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Neon Exchange featured on CNBC’s “The Advancements”

by Yolando B. Adams

Neon Exchange (NEX), a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange constructed on NEO, has become featured these days on “The Advancements” on CNBC, hosted by Ted Danson. The display goals to cowl “trendy technology and solutions dedicated to shaping, molding, and reworking our global” to “create a new stage of social cognizance.”

The phase began with creating blockchain generation and its role in presenting transparency and equity to economic fashions, earlier than transitioning to its application with cryptocurrencies and the issues of centralized exchanges. NEX obtained a six-minute lengthy section, with most of the photos centered on the advantages of the platform and the way it may permit cryptocurrencies to complete its aim of current in really decentralized surroundings.

The first NEX crew member within the video changed into Nathaniel Walpole, who is the platform’s UI and UX fashion designer. Walpole mentioned weaknesses of centralized exchanges, particularly a loss of platform security and control of the budget. Walpole claimed that these problems appealed to hacking attempts and crook activity and pointed out that hundreds of thousands of bucks had been misplaced already because of these vulnerabilities. Here, Walpole set the tone for the rest of the phase by introducing NEX and the marketplace fashion closer to decentralized exchanges.

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The subsequent individual to talk to turned into Darius Rugevicius, co-founder and preferred associate at Connect Capital. Rugevicius’s phase became short and to the factor; he said that cryptocurrencies, as an ideological movement and pragmatic manner for shifting value, need decentralized exchanges.

Luciano Engel and Thomas Saunders, NEX co-founders, have been featured subsequently. Engel described that no matter NEX the usage of the modern-day decentralized technology, the platform will be very intuitive and smooth to use for buyers and that it’s going to in no way preserve the user’s finances. Both capabilities should come as welcome information for many, as buying and selling platforms are notoriously complex to apply for newcomers to the marketplace, and the truth that one’s price range isn’t hung on the trade itself will make NEX an unattractive target for criminals. Saunders also defined NEX’s price carrier layer this is capable of managing an excessive volume of trades.

Finally, Ethan Fast and Fabio C. Canesin defined NEX as the “missing hyperlink” in the blockchain era for crypto investors, with the platform’s Provable Fair Off-Chain Matching Engine. The matching engine decentralizes NEX from its person’s budget the use of cryptography to confirm account actions. The engine additionally connects to the NEO blockchain so that each transaction can be audited from out of doors the platform.

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