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Local Navy Seal guest featured at Mound City National Cemetery Memorial Day Program

by Yolando B. Adams

A Memorial Day Ceremony turned into hung on Saturday, May 26, at the Mound City National Cemetery, honoring and remembering the folks that served in the Country’s Armed Forces.

The application also had a special visitor who made the experience from San Diego, CA, again to Mounds, IL.

Retired SPO First Class Navy Seal Elliott Miller turned into the guest speaker at the Memorial Day Ceremony. Miller helped honor and shake the palms of fellows who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom as part of the Global War on Terrorism.

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Miller already had served four years inside the Marine Corps and turned into honorably discharged. He then spoke back the call after he turned into referred to as returned to obligation once more.

Miller re-enlisted inside the Navy only some days after the 11th of September attacks. 18 months later, he finished his Navy Seal schooling and joined a group as a flight medic and sniper.

In November 2006, Miller turned into Iraq, watching over a Marine patrol while being hit by shrapnel from a grenade. Then, while teammates sought to get him out, an explosive device detonated, critically wounding him.

“I became a sniper on the rooftop of a house whilst all hell broke unfastened,” Miller said through his iPad in the front of the target audience. “I was shot at, grenade, then blown up by using an IED. But they could not get the best of me. I had determined to stay. I had determined to combat until my closing breath.”

He said some men gave up more than we can fathom. Stories he has visible and heard approximately that he stated he’s going to never talk of.

“I honor all my brethren due to the fact one story, one soldier, isn’t greater important than some other,” Miller introduced. “We all combat. We all serve to shield our u. S. A ..”

As Miller endured in his speech, he said it’s vital we honor those that fought for us. He also included that he’s going to in no way overlook people who fought next to him and all who’ve fought to present us the existence that we’ve today.

“I am presenting these days just to stand and talk,” Miller delivered. “To locate words that may comment on my gratitude and my appreciation to all our fellow countrymen for their service and sacrifices they have made. However, I wish that the equal might be stated approximately the opposite men who couldn’t make it home.”

A handful of different squaddies had been commemorated as properly, inclusive of Army Veteran Clayton Bierbaum.

Clayton Bierbaum did the whole lot. He should ensure the Mound City National Cemetery became maintained and maintain events going for years yet to come. He surpassed away in January 2018 and is deeply missed by the network.

“For years, this has been virtually crucial to him to preserve the National Cemetery here in Mound City and be able to convey humans here regionally and no longer must be far away from family and buddies,” Clayton’s son Ryan Bierbaum said. “It’s an honor that they commemorated dad,” Clayton’s daughter Holly Lewis added.

We interviewed Clayton Bierbaum years in the past. He stated he loved his country and all those who fought for it. He would help put out all the hundreds of flags at every grave regardless of what the climate turned into.

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“I became wondering the day past, once they had been setting the flags out, pouring down rain, and the way many of those veterans be afflicted by inclement climate worse than that, all of them did,” Army Veteran Clayton Bierbaum said on the 2016 Mound City National Cemetery Memorial Day Program.

The Mound City National Cemetery has hundreds of graves. Earlier this week, a flag became located at each one in them, including the over 2 seven hundred Unknown Graves.

We talked with many human beings who say they love the flags at every grave and also love the assist that so many people got here out to and showed their respect.

The occasion concluded with laying the wreath along with a rifle, cannon salute, and TAPS.

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