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MAC’s Oh, Sweetie Lip Gloss Collection Actually Tastes Like Your Favorite Desserts

by Yolando B. Adams

Chances are that while you were younger and first growing curious about your mother’s makeup drawer, one in every of your first makeup purchases turned into lip gloss. And one of the best things approximately gloss back then became that it tasted just like candy. Well, MAC is bringing that magic lower back into our adulthoods. MAC has a dessert lip gloss series known as Oh, Sweetie lip glosses, and you’re going to be hard pressed to restrict yourself to simply one.

If you started to dabble with lippies while you were 12, you then recognize simply how your makeup bag seemed: It become crammed full of Dr. Pepper and strawberry shortcake chapsticks, and jumbled together with vanilla flavored and cherry bomb lip glosses. Swiping on the ones merchandise changed into greater for the laugh of it than the shade, however, the new Oh, Sweetie series gives you each.

Tasting like a collection of cakes at your preferred community bakery, you get 15 specific flavors to select from, spoiling you for preference. And these shades are pigmented. This is not your traditional colorful gloss that swipes on sheer — they basically look like liquid lipsticks simply with a megawatt shine. Coming in frosted opaque colorations, the formulation is whipped for a mousse-like texture, making it feel like literal frosting on your lips.

All Filipinos seem to be born with a sweet tooth, and most of us never really outgrow it. We’re never too old for a candy bar or a rich filled doughnut. That’s why desserts have always been a big part of Filipino cuisine. For many of us, a meal isn’t a meal without something cold and sweet to top it off. It doesn’t matter if your meal consists of rice and dried fish; without dessert, it’s simply not complete.

However, our idea of dessert has evolved a lot over the years. Ask any kid what his favorite dessert is and he’ll most likely say ice cream, cake, or something not really Filipino. If you think the same way, maybe it’s time you tried the old favorites and rediscover Filipino food. Here’s a quick guide to local desserts and some Filipino desserts recipes you can make on your own.

Rice cakes

With rice as our staple food, it’s really no surprise that we’d turn it into a dessert as well. In fact, we have more than a dozen varieties of kakanin, the local term for rice desserts, most of them sold at practically every corner. Because they are rice-based, they are seldom eaten after regular meals (which already have rice as the main course). People prefer them for merienda in the late morning or afternoon. Some of the most popular Filipino rice cakes are put, suman, bike, bibingka, and kalamay.

Native pastriesImage result for MAC's Oh, Sweetie Lip Gloss Collection Actually Tastes Like Your Favorite Desserts

If you’re looking for a lighter dessert, Filipino pastries may be just what you need. Our native pastries cover everything from small bite-size tarts to tropical fruit pies. They may seem complicated at first glance, but they are actually one of the easiest Filipino food recipes. In fact, if you’re just starting out, pastries make a great beginner recipe. Start with simple snack tarts such as this one.

Easy Caramel Tarts


1 tbsp flour

1 c milk

1 c golden syrup

1 c brown sugar

1 tbsp white sugar

1 tbsp butter

2 eggs, separated

½ tsp vanilla

Procedure: Beat the egg whites until stiff, then beat in the white sugar. Set aside. In a saucepan, combine the rest of the ingredients and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Pour into baked pastry shells. Top with the egg white mixture and bake for about 10 minutes or until the meringue turns brown.

Puto and kutsintaImage result for MAC's Oh, Sweetie Lip Gloss Collection Actually Tastes Like Your Favorite Desserts

Puto a steamed cake made from rice flour often topped with cheese or salted eggs. It is often sold with kutsinta, a brown jelly cake served with grated coconut. The two go together because the soft, grainy texture of the put contrasts the tart smoothness of kutsinta. Both are among the simplest Filipino recipes; you can make a batch of each cake in less than two hours.

MAC Cosmetics

The packaging is simply as lovable as the idea, where the tubes come embellished in a splash of sprinkles, simply cinching that dessert topic. The collection changed into made in collaboration with Hamburg based totally fashion blogger and influencer, Caro Daur. With over 1.Five million fans on Instagram and having her street style appear on the pages of Vogue and Elle, Daur is a force within the fashion network and has now improved her tastes to reach into the splendor international, too. Each of the products is scented and taste like their dessert suggestion, serving up options like Key Lime Trifle, Sugar Cookies, Funfetti Cake, and Purple Panna Cotta.

These glosses had been first teased on Instagram in March of this 12 months, by using Dominic Skinner, who is the Global Senior Artist for the emblem. Sharing a sneak peek of most of the colorings, Skinner offered swatches, product names, and the interesting tidbit that every of these will smell and flavor like dessert. The post acquired numerous interest and excitement from fans, and now we are able to subsequently see it up near and in detail.

MAC Cosmetics

From the left we have “Banana Muffins,” that’s a surprising orange hue; “Caramel Sugar” is a wealthy chocolate brown; “Coconut Macaroon” is a pinky beige; “Creamy Peach Pie” will provide you with a watermelon red shade to your lips with an introduced pink pearl mirrored image, and could fulfill your pie cravings; “Death By Chocolate” is for all those darkish chocolate fans obtainable and is derived in a burgundy hue; “Funfetti Cake” is a white gloss with a multi-hued pearl, mimicking the colorful cake; “Strawberry Torte” is a sweet apple pink; and the “Key Lime Trifle” is a bright chartreuse, which might be this kind of amusing shade to play with throughout summer time.

MAC Cosmetics

“Strawberry Mousse” is a Barbie crimson; “Raspberry Cream” is a fuchsia with a blue pearl; “Raspberry Pavlova” is a shiny fuchsia; “Purple Panna Cotta” is a lilac color; “Gum Drop” is an extreme pink with a steel pearl; “Sugar Cookies” is an extra traditional lip color, coming in opalescent purple; and “Wild Berry Frosting” is a cotton candy blue.

The Oh, Sweetie Lip Color series will price $17 according to gloss and could hit the MAC’s website on June eleven, and shop counters on June 14. Just in time for summertime, these dessert-themed glosses are certain to turn out to be a staple in your purse!

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