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LOL: BabaYaga WordPress Malware Updates Your Site

by Yolando B. Adams

Security researchers have spotted a malware pressure focused on WordPress sites that includes a few clever self-protection techniques, including getting rid of competing for malware and updating the victim’s website online.

Named BabaYaga, this malware pressure is not new, but recent updates have converted this former low-key player into a well-sized foe for WordPress website online directors.

BabaYaga – Russian malware used for search engine marketing spam
The group at the back of BabaYaga —believed to be Russian-speak me hackers— uses this malware to inject websites with special keyboards to force SEO visitors to hidden pages on compromised websites. These pages are then used to redirect users to associate advertising hyperlinks, where if the person purchases marketed goods, the hackers also make a profit.

The malware, in keeping with-se, is made from two modules —one which injects the spam content within the compromised websites and a backdoor module that offers attackers manage over an infected web page at any time.

The intricacies of each module are unique in lots greater intensity in this 26-web page record authored with the aid of Defiant (previously known as WordFence), the security company which dissected the malware’s greater latest versions.

“[BabaYaga] is extraordinarily properly-written, and it demonstrates that the author has some understanding of software program development demanding situations, like code deployment, overall performance, and management,” Defiant researchers say. “It can also infect Joomla and Drupal websites, or even time-honored PHP websites, but it’s miles maximum absolutely advanced round WordPress.”


BabaYaga updates or reinstalls WordPress websites.
But the things that stood out the maximum from BabaYaga’s modus operandi are two functions to update/reinstall a sufferer’s website and get rid of competing WordPress malware.

According to the Defiant group, the purpose for those two capabilities is at once tied to the malware’s capability to inject junk mail into compromised websites.

“Because so much of the number one capability of BabaYaga executes alongside WordPress on page load, it calls for the software to be running properly,” the Defiant team says. “If something breaks WordPress, then the malicious scripts don’t get accomplished while a page is visited.”

Hence, the reason the malware desires to hold the victim’s website online updated, so it’s usually working well, without bugs.

Further, the BabaYaga-brought update/reinstall mechanism isn’t only a 2nd-hand feature put together for the sake of it. The entire collection of operations has obtained the group’s full attention, and it has been cautiously assembled, so much so that BabaYaga “even handles the creation and cleanup of backup documents, if an upgrade fails.”

BabaYaga scans for and eliminates competitive malware
This equal choice to hold a compromised web page errors-loose is also the cause BabaYaga also scans the infected site and removes other known malware strains.

The questioning is that a number of this competing malware is probably poorly coded, ensuing in page load errors that, in a roundabout way, lead to situations that would prevent BabaYaga from operating.

The purpose is straightforward: a great parasite desire to preserve its host alive.

But besides its very own egocentric motives for working without mistakes, the BabaYaga group additionally desires to keep the website without mistakes for any other reason.

That purpose is that any website with mistakes usually attracts the attention of its owner, who in their efforts to fix the issues may additionally find out BabaYaga’s files and presence.

All in all, in Defiant’s personal words, “BabaYaga is a rising chance that is greater sophisticated than most malware.”

Side observation: BabaYaga isn’t the first malware with a self-contained malware scanning device and kills listing. The Shifu banking trojan has exhibited similar conduct of killing competing for malware, in conjunction with any other low-key coin miner that still killed competing miners.

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