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Microsoft Store on the web testing new look for apps and games

by Yolando B. Adams

If you have visited the Microsoft Store in a web browser these days, you will have noticed the design for the app and sports pages has remained incredibly static for a while. Now, it seems like Microsoft is trying to shake things up and enjoy a touch towards what you see within the Microsoft Store app for Windows 10.

To start with spotted remaining week via OnMSFT and Windows Latest, the web model of the Microsoft Store is being overhauled with a brand new search for each app and video game. For games, you’ll initially see a large history with trailer gambling, if to be had. Scrolling down the page will display extra data about the game, together with device necessities, associated titles, and quick access to clips and proclaims from Mixer.

However, the brand new format is comparable for apps without a trailer gambling in the background. One exceptional characteristic of the brand new layout for apps is that the web keep will let you know if you already own a positive product with a big checkmark above the app’s emblem. Of route, the option to install the app with the aid of establishing it in the Microsoft Store app is still right here, as is a giant listing of associated apps you may like.

If you run a retail store, you likely realize on some level that your software is based on Microsoft Excel or something very just like it. What you won’t recognize is just how a lot of your ordinary activities are Excel-based totally — or could be.

The Basics

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These are the matters that you could anticipate Excel to be doing around your shop already. Nothing jaw-losing, but the stable primary functionality of the spreadsheet software is well worth bringing up.


It’s almost a given that your basic accounting program utilizes Excel to tune, manipulate, and study numbers. It’s honestly the first-class tool for the activity, given its capacity to carry out calculations, show graphs, and compile facts from a huge type of resources.

Point of Sale, Many POS systems around the arena use an Excel-based total program — basically a ‘masks’ that goes over an Excel spreadsheet — to generate the whole thing from accurate income tax calculations to printable receipts.


Excel is likewise ideal for monitoring the inventory of all your store’s gadgets. With Excel’s capacity to ship an automated Email any time a particular item receives low, it’s smooth to make certain which you always have ok shares of all gadgets.


Excel can produce very professional invoices in your various secondary offerings like carpet cleaning and other protection with a touch of templating.


Excel’s graph-making capacity makes it easy to put in worker’s hours and get an instantaneous visual illustration with the intention to display any gaps or overages for your insurance.

More Interesting Purposes

Here are some things Excel could be doing for you that it’s possibly no longer already involved in — but in case you suppose a little outside the container, you’ll see how they may improve your business.

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Customer Tracking

If your business is small, or the kind that brings frequent repeat visits, it is probably worth your whilst to set up a client monitoring device that offers your employees the capacity to take notes about your clients — the more they feel like you already know them, the stronger the loyalty they may sense!

Employee Performance

Whether your song it by using the pointers they bring in, via how well they meet the goals of specific promotional drives (see beneath), or actually with the aid of how great deal cash you deliver in even as they’re operating, Excel gives you the power to apprehend which employees are the maximum treasured for your business.

Promotional Tracking

Speaking of promotional drives, Excel can effortlessly be the installation to music precise desires. The way closes your employees — as people, organizations, or as an entire — are becoming to assemble those desires.


Excel’s capability to extrapolate on statistics and mission probably future numbers will let you plan for unique events or ordinary seasonal modifications. Given increasing information, Excel’s capability to create correct projects receives higher and higher.


Creating sales — discounting your merchandise — is always a risky commercial enterprise. It can deliver in enough greater clients to net you an ordinary profit, or it’d just drain away what income you’re making. Excel’s ability to craft and check situations can display you precisely what you need to do to make a sale successful — or whilst dragging the plug if it is now not working.

Excel has this sort of wide variety of capacities, from the mundane mathematical functions to stunning templates to superior extrapolations and scenario-testing software programs, that its capability to assist in nearly every issue of retail income is unheard of. If you are now not using Excel for your retail shop, perhaps you must check out what it can do for you.

Jen Morrison is an author for LastMinuteTraining.Ca. Canada’s biggest online marketplace for training. They provide get right of entry to Excel schooling in Toronto and in most other principal facilities throughout Canada. In addition to Excel training, you can locate education for most software packages, technical training like ITIL Training, and lots more.

Microsoft Store App New
Microsoft Store App Old
Functionally, the new design acts simply as you have been used to with the older look. However, it looks lot sleeker, especially for video games. And the quick get right of entry to publicizes and clips are extra paying homage to the Store revel in on Xbox.

It’s doubtful for now if that is an A/B test or if Microsoft is step by step propagating the new enjoy to all users. So some distance, I’ve spotted the new appearance in each Chrome and Firefox. However, a few have started seeing the overhaul in Edge as well.

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