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Local artists featured in Baywest Homes’ Weston in Ranchers’ Rise

by Yolando B. Adams

Baywest Homes’ Weston showhome within the Okotoks community of Ranchers’ Rise has been getting rave opinions for its wide, open-idea floorplan.

“The nice part of the Weston is whilst you walk via the front door and enjoy the open feeling of the house,” says Amanda Reynolds, region sales consultant. “This is created utilizing the railing within the staircase, which allows you to peer all the manner to the huge window at the rear of the home, and the steel ornamental display screen within the tech area of interest make it feel such as you are not on foot down a hallway.”

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The exterior is a farmhouse layout, with a present-day spin, a topic carried into the kitchen, says Reynolds.

“The kitchen performs off the farm residence outdoors with the 2-tone blueish gray shelves, silgranite apron sink, and opens higher shelving,” she says. “The great part of the kitchen is the prolonged wrapped cabinetry, which leads you into your pantry with a space for your deep freezer.”

A spacious dining location adjoining the kitchen ends in a four-paned patio door and onto the deck and backyard.

“The exceptional room capabilities an eleven-foot ceiling with large stacked windows along the rear wall and a relevant hearth with complete-top wrapped tile,” says Reynolds.

And the main bedroom?

“Your very own non-public oasis,” says Reynolds. “The main bedroom appears returned onto the green space in the back of the home and functions a coffee bar and wine refrigerator, permitting you to take the time only for you.

“The ensuite features an excellent glass tile shower with an oversized soaker bath beside it, double sinks, and a water closet.”

The showhome has a fully evolved basement, adding an extra 998 sq. Toes. And includes a large rec room with space for a movie room and ping pong desk, a 3-piece restroom, and a flex room.

The domestic additionally capabilities the paintings of neighborhood artists Terri Heinrichs and Doug Farries, part of Baywest’s Emerging Artists Program, says Sandi Serr, advertising manager.

“Baywest Homes recognizes that art may have an impact on our living space. “Art is everywhere influencing us through affecting our mood and emotions. Art makes our lives completely happy and creates the surroundings that we want to live in, that is personable to us,” says Serr.

“The Emerging Artists Program enables artists to bridge the gap from rising to installed. Our vision of this software permits our showhome fashion designer to select artists’ paintings thru blinded entries, and then we sponsor and function gifted artists’ work in our showhomes.”

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