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MARKETING MATTERS – 5 essential tips to improve your SEO with blogs – not Google ads

by Yolando B. Adams

Today, Search Engine Optimization is particularly critical for marketers.

One query I get asked plenty is, “Should I pay for Google Ads?”

I, in my view, do now not revel in placing Google Ads. I would go much as an alternative rank website organically within the pinnacle positions than pay Google for those coveted page-one positions.


Of direction, Google is one of the biggest marketing organizations on this planet, so various companies DO pay for advertisements. I don’t like giving my purchaser’s hard-earned money to Larry Page, Sergey Brin, et. Al. For the privilege of being on web page one among Google.

Over the past ten years or so, I’ve learned that even small groups can substantially circulate the needle in Google and other search engines like google and yahoo with planned and strategic strategies.

If you have a look at any seeks engine looking for an AdSense geared up the website, you may discover many consequences wherein humans are advertising for the net websites that are stated to be AdSense geared up. What do those websites simply by pronouncing that they may be AdSense prepared, they suggest that Google will accept that website to the AdSense software if you apply for an AdSense account through the website online?

AdSense is a Google-sponsored application that accepts numerous websites into their fold, most effective if the content material on the web page is in particular and great. This means that if you start a new website, and also you need to follow the Google AdSense program right away, then it will probably be rejected for the lack of good enough content material inside the website.

Recently Google has additionally had extra restrictions to human beings from nations like India and China, and it’s been instructed that people from those countries can follow the AdSense software handiest whilst their site has been online for a period of six months. Google is likewise no longer giving out AdSense account to people as it used to do previously.

AdSense-ready websites recover from this trouble and that they have ready-made content for the individuals who practice for those websites. They are also typically older than 6 months because of the domain registration to suit all the Google standards.

Should you apply for this type of AdSense prepared website?

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Though those websites are to be had and marketed, you need to understand that nearly all of these websites are scams or their most effective attempt to make cash through you. There is no guarantee that these websites are AdSense ready; you will be into the AdSense program every day. The motive for this is that most of the content material in these sites are all replicas, and they may be found in many similar sites which are up for sale.

Many AdSense geared-up websites also attempt only to take the money from you; however, they do now not provide you with the actual manipulate over the websites. This causes you to spend money on something that you’ll by no means very own, and so all the cash this is earned via these programs might also never reach you because you do now not understand whilst those domain names will be offered off by way of the humans promoting you the website. You ought to try to get the AdSense account inside the right method to be beneficial to you.

Something in life, you get out of your attempt what you positioned into it.

In different phrases, there’s a whole lot of paintings that desire to be accomplished in case you want to get outcomes.

To start with, while you successfully optimize your internet site pages, consisting of your weblog posts, you’re making your website more seen to folks who are getting into keywords associated with your organization’s services or products through search engines, including Google.

However, Google’s ever-converting and really complex algorithm updates make this elaborate for most entrepreneurs.

So, these days’ search engine optimization quality practices are all approximately your content material relevancy and intent.

In brief: You need a BLOG strategy on your agency to establish applicable, reliable, and latest content—the precise varieties of content that Google rewards with the organic rating.

Confusion is a common difficulty dealing with entrepreneurs, particularly inside the digital international and especially with SEO.

This quick listing doesn’t cowl each unmarried rule below the sun. Rather, the following 5 search engine optimization tips are the essential on-page search engine marketing elements to get you started with a search engine optimization approach in your weblog particularly.

1. Focus on one to 2 key phrases that match the purpose of your best reader. In other phrases, understand what key phrases human beings use when they’re attempting to find what you sell.

2. Include that one to two key phrases in particular components of your weblog post.

3. Make positive your weblog is cell-pleasant. If your internet site isn’t always optimized for cell responsiveness, you get penalized. It’s that easy.

Four. Optimize the meta description. The meta description is the small textual content underneath the blue hyperlink of a seek result. Its cause is to explain the contents of the web page to the searcher. Google commonly truncates snippets of more than three hundred characters. Make sure your meta descriptions of your blog posts are long enough that they’re descriptive. We generally recommend writing meta descriptions between 50–three hundred characters.

Five. Optimize your page titles. Page titles must be no longer than 70 characters in duration and need to include but not repeat key phrases.

One clean way to see how your internet site is measuring up is to run your agency’s URL via HubSpot’s internet site grader: website.Grader.Com. Quite frankly, this loose device uses a long way the high-quality way to measure fast the advertising and marketing effectiveness of your internet site. (In full disclosure, my Morgantown-based totally advertising organization is a Certified HubSpot Gold Partner for the past 6 years).

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Once you identify your ideal customers’ quest engine goals and intent, you’ll be on the right track to supply content material organically. This is always applicable to your ideal consumer’s seek effort.

To sum, upstart the usage of blog approaches on your advertising method. That’s the surest way to guide people on your website without having to pay Google for traffic.

As an enterprise chief, I desire this newsletter demanding situations and encourage you to begin using the weblog method on your advertising efforts these days. As continually, be sure to hold your message clear and simple, so your message cuts via the noise!

Until next time …

Parts of this column are tailored from Matuga’s ebook, “Rocket Fuel.”
Jim Matuga is the founder and CEO of InnerAction Media, a marketing business enterprise in Morgantown. He is a graduate of West Virginia University and is a 37-yr resident of West Virginia. He has extensive revel in leadership positions with media organizations in newspaper, TV, cable, unsolicited mail, radio, and virtual.

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