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Taylor & Danielle Morris story featured in music video

by Yolando B. Adams

A Cedar Falls couple is featured in a brand new track video from the Eli Young Band.
The song referred to as “Love Ain’t” capabilities the story of Taylor Morris and his spouse Danielle.
Morris misplaced quantities of his fingers and both legs whilst serving in Afghanistan after an improvised explosive tool, known as an IED, detonated under his feet.
The track video also features information about the Wounded Warrior Project.
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It is the dream of a lot of us that write to be featured above the fold on a leading ebook, website or newspaper. For many it remains a dream, however, for others who turns desires into action, it is able to grow to be a fact.

Gone are the times while few people had a voice. Today, with the Internet, blogs and other news amassing websites, we are able to quickly and effortlessly emerge as posted feature writers, although getting paid for its miles every other remember. The correct news is that having your blog featured on Feedburner, or your article at the front page of Digg or Netscape will generate a lot of visitors and word of mouth that deciding to buy the identical advertising might be akin to shopping for business time on the Super Bowl, and past the reach of most.

A feature article may be about something at all, but it enables if it’s miles newsworthy. I even have written a piece of writing or two approximately my dog, and at the same time, as it brought personal fulfillment, it did no longer generate a great deal for visitors. In the newspaper discipline (and authentic additionally at the Internet) the headline “Dog Bites Man” garners little interest because it is an everyday occurrence, at the same time as the title “Man Bites Dog” makes us all sit up straight and take notice.

If you’re going to write a feature article on something, give it a completely unique attitude, and do not copy and paste something you study. That could be plagiarism, and the search engines like google and yahoo tend to disregard what they identify as duplicate content.

Case studies are regularly offered superb feature articles examples, mainly if the take a look at concerns something or a person that would affect all our lives or the economic system. When Alan Greenspan, head of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006, made a statement humans around the World took the word. Was it due to the fact he was a tremendous writer? Rather it became due to the fact what he stated affected the lives of hundreds of thousands, billions around the sector.

Choose what you want to write down about, write it well, but be sure you have got a target market. If someone can read your function article, and find it improves their lifestyles or teaches them something they did now not recognize earlier than, you have got the very real opportunity of attaining “above the fold” placement.

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If you are a creator, then you definitely have the capability inside to be a characteristic writer. Research, refine, then pay attention if you get a rejection observe: regularly the ones editors will manual you in the direction of ultimate achievement.

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