn’t a huge hit when released in 2000, but it’s nonetheless the most elegant searching machine from Apple’s flashy period within the early ‘00s. Apple has moved directly to a more useful aesthetic (and the trash can). However, the G4 Cube still resides in the Museum of Modern Art’s everlasting layout series.

1. GameCube

Photo: Nintendo
Before the discharge of the Switch, the GameCube was probably Nintendo’s exceptional console layout—only a lightweight container that might take a beating and had a handle for children at the cross. It had terrific games, and even though I never become a fan, the controller still has a set of committed fanatics, and it’s supported at the Switch. The GameCube is a high-quality dice.

So you got that pleasant, bright purple pc and it surely is quite remarkable. But what about the relaxation of your electronics? Don’t they look a chunk stupid in contrast? No worries, you can quickly be surrounded using purple devices! Having stated that, I should upload that I have now not yet determined a pink printer or scanner. There turned into a red Barbie printer on the market a few years lower back. However, it seems to have disappeared…

In the interim, right here are a few add-ons so that it will get you began for your quest to make your own home workplace a dream in purple:


Image result for The Top 7 Gadgets Shaped Like a Cube
I do not know about you, but I nonetheless have a hard time operating the touchpad on laptops, I want a mouse as a way to paintings successfully. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of red mice to be had. If you do not thoughts a wire, test out the Saitek Notebook Optical Mouse in a warm pink, the EeePC Optical Mouse in Blush Pink, the Sony Vaio USB Mobile in Cosmopolitan Pink, or, for the younger crowd, the Hello Kitty KT4090 in crimson with fuchsia, flower-embellished buttons,

For people who opt for a cordless mouse, precise choices consist of the Logitech V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse in Flamingo Pink, the red Razer Pro Click Mobile Wireless Mouse, the Kensington SI750M LE Wireless three Button Notebook Mouse in metal purple and silver, the HP Wireless Laser Mini Mouse in metal blush red, Microsoft’s Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 in Dragon Fruit Pink, and the Hello Kitty Pink Bling Wireless Mouse with Pink RF Receiver.


Speakers are available in all shapes and colors nowadays. Here are some pink alternatives in classic and now not so classic shapes: Creative Labs’ Inspire T10 audio system in Flamingo Pink and their SBS Vivid 60 Speakers in Blush Pink, the red, canine-fashioned Tech Art smog Computer/ iPod/ Mp3 Speakers, the Twin Box Stereo Speakers in crimson and silver, the totally cute, red, flower-fashioned JBL/Harman Kardon 2.1 Spyro Speaker System, the gap-age looking BOYNQ Vase Acoustic Lens Speaker in light Pink (it does seem like a vase), and of course, the bright crimson Hello Kitty speakers inside the shape of Kitty’s head (ears and all). If you are searching out wireless speakers, you have to check out Audio Unlimited’s purple Ka-Bling audio system which can be used indoors or out. And you can feel truly right about buying them too – Audio Unlimited is a National Breast Cancer Foundation sponsor.


To concentrate on music a piece extra privately, attempt any such lovely, purple headphones: JBuds hot purple Hi-Fi Noise-Reducing Ear Buds, Philips SHE3620/27 Bubbles Headphones in brilliant crimson, Sony MDR-EX51LP Fontopia earbuds in pale, slightly-there pink, and, right here’s Kitty once more: the Hello Kitty Bluetooth wi-fi earphones. They’re white, but they do have Kitty in her red get dressed and bow on them, so I suppose they qualify for this category.

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