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Sadvi Pragya in Surat, Aseemanand in West Bengal: changing templates of Hindutva polity

by Yolando B. Adams

On Monday, speak me at the Kathua rape and murder case; she stated it turned into simplest a homicide; however, it was turned into a rape controversy to entangle Hindus into it.
AHMEDABAD: Sadvi Pragya Thakur on Tuesday visited Surat for the primary time considering that she was given bail inside the Malegaon blast case ultimate yr, as the Sangh Parivar seeks to repair any damage that Pravin Togadia’s exit from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad would have brought about within the South Gujarat location.

Thakur, who spent numerous years in prison earlier than she turned into launched on bail, persevered her tirade against the Congress inside the diamond town, accusing the celebration of placing Hindu nonsecular leaders in jail while it changed into electricity. Saints have been placed in the back of bars so that the reign of the woman who has come from Italy can be installed and nobody receives to speak on dharma (religion), she said in an obvious connection with former Congress president Sonia Gandhi, calling her “Italy wali bai.”

On Monday, speaking at the Kathua rape and homicide case, she said it became only murder but became was a rape controversy to entangle Hindus into it.Image result for Sadhvi Pragya in Surat, Aseemanand in West Bengal: changing templates of Hindutva polity

While Thakur’s rants were on predicted traces, her extended public presence and rumors that Swami Aseemanand, who recently changed into acquitted within the Mecca Masjid blast case, might marketing campaign in West Bengal are seen as a demonstration of the competitive faces of Hindutva politics gaining floor beforehand of the 2019 trendy elections.

Thakur, for the information, holds a massive fan following in Surat and South Gujarat, which was a hunting ground for Togadia and Aseemanand, who had substantially worked within the tribal district of Dang. Thakur is learned to have held meetings with neighborhood Hindutva clothes all through her present-day tour of the area.

Meanwhile, Mahant Nritya Gopal Das, the Ram Janam Bhumi Nyas, is traveling to Ahmedabad next Monday.

Sources inside the BJP, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the aggressive brand of Hindutva turned into what the birthday celebration changed into now searching at on the one hand and the other, fireplace brand speakers like Thakur might help also erase the constrained sway that the Togadia camp held over an area that serves additionally as the cash bag for the saffron polity.

Positioning Aseemanand in West Bengal shall serve the reason for the form of rabble-rousing that could assist the BJP in making further inroads into otherwise irreligious and violent politics of West Bengal expand the footprint of aggressive Hindutva across jap India.

Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja is a competition committed to Goddess Saraswati, the Hindu god of knowledge, artwork, music, and getting to know. She is the daughter of Durga and is considered a companion to Brahma. This is the maximum popular festival within the jap area and is celebrated inside the month of Magh (January-February), wherein young children and college students invoke the benefits of the Goddess. The Goddess is offered as a sleek woman in white, carrying a white silk sari, seated on a white lotus and representing purity and peace. The lotus and the moon related to her are symbols of everlasting womanhood.

Mythological story

There are numerous mythological stories related to Goddess Saraswati. Both the gods and demons decided to churn the ocean and drink the Amrit or the elixir of existence. Saraswati, with her beauty, determined to entice the asuras, but Rahu and Ketu slipped in with the Gods. Vishnu detected them and cut off their heads. Saraswati helped the Gods to be immortal and turned into hooked up in the heavens.

Hate Khori celebration in West Bengal

Saraswati puja holds a unique area inside the Bengali way of life, and at nearly every academic company or even at domestic, this puja is accomplished. Presently, devotees take a tub early in the morning, wear new clothes, and beautify the deity with white garments and vegetation, as its miles believed to be her favored coloration. The candies used in Prasad also are the product of milk, and white sesame seeds or til ladders are provided. Yellow vegetation or marigold is obtainable to the goddess.Image result for Sadhvi Pragya in Surat, Aseemanand in West Bengal: changing templates of Hindutva polity

Hate Khori is a popular birthday celebration in West Bengal where little kids of the age of 3 or four are made to carry out a ritual of writing the first letters of the alphabet. They are made to take a bathtub after using turmeric paste, after which little boys are made to wear Dhoti and Kurta, and the women are made to put on Saree, especially yellow in color. New black slate, chalk, and books and copies are bought for the Hate Khori rite, and the pandit performs the ritual. Little youngsters are made to sit on the lap of the pandit who keep their hands and lead them to write the first letters, particularly OM or A, B, C, and some Bengali alphabets like “K-a,” “Khan.”

To carry out this Hate Khori ritual, human beings commonly go to the nearby temples where the pandit performs the ritual, or it’s far organized at domestic where the pandit or Brahmin comes and performs the Saraswati puja and the Hate Khori ritual. Since the puja holds special significance among Bengalis and is considered an auspicious day to start something related to mastering, humans try to introduce younger youngsters to the arena of education on that special day.

Formal education is commenced nowadays, and youngsters are seeking blessings from the Goddess of know-how and awareness. Young ladies wear yellow saree and provide pushpanjali to the god. Palash flora, Khichuri, combined veggies, and Kul chutney are a number of the special dishes which can be prepared for the duration of this party.

Bijayani Swain is an expert writer, and he or she has written so many articles related to parenting, raising an infant, and the subculture phase. In this newsletter, she has described some information approximately the Hate Khori lifestyle.

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