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The Fashion on Teen Television Shows Is So Goddamn Good

by Yolando B. Adams

confession: I’m a full-fledged grownup who’s enthusiastic about a teenage television show—and I recognize I’m now not the simplest one.
These indicate, with their soapy storylines (from falling in love for the first time to being held captive in an underground lair), quippy speak infused with up-to-the-minute references that may or might also or no longer sense dated in the span of months and unconditional friendships (thru very last assessments or multiple blackmail tries by a hooded villain) are exceedingly addictive. But after I consider them, it’s the style—the clothes, the styling evoking traits of the generation, and the iconic dressmaker moments—that first involves the mind.

Even [redacted] years later

I can photograph it in reality: Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh wearing the same off-the-shoulder black-and-white spring dance get dressed on Beverly Hills, 90210; a Chanel-clad Marissa Cooper at prom on The O.C.; all the over-the-pinnacle myth-themed attire as the Pretty Little Liars spent approximately five,000 years in high school. On many of these indicates, the fashion heightened the drama, suspense, and feelings the characters had been going through. The style is and always will be self-expression—and that is particularly proper when you’re portraying teenage-dom.

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“Teens do not have guidelines of dressing a positive way at the workplace and might break out with anything,” says Linda Wilks, founder of Worn on TV, which identifies fashion showcased on shows like Grown-ish, Riverdale, and Pretty Little Liars (and “grown-up” indicates too, like Scandal and Empire). “If a person wore such out-there apparel as, say, Aria on Pretty Little Liars, it would handiest be due to the fact they’re portraying a ‘kooky’ character trait.”

In many instances, the fashion on these suggests is embedded.

That means directly concerning back to the internal turmoils of the characters. Think of Riverdale—how Manhattan transplant Veronica Lodge communicates her savvy for each road smarts and commercial enterprise thru her crisp collars, frame-con shifts, costly pearls from daddy, and femme fatale capes (likely brought on her “American Excess” Black Card); how HBIC Cheryl Blossom’s macabre beyond is pondered with primary-color warm pants and foreboding antique spider pins; and the way manipulative Alice Cooper’s grand entrance on the Lodge’s actual estate birthday party blanketed a no longer-so-subtle snakeskin dress (a directive from showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa).

I’ve spent many a piece assembly and happy hour with fellow teens obsessing over the clothing seen on Riverdale and different suggests presently on air, like Grown-ish. (The latter is important viewing when you appreciate high-cease style and that moment in lifestyles whilst “you get too explicit yourself a bit otherwise,” as gown designer Michelle Cole characterizes the university years.) And judging from my Twitter feed and the healthy followings of Instagram-style fan pages, it is not simply me. (If you want in addition proof: Wilks tells me that teenager suggests gather greater click-on-throughs on Worn on TV, in comparison with series that chronicle person lives.)

Now the teens I often see on the road are dressed greater for streetwear

Athleisure than the glamping on Pretty Little Liars (who else recollects Mona Vanderwaal’s dress code of cropped shipment pants, extensive printed belt, and admittedly elegant beret scenario?) or zhuzh-ed up uniforms on Gossip Girl (with $three hundred-plus Jennifer Behr headbands, dressmaker blazers, and professional tailoring, of direction).
Anyone who’s observed those series can attest to this stark assessment—even websites catering to this demographic, like gurl.Com, have pointed it out. According to the people accountable for the costumes, there’s a purpose this is so: “The characters are written larger than lifestyles which give me, the designer, the opportunity to dress them larger than life too,” says Riverdale designer Rebekka Sorensen-Kjelstrup. “Either that’s how I used to dress or how I wanted to dress. However, I couldn’t have the funds for it or became scared to.”

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Mandi Line, who labored on the primary six and 1/2 seasons of Pretty Little Liars, has the same opinion: “People ask, ‘Where did you get your thought from?’ I surely observed my notion from what I couldn’t do in high faculty, so Aria was my dream of who I desired to be… If people wore precisely what we wore in high school returned within the day, we’d be bored.”

Gossip Girl’s instantly-off-the-runway dressmaker pieces made sense for the posh non-public college hallways—as do the college-set Grown-ish’s appears which can be directly off the pages of Teen Vogue, considering they’re being worn through actors who appear to be legitimate style darlings IRL (Luka Sabbat, Chloe x Halle, and series star Yara Shahidi).

“Most of the reactions I get to Grown-ish is how unrealistic it’s miles.

Both rate-smart, and appears-clever,” says Wilks, about the reaction to the display’s very excellent high-give-up designer style on Worn on TV. “I see comments on how everybody is so overtly fashionable and no one gets round in sweatpants and T-shirts, like of their own university experiences. I bet that is the fun of TV fashion—it mustn’t be like real life.”

At times, the aspirational and fantastical style can also encourage us with creative styling ideas that we can then translate into our each day lives. When I called the Pretty Little Liars dressmaker and told her about this tale, she began guffawing. “It changed into so humorous, on Saturday night, I became at a friend’s residence, and one of the women is like, ‘Oh my God, there’s this show—it’s no longer on anymore—however, I could watch it assist me to get prepared,’” Line recalls. “I’m like, ‘What display?’ and he or she’s like, ‘I’d watch Emily on Pretty Little Liars, and I might recognize what to wear out.'”

It doesn’t count what age you are

The style on] teenager suggests so inspiring,” provides Line.
The skilled high-low blending on youngster suggests gives viewers each aspirational high-stop fashion designer looks for styling (and storytelling) with actual-international accessibility to click and purchase. (Think Zoey’s ideal Zara brocade jacket, layered over an Acne silk shirt and Chloé patchwork types of denim.) “TV shows can create thrilling style exactly because they’re mixing clothes from a variety of extraordinary places,” says indie rings dressmaker (and teenager show aficionado) Peggy Li, who aims for placements on shows like Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars because their audiences are extra open to coming across smaller, beneath-the-radar designers. (Remember whilst then-up-and-coming labels like Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Proenza Schouler were on early seasons of Gossip Girl? How far we’ve got come.)

Retaking a step, although, the style we see on youngster TV can be obsessed over in a way that’s extraordinary than the admittedly also awesome fashion showcased some other place on the small screen, in a postcollege setting. Olivia Pope’s Max Mara coats and Prada baggage on Scandal are covetable. Still, they arrive with “adult” baggage: paying a loan, managing vicious coworkers, and facing whatever political or romantic twist Shonda Rhimes throws at you this week. With shows like Riverdale and Grown-ish, we can admire the garments through a greater skilled lens—that of adulthood.

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“I assume the younger suggests simply remind us of this time off on the spot gratification that we sometimes overlook the older we get,” says Line. “It just fulfills the kid in us. As an adult, you get into the everyday monotony, and you overlook to make that child glad.”
Through these indicates—and the style featured therein—I’m capable of now not most effective revisit that pleasure of my youngsters, but additionally tap into it with the newfound self-assurance of a grown-ass lady. Plus, let’s be sincere, adult existence is always a bit like high college anyway.

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