Top 5 tech headlines that made news this week: Apple vs. Samsung and other updates

This week’s tech round-up highlights critical worries among customers concerning the ordinary AI-enabled services, apps, and devices that we’ve got come to rely on. While Alexa (Amazon’s virtual assistant) is inside the news for listening in to a Portland couple’s private communication and sending the recording to someone on their contacts list, Uber’s self-using automobile […]

Distinguishing Healthcare Mobile Apps from Web, Desktop Apps

June 05, 2018 – Making the difference between healthcare cellular apps and web applications traditionally designed for desktops and laptops is one of the maximum sizable demanding situations healthcare organizations face whilst modernizing their IT infrastructure. The hardware in cellular gadgets reasons them to be constrained by way of the velocity of computation, length of […]

How to get the new Gmail right now

Google overhauled Gmail with a brand new appearance and a number of new functions together with Smart Compose, and you can get the new Gmail proper now. While the new additions are liked, Gmail has some of oldies however chocolates that you could have neglected. Here are seven such functions that make Gmail wonderful. Mute […]